A day for twenty-ones

I’m 21, and on the 21st day of this month I went to my 21st music gig. Wooohoo. /bounce Predictably, I went to see Lime Cordiale, The Griswolds and Hey Geronimo – three bands I’ve seen before (once, four times and twice respectively). Somehow I don’t think I can get enough of this lot. They’re a wonderful combination of music.

It was a bit of a shame that Lime didn’t pull up much of a crowd. People often don’t come for the opening bands. I get mildly disappointed and sad for them because they don’t seem to get much attention, and the thing is – most opening bands or artists are usually trying to get themselves out there. Well, I guess it’s not my problem but that is how things seem.

I wore my sailor’s hat and I probably looked like a loon half the time, and I did get annoyed at the hat being on my head. I think most people are going to laugh at me for the reason I wore the hat but Hey Geronimo’s new sailor-themed video clip is soon to be released and I somehow felt it was going to be totally full of bütz to wear my sailor hat. Yes/no? (I’ll get into defining this “bütz” thing later, don’t worry.) James and Dylan thought the hat was more like a chef’s hat. Ah shit. But Andrew from Hey Geronimo said he liked my hat, so I figured he didn’t see a chef’s hat on my head.

James and Dylan and I ate sushi train for dinner before the show. It took us quite a bit of time to decide on what to eat because James was dying for some laksa, Dylan and I didn’t mind where we went to eat, but James seemingly couldn’t make up his mind and I kept asking, “Are you sure? Are you sure you want laksa?” Heh, heh. I don’t like laksa, for the record – coconut milk gets me giddy, and laksa has high coconut milk content. I mean, that’s what laksa pretty much is.

The sushi train wasn’t too bad, Dylan and James avoided all the raw fish, which is understandable – not everyone is comfortable eating raw fish, or they simply don’t like it. Of course I grabbed a bit of sashimi and enjoyed a lot of other sushi varieties before we decided we were all content and full enough to head to Kings Cross. Kings Cross is the home of prostitutes and the like… I won’t go any further, but it’s a really social place with bars, as well as being full of strip clubs. Fun stuff which I am not interested in. Anyway, the general idea is – it’s a quaint town, but there are always a lot of people.

I noticed one of those retro-style photobooths in the bar we went to. It’s a shame I forgot about it because it would have been fun to check out. Last time Dylan and I were in the Cross, we took photos in a little photobooth and it was nice seeing the retro-like result. It’s very Georgie, dare I say… I dig that stuff.

As I was saying, Lime Cordiale – wish there was a bigger crowd for their unique music. We sat on some comfy chairs closer to the stage. They were so comfy I sank into one of them and I asked Dylan if I could swap with him instead, because my skinniness was just making my ass sink right into the damn seat.

The venue, known as FBi Social, was a lovely little intimate place on the third floor (eh I think it was third?) of a building, with a bar and various other fun stuff on the other levels. I clearly didn’t bother exploring. The stage was exceptionally tiny, but the performers made the most of the stage and didn’t seem to have a problem with it. When the Griswolds played, Dan’s microphone fell down and he was just swearing and laughing about it. Since I was at the front I helped him pick it back up. It was kind of funny how I thought it was back up but it was still falling down, and it looked like the microphone was running away from him. The Griswolds played really well, too, and played one of their new songs which no one had ever heard before. It was great to hear and obviously made me excited that they obviously had plans for new material.

Hey Geronimo, who I’ve said are just perfect, were the headlining act of the evening. I know I said they are perfect, but they have given me more reason to love them with their terrific improvisations. Even improvisation needs a little planning or some kind of framework so things don’t go all over the place, but that’s what being in a band is all about – working together. All the time I see the members of Hey Geronimo enjoying each other’s company and working together in every piece they play. What I love about seeing them live is that every time they are most certainly different; you expect the same song but when you hear it, there’s always a little difference in how it begins, how it ends, or how they do the solos.

I don’t know if not knowing what to expect is a good thing, but when you don’t think about it, surprises are pretty cool.

Chris - The Griswolds

Dan - The Griswolds

Andrew - Hey Geronimo

Greg - Hey Geronimo

Also I’m on break and like fuck yeah I have no university for a week it’s so relieving and I have two gigs this week and on the weekend I’ll finally see my best friend Lilian again and James and I are going to the tulip festival in Bowral so SUUUUUUUUUUUCK I deserve this break! /pow /pow Doing a Masters degree sucks, but whatever. I am awesome. Full of bütz.

That’s pronounced “bootz”, by the way. It means I’m full of awesomeness/pure awesomeness/am very cool/etc. So add it to your vocab.

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I find it rather odd that we went to sushi train despite two thirds of us disliking sashimi. U. /th

All in all, a rather nurg evening. Though you did have funs ;3
man that girls-shake-your-hands thing really annoyed me with that hand-flapping girl in front of me. jesus.


Happy belated bday! Sound s like you had a great time. And I agree, you deserve that break from school. You work so hard, I hope you have a great time during your break. :D

Haha it’s not my birthday? My birthday’s in May. I was just stating that I’m 21. :P


lol, whoops.

Ooh, it sounds like you got to have a double twenty-first! :)

A few people I went to high school with receive the lucky chance to open for some major musicians and bands here in Texas. I think one of the bands from my high school traveled to New York just so they could open for a major band because they had received that chance. They said not many people had even arrived there yet. When they were on their last song, people started arriving.

When I went to see Family Force 5 at the House of Blues in Dallas, Ivoryline opened for them. It was really empty, but they did have some really awesome music, and I wouldn’t have become a fan of them if they hadn’t played — at least I don’t think so. People are missing out. >.>

For the ‘sushi train’, I can’t not keep picturing either 1) you guys eating sushi on a train or 2) an actual sushi train, as in a train made of sushi and just sushi and now sushi sounds like a weird something to say. /angry

Random thought: Where did you get your emoticons? Did you make them? I’ve always wondered this, but I don’t think I’ve ever asked. It would feel so weird if you suddenly had new ones or something, because I associate these with you and Heartdrops. 😳

I’ve never done a photobooth thing, but I’ve always wanted to! They really do seem really cool & super awesome and fun… Okay, so I just really want to do it and have never had the opportunity/anyone to do it with. I love the way you described Kings Cross. “Fun stuff which I am not interested in. Anyway…”

Congrats on your break. :3 The concert sounds like it was a blast. 😏 👏 /bounce

You totally deserve your break! :D

I have only been to one real concert once (Vienna Teng), and I thought that the opening band (Paper Raincoats) did a fantastic job. It’s too bad that people don’t care about the opening bands. Always nice to hear something new once in a while, right?

nom nom sushi train! Sushi trains are so cute! You totally won dinner.

Belated Happy Birthday georgie… I hope you’d a gr8 21st birthday!

Wheee that is awesome! I like listening to opening bands because that’s how I find a lot of new bands xD. Sailors FTW! So I am guessing the hat was pretty awesome too :D

Hmm I have never actually tried laksa…but I looked it up and it looks like something I might like…not sure about the coconut milk but I don’t mind it sometimes.

When I read Kings Cross my first thought was harry potter xD. But doesn’t seem similar to that lol…but I know what you mean. There is a region in New Orleans exactly like that. Always full of people with the other um stuff.

Ohh that’s interesting lol…lucky you got to help him out with the microphone issue then ^^ Nice pics!

Yay for breaks! I just got off my 2 week vacation. Felt real good to have some time off and relax. I hope you have a great time with the gigs and other stuff you plan on doing :D Full of butz indeed ;)

hey girl,
I am back haha I know you saw my post on twitter about how I wanted a domain or sub domain again haha.

Anyway, happy 21st birthday :) In the US, you would be allowed to drink and are considered an adult haha. I never heard of those musicians before but it seems like you had a great time.. you got SO close to them. Or your camera is amazing if you could get those shots.

I really want SUshi now, I heard Sushi in Australia is amazing. What is Lakas? Or the thing that James wanted? I never heard of that before….

I wish I was on break from college, I like it here but it is truly an adjustment from high school. Are you getting your masters degree at the same school? In the US we don’t finished our BA until like we are 22 or something. I guess it just works differently.