Fashion Friday: Licorice

Leaning against a tree with some etchings in the trunk
One of my favourite shots!

This edition of Fashion Friday is there weeks after the previous since we’ve all been busy! I’m not sure whether it will continue at every three weeks or if I’ll switch it back to two… but watch this space, I guess.

The feature in this outfit is definitely the skirt, which Seb made me for Christmas last year, as he took up sewing and tried to make some clothes. I gave him my measurements and chose one of the fabrics he selected, and a few photos of some skirt styles I liked. I was after something nipped in at the waist, with an A-line flare and some subtle pleats (definitely more flattering for my figure, and I am trying to wear less tight skirts). And, of course, pockets. He did an amazing job. I have worn this skirt so many times over the past couple of months, it’s my new favourite! The vertical direction of the lines also looks way better than I thought.

Me standing in Hyde Park with my hands in my pockets
Standing in Hyde Park with my hands in my pockets
A close view of the skirt
A close view of the skirt

I wore the same top as I wore in Hikari because it goes really well tucked in a skirt. I have very few tops that work well that way, but I am hoping to find more!

A closer, side-on view of me
A closer, side-on view

I bought the shoes on Nick’s and my recent trip to Melbourne. I was in a grumpy sort of mood from not being able to find shoes that fit my feet, then I found these. I was actually really reluctant to buy them because I felt like I didn’t love them and was only buying them because they fit on me. I am also not a big fan of peep-toes (though I am not against them). They were quite a bargain though, at about $80, originally priced over $350. Real leather, made in Italy and all that.

It turns out that the shoes really grew on me and I started to love them. The bottom of the shoe doesn’t have a proper sole, so it does get a bit slippery and there isn’t really a grip. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s unusual – some of the paint has peeled from the bottom to reveal a cork-like bottom. I think some men’s shoes are made like this… but it means the shoes are quite sensitive to wear and tear. :S

A close-up of my black peep-toe heels
Nice shoes aye!

The green nails are courtesy of a Calvin Klein polish I have owned for a while. It’s definitely a very interesting colour and I thought it added a bit of pop to the outfit. The same goes for the ring, which is from Lovisa, and I bought it a while ago because it fit on one of my smaller fingers.

My outstretched hand with a feather ring and dark green sparkly painted nails
A foresty, emerald green

This edition is named Licorice for the stripy look of the skirt and its resemblance to licorice pieces.

Photography by Seb.

Standing in the middle of the pathway with people in the background
Posing in the middle of the pathway
A close-up of the earrings, which have a chain drop backing
A close-up of the earrings

Outfit Details

Hand on my hip with St Mary’s Cathedral in the background
St Mary’s Cathedral as a backdrop

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Fdjsakldfasfjlk I love love this outfit! That skirt is gorgeous – tell Seb he did a fantastic job! :D I love the pleats and the style.

I also love that top. I thought I recognised it – should have known it was from Dangerfield :) I need more tops that tuck into skirts, too. They either have to be cotton, or the right kind of polyester.

How often do you wear your nail polish before you change its colour? Just curious :) It’s a lovely colour.

Holy bananas, that skirt looks fantastic! Kudos to Seb–I’ve heard that adding pockets to garments can be a nightmare. This outfit reminds me of a school uniform, but upgraded to a more sophisticated and individual style. Love it!!

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of peep-toe shoes (on me and on others)… But I also have a weird aversion to toes in general. 😅

That is the cutest skirt, it really suits you. Your whole outfit is adorable

I really like the outfit and photos. The skirt is so awesome and that is so cool that Seb made it for you. :D

Such a cute, classic yet feminine look. I absolutely love it – Seb did a wonderful job on the skirt and it looks great on you. I find wearing peep-toes very weird – I have oddly long toes and they look unusual in most shoes…rounded toes are the worst. :P I also love how the nail color adds just the right pop of color, and compliments the ring perfectly. I hope that you keep doing these posts, and I cannot wait to read the next one.

I have to admit I am not a fan of my toes but it mostly because of the toenails. One of my toenails on the smallest toe has a really bad split in it, and my toes are so tiny that it is impossible to even see any kind of toenail on the smaller toes. Thankfully they cannot be seen with peep-toes. :P

I am totally digging your outfit (as always). This skirt reminds me of the fact that I need to go buy some business skirts/tops (tucked in) but I don’t know what style to pick @____@.

It’s pretty awesome how Seb made the skirt for you! It’s so nicely pleated and flares out nicely. Oh, and it fits perfectly too! For some reason, this outfit reminds me of the ones from Sailor Moon…. Very nice XD.

Your shoes are really nice too! I like how the tip is rounded rather than pointy.

I am still struggling to find tops that look good tucked in to skirts like these!

Pointed toes have been known to give me a bit of hell. I think I will have to actively look for rounded or square toes next time I go looking for shoes. :D

That skirt is fantastic! I’m losing more weight before I get skirts again. I’m nearly there. You’re looking so professional but yet so beautiful as always. I’m digging this look a lot. I always wonder how you put together your outfits. That would be a neat little post, onto itself.

I’ll definitely write a post about it, Michelle! I’ll keep it in mind.

I really love the second photo. <3 For former child modeling reasons, of course. XD

I also really love the skirt—Seb did a great job! It sucks that the bottoms of the shoes are made of cork…and also kind of weird? My boots are made of real leather and have bottoms that are rubber, or something, but then…they’re boots. Maybe the designer/maker of the shoe thought no one would be using them hardcore and/or notice. :p

I think that the shoe designer thought they were shoes that would only be used on special occasions and certainly not hardcore. Pretty much every fancy pair of high heels that I have bought have a rubber sole, even if it only covers the top part of the toe area. I did some research and some fancy men’s shoes also lack a rubber sole.

That is such a cute outfit! I really need to get in the habit of posting my daily outfits more often.

Wow, Seb did a wonderful job on your skirt! It looks great on you and has a nice shape. Love that it has pockets too! More skirts and dresses need to come with them! I think the heels and shirt look really good with it as well.

When I scrolled down, I immediately noticed your ring. It’s such a pretty color and shape, and it goes really well with your nail color :D Lovely outfit as usual!

Hey Georgie,
Not sure if you’ll still remember me (@alwayscarrysalt – I haven’t touched my twitter account in over a year, and will possibly start over, seeing as many of my tweets portray me as a toddler); it’s been years since I ran a blog of my own. I’m currently studying photography at university and am within my final year! Time flies. I would absolutely love to start blogging again, though I’m not sure if anyone would be too interested. My life isn’t all that fascinating at the moment.

I love the skirt! How lovely to have a personal one-of-a-kind garment from a friend. I’d be wearing it constantly too. Anyway, I just popped over because my email reminded me of twitter and your account. I saw your photo from the talk you did at GGD; you’re killing it. Well done, and I’ll continue to wish you all the best of luck in life.

That’s all for now.

I remember you of course. ;) I have had my Twitter account since 2008. If someone were to look back, then they would see some immature tweets, but I guess there is a difference between returning after an absence and having used it regularly like I did.

People always think their lives are not interesting! I wrote a couple of posts recently that sort of slammed down those kinds of comments and a couple of months ago I did a talk about blogging as well… so I can tell you that you don’t have to blog about your life, and you can blog about whatever you like. :P In fact, I think you’ll find that my topics are rarely about ‘hey I did this today’, and I don’t get 50-odd comments like I used to. You shouldn’t feel like you have to care about whether people will be interested or not. I would blog even if no one read mine. I love writing. :)

Thanks! Hope to see more of you soon.

I love all your clothes. And the skirt is great! My mum has always been pretty nifty with a sewing machine, which is something I wish I knew. I even managed to eff up t-shirt transformations when I was younger – like cutting off the sleeves or something. Ha.

Also – great nails. (y)

Nice outfit! Ilove the skirt. It looks classy and subtle and it looks like it could go well with anything.

Did you paint your own nails? It would never go that well for me if I try to paint my own nails =A=

Thank you! Yes I did paint my own nails, it’s always a challenge and I find that if the nail polish is a good quality one, it definitely helps!