Ever After: Marianas Trench, Live

On the 25th I went to see James Morrison live, and though it was really lovely and I adore his music, I couldn’t help but think that it was all better suited to a smaller venue. Who can I blame, though? His show was sold out, everyone sang along to all his songs and it was simply beautiful. He’s an international star and has fans of all ages, and with three hit albums all with a different sound, he put on a really good show that Tuesday night. The supporting acts were interesting – Gin Wigmore had a voice much like Lana Del Rey, but she sang more catchy, upbeat music. She had a terrific band who not only supported her but also stood out as a powerful collective.

James Morrison was wonderful to hear live, though – and I guess it’s another one of those cases where the artist sounds a lot better live. You can feel the emotion that should be pounding through the words, because of the deep things he sings about. That’s the kind of stuff you can really only see and feel in person.

I guess the reason why I titled this post after Marianas Trench was very well because the show I went to the next day seemed to overshadow how great James Morrison’s show was – that is, Marianas Trench was better. I love James Morrison’s music but I when I compare the two shows side by side, Marianas Trench wins hands down.

I nagged my brother Brandon to come with me to Marianas Trench and I’m so glad he did in the end. I just knew he wouldn’t regret it, and the fact that I was buying his ticket and we both liked the band was incentive for him to come along. His friend was really jealous of him when he told him he was going to the show. I hopped on over to the theatre and waited for Brandon for about half an hour while he was catching a train. I had walked to the theatre straight from work and was getting a little impatient outside. The security guard noticed me waiting.

I was a bit iffy about bringing my camera, thinking it might get taken and locked up for the duration of the show. I was standing outside sneakily trying to hide the fact that it was in the bag on my shoulder, by covering it with my actual handbag. I was more concerned about not being able to take photos than the fact that I could possibly drop it or damage it. :P

I have to thank Ashley and Gillian, my lovely Canadian friends, for introducing me to Marianas Trench. I can’t even remember how long ago it was, but it was when their second album Masterpiece Theatre had recently been released, and it was long before Gillian took her break from blogging – which must have been at least two or three years ago now. Not only does that mean I’ve been a fan for that long, but I’ve also known Ashley and Gillian for that long as well. :) I remember Ashley telling me that Marianas Trench was her favourite band. When Gillian mentioned the words to Shake Tramp, “cry a little more, little more, little more – I’ll slap you like a bitch and you take it like a whore” and I found them amusing, I just continued listening to the band’s music.

Over time I found out that they had wriggled their way into my top eight on Last.fm. After a while I got so annoyed that the other artists in my library didn’t get as many listens, and I complained to Rachel about this endlessly.

When Brandon finally arrived, the security guard joked, “you! You kept the poor lady waiting!” XD Yes, yes he did. I was actually getting anxious that we wouldn’t get a good view of the stage. This was also Brandon’s first show, so I hoped he would enjoy it. Deep down I knew he would, but it was going to take a bit of friendly chat and reassuring for him to get used to the atmosphere. They were already letting people into the theatre before I started waiting outside.

What do you know – when we walked inside, the place was already half full. We still managed to get in the second row, but off to the right hand side of the stage. There was an African-American security guard inside who checked bags but he didn’t seem to notice or care about my camera bag. He was hilarious, he immediately tried to guess what ethnicity my brother and I were. He guessed we were from the Philippines. Which is a reasonable guess!

There were two supporting bands – The Sunny Side Up and Sound of Seasons – both from Sydney, and they were quite good. I might be looking into their music later, but I can’t say I’ll continue to be a fan of theirs, because none of their songs stood out all that much to me.

Everyone went insane when Marianas Trench came onstage. Girls were screaming and yelling and just cheering so loudly. I joined in – it was inevitable. When Brandon and I turned around we realised the place was so full, even though we heard nothing about tickets being sold out.

The band opened with Ever After, the title track of their newest album. It was wonderful hearing everyone singing along and waving their arms in the air. At louder, more upbeat parts of the song, people punched the air or bopped their heads. When they played All To Myself, everyone sang along so loudly. Right now I can’t remember every single song they played, but I know Brandon was waving his phone around as he recorded parts of the show. I heard him shout “fuck yeah!” nearly every time a song finished and frontman Josh Ramsay thanked the crowd. He was oblivious to the band’s fame in Australia, saying, “No one ever told me there were going to be so many of you. I don’t even know how you guys know our music. I thought we’d be the Canadian band just singing an audience of twenty people”.

Josh Ramsay

To be honest, I’m surprised they’re pretty big here too. I mention the band to someone and usually they have no idea. Perhaps it’s just this collective of people who attended the show the other night, and they just happened to capture our hearts so completely.

Marianas Trench were just so much fun to watch. It was great being there. Brandon had such a good time as well. He said he’d gone deaf or his ears were ringing. I’m used to loud music, but I have to admit that amongst the screams, I don’t think I had been to such a deafening show in a while. It was well worth the ringing ears though. They didn’t play one of my favourite songs, Say Anything, but they played my favourite off their new album and their previous album – Desperate Measures and Perfect. They played all the other songs I expected them to, and even played a few of their slower songs.


Josh did a solo cover of Tiny Dancer, which was simply beautiful – and led that into Good To You – which nearly brought tears to my eyes. The rest of the band returned to the stage where they closed with Cross My Heart.

Matt and Josh


They loved us so much they said they’d come and meet us all. I don’t think they expected what they got.

Everyone lined up to see every single one of them. Take a photo with them. Chat, if they had a chance. Sign something. Sign a shirt. A CD. Their ticket. The funny African-American security guard was entertaining the flood of people in the lobby area as they all waited to get a photo with one of the band members.

You know, I remember thinking, if they didn’t say they were going to come out, I would have waited for them anyway. I couldn’t think of a reason. It was just in my head the whole time. That I’d be willing to wait for them. I got my wish granted anyway. I do have to thank Brandon. For having the patience to linger and have a laugh about how guitarist Matt was veering away from his original standing spot, to wait in line (well, it wasn’t a line, more like a massive circle-crowd) for what seemed like a while, just to say hi and get a photo.

Well, it was worth it, you know.

I can’t deny the truth. I love this band more than I care to say. I guess, in seeing them hit so many plays on my Last.fm, I refused to believe I found a band I liked that much.

I asked them to please play Say Anything next time.

Whenever next time is.

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I’m not the biggest James Morrison fan but I caught a glimpse of his set at a musical festival I was at this summer and he sounded amazing, like proper emotional, just beautiful really. Was a song I knew as well and everyone was just singing and it was just a great atmosphere, like he’s definitely one of the singers most suited to a small venue or an outdoor festival. Random example but same with Mumford and Sons haha, saw them at a festival too, and they’re coming on tour but I don’t think I want to go because it’s a big venue and tickets tend to be overpriced. Sorry for going off on a tangent there haha, I tend to rabble a bit sometimes. /rose

Always love going to two gigs in a row, always find myself comparing them but that’s just what happens. In November I’m going to see a really indie rocky band one day then a proper electronic shouty music band the next, complete opposites. On a Sunday and Monday too, that should be interesting XD

That’s what I thought too! Last time I missed out on a gig he had at a restaurant. It would have been amazing there, I know. I’ve heard of Mumford and Sons but not their music. I sort of dislike huge venues – The Sydney Entertainment Centre is the big one here but it’s always $90+ for a show there, and it doesn’t feel as intimate.

I hope you have fun at those shows! You have diverse taste in music like me. I like it. /bounce

I’ve seen you have posted many post about your gig (I mean, what’s gig actually? Sorry :/) and you’re quite a big fan of those rock genre band :D Well, I’m really not use into it. I like pop songs!

Nice picture you’ve got there! :D Do you edit the photo or originally from the camera? (Y)

Gig – show, concert, etc. And I never edit my photos.

Oh, all the photos are original, and no editing ? Wow, it looks nice! /bounce

It’s awesome that you got to see them! I did see them live once (for free!!) a few years back. It seems like AGES ago, considering I barely listen to them anymore :/ I still have their songs on iTunes (though not all of them after a new computer last year) but I listen to totally different music now. I will always love them though, considering that is where I got the name for my blog haha.

I know what you mean about trying to sneak your camera in! I’ve been to a few concerts this year and each time there were different rules. For the first one (Lady Antebellum) they told me it was allowed but I couldn’t change my lens. I went to the same venue to see different people (Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean, country artists that you probably don’t know :P) they said I couldn’t use it at all. They told me I could either pay to sign out a locker, or leave it in guest services and pick it up after the show. I wasn’t paying, and I wasn’t really keen on leaving it with people either. The lady showed me where guest services was though, and then just left me. So I just left with my camera, and steathly took pictures the whole time. When security would walk by, I did what you did and would just hide my camera on my shoulder on the opposite side that they were walking past. I ended up getting some pretty good pictures with my zoom lens!!

I think I remember seeing your photography portfolio before! I just finished mine the other night but now I need to do my design one :/

Ho, someone sure had funzuzu

It’s hard to identify Asians when you’re not Asian. Especially if they’re not from one country (like you) so, yeah. I’m surprised he didnt’ say anything generic, like China though. hrj
Also since noone in the band is going to read this I think I’ll say it here; every band member in the last photo save the bottom-left guy looks like a heroin addict. ngege


I’ve heard of this band, maybe once or twice. Never gave them a listen, I’m sometimes leery about first listening to someone. But I think I will now! Definitely sounds like you had an enjoyable time at the venue. Great shots, and lol @ the heroin addict comment. I’m sure they were just sweaty and oily.