Well, that was unexpected.

The legal drinking age in Australia is 18.

You can drive when you’re 16. You can sleep with someone, too, legally, but obviously, don’t do that at the same time you’re driving.

You are legally allowed to drive before you are legally allowed to drink. I guess that’s fair, given the amount of deaths that have occurred as a result of drink driving.

I’ve been learning to drive recently, thanks to James and my parents. Getting used to James’s smaller car has been far easier than mine, though I dare say I am beginning to get used to mine as well. When I am driving, I can’t imagine myself doing very much else other than concentrating on the road. I find it difficult to believe that people can use their phones to text people while they are actually moving and controlling their vehicle. Even eating seems a bit difficult. I just see it as very risky and unsafe.

We had a work party earlier this week to farewell our beloved little office by the water. I had too much to drink, so it’s fair to say I was drunk. It was the most brutal and unpleasant thing I have had to experience to date. Yes, even over colon issues and repeat episodes of salmonella poisoning. Simply imagining the taste of alcohol in my mouth is now petrifying and makes me nauseous. I threw up one too many times (it was disgusting) and eventually fell asleep, but aside from that, I got home in one piece. I honestly love everyone for taking care of me. I had a crap headache the next day, but naturally, it dissipated.

I actually felt awkward being offered drinks at the places I used to work. There would be celebrations for various events, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Drinking in my book, was next to foreign. I only had my first drink at 21 years of age. Super late to the party, I know. A lot of students seem to get smashed by the time they’re 17. It was only recently that I started to drink a bit more, not because I succumbed to peer pressure, but because I started not to mind the flavour, and I decided that I felt comfortable enough around my colleagues to drink. So yeah, you can assume that prior to this, I felt awkward about it.

I’d never been drunk before, actually. Just tipsy enough to stagger a bit while walking, but this time around, I was much worse. I used to be able to drink large amounts but I suppose I’ve changed. It doesn’t bother me, because there is no competition and no prize for whoever drinks the most.

Anyway Georgie, time to keep it classy, no more vodka lemonades. I didn’t do anything regrettable; just calling everyone “baby”, which isn’t regrettable at all. Screaming and shouting at people, but that’s almost the norm, given I’m a loud person. I notice that every time I drink, Tristan’s usually the one who I have asked to pick me up… but even more so, he seems to be the first person I text: “Hey I’m drinking, I’m so sorry in advance if I send anything stupid.”

I’m not sure why. It’s not that he’s the least forgiving. Maybe something in my head knows that I would drunk-text him first, but honestly, I never end up doing anything of the sort. Probably a reflex that prevents me from doing it.

But, anyway… my reason for not drinking before was, “I’m hyperactive without alcohol. So no.” My naturally energetic personality is enough for people. I’m sure of it.

I can’t remember what everyone else’s reason to drink was, but I frankly didn’t see the point.

I guess now, I’m back to that.

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I’ve never had a drink in my life, and that’s saying something because I am 21. I never felt the urge to do so, maybe because the legal age of drinking in India is 25 years of age and I don’t go partying.

Are you really hyperactive? :D

I guess drinking in proportions maybe fine, but getting drunk, that is a very dangerous thing.

I wouldn’t recommend it. Alcohol does not always taste nice and yes, it can be dangerous, and doesn’t necessarily make you feel good. It’s interesting and surprising that the legal drinking age there is 25! You’re doing the right thing by sticking to the law — as I did, too, not drinking until I was well over 18.

I am quite loud and I guess I have a lot of fun dancing in general, so I don’t need to drink to have a good time. :)

I consider myself someone who doesn’t really drink. I guess I used to kind of drink because when I went to parties I would try to get drunk, but I don’t do that anymore. I drink *a* beer once every week or two and I probably have 1-2 glasses of wine every couple weeks, too. I like drinking those things for the flavor and because it is fun to sample different options.

I’ve only been horribly drunk once, and that put me off getting drunk for life. I mean, some people regularly drink and get sick, say they’ll never do it again, and then are back on the town the following night. I don’t know how they do it!

I think it’s good to know your limit and knowing when to stop. I sometimes feel like a total party killer when I switch to orange juice when I’ve had too much alcohol, but I’d rather be safe than cleaning up my sick the next day. XD

Our legal drinking age out here in the states is 21. Our legal age to drive is 16. So not to far from your legal age of driving. :).

I’ve only been drunk ONCE. I was in the tenth grade. I had found a recipe online for Daiquiri’s. I started drinking Virgin Daiquiri’s, as I was under age and didn’t know anything about Alcohol, except that it could mess you up. One day, I got brave enough to ask my dad if I can try some rum in the mix. He said as long as you use it wisely. I did for awhile, but one day I had an accident. I started to pour the Rum into the mix, and I guess, I had a day-dream or something. I finally snapped out of it when I realized half the bottle of rum went into the mix! I kind of freaked and than said “oh well. It’ll mix.” WRONG. I drank the entire Daiquiri mix by myself (mind you I was home alone). I than heard of Rum and Coke and wanted to try that, so I finished the bottle of Rum off with Rum and Coke. Needless to say, that was my first time being drunk and getting drunk. I had the hangover all in the same day. Thank God, I was by myself, and all I did was throw up, and pass out. My grandmother was at work (if I’m not mistaken). When my dad came home from work…I had told him that I got drunk by accident (which it sort of was). Anyways, we went to the mall, and I had a massive headache. I asked my dad if I could get a coffee to ease the headache (as I heard that coffee eases the headache). He asks me “Did you learn your lesson?” I said “Yes, and I will never drink again.” To this day, I still don’t touch liquor to the point of getting drunk. I’ve had the “girly” drinks like Smirnoff, and one time a White Russian. That’s all I’ve had. I don’t drink to get wasted like half the population out there do. You know they have a problem when drinking to get drunk. I’ve been around it and it’s not pleasant. But I’m glad that I never wanted to drink. Now, unlike Tristan, he went through that rebellious stage and partied and drank. So it’s quite interesting to hear the stories that happened to him. But, I just witnessed it once, and that was enough for me. :).

Once you get the hang of driving, you can do multitasking while being on the road even though it’s highly not recommended- especially texting. I have gotten to the point where I can eat while driving because I don’t really need to take my eyes off the road for it.

Despite of you having a bit too much to drink, it’s good to hear that you got home safe and sound. I find nothing wrong with having your first drink at 21. Some people like to stay sober. With being hyperactive without alcohol, that’s plentiful to have a good time, haha.

I’m not a drinker either, but I have had some drinks in my almost 32yrs. When I turned 30, I drank a little bit, but other than that, I don’t drink. My brothers drink alot and I see what it does to people around me, so I don’t wan to be that way. It’s bad enough I smoke, I don’t want to add drinking to the list either. :)

As soon as I turned 21, my college friends proceeded to get me drunk. And I mean completely plastered. I was blacking out, crying out of panic, and throwing up everywhere. Passed out in my dorm room, don’t know how I got there, woke up the next day, still drunk and vomited on my sink. Needless to say, they don’t let me get there anymore.

I’m a lot more disciplined with alcohol now. I only have one drink, two at most. Enough to get me relaxed and chatty. I don’t wanna go through that again. Plus, I’m a sad drunk. I’m not fun with alcohol at all.

The more comfortable you get behind the wheel, the more reckless you generally get. I used to be so scared of passing other people, now I get mad at slow drivers and speed to change lanes all the time. I don’t text while driving though coz even I know that’s too risky.

Heh, guilty as charged. I lived in a city for what I’d like to call my formative years, so I was constantly surrounded by tons of bars and alcohol. Having a fake ID didn’t help matters much. (I’m from the US, so our legal drinking age here is 21.)

It’s weird because the older I get, the more I don’t drink as crazily as I did as I used to. Allow yourself the drunken moments of being a fool, and try not to be too hard on yourself when you do drunkenly text someone :) I’m sure your friends are amused. The only way it could ever be annoying is if it happens more often than not. I’m glad you got home OK and that you were taken care of. In short, you know of your capabilities now :)

If you don’t drink for a while, when you do it usually hits you a lot harder. I had an experience like that at a work christmas party. I hadn’t had anything to drink in about 6 months and at this christmas party there was a massive tab, I drank about the equivalent of a bottle of vodka and then they opened up the tab to shots and we started on tequila.. needless to say, one of the worst hangovers I’ve ever had. I stopped drinking for 3 years after that.

I do enjoy drinking though but I try not to drink so much that I throw up or can’t function the next day. I hate the idea of wasting an entire day just because I got stupidly drunk the day/night before.

I wasn’t always like this, I had my first drinking experience at around 14 and was a pretty big binge drinker from 16 – 18, funnily enough I started drinking less after I was legally allowed to.

I think the ultimate thing I miss most about independence is driving. I think it’s truly the key to complete independence, because you can go anywhere. :|

…pretty much whenever you want…

Doing things whilst driving seems quite intimidating at first. Certain foods are challenging to eat, but fries and other finger foods are eventually a breeze, as well as changing the radio station and AC/heater. When I had a dumbphone, text messaging was quite easy to do whilst driving, but I don’t understand how people can do it with smartphones.

I don’t drink, but I’m also allergic. The most I can handle are considered “wimpy drinks” here: wine coolers. Four ounces in, and I’m exhausted. Alcohol does something to blood sugar, and it acts so fast, so I suppose I’m either a lightweight or just a baby when it comes to drinking? 😳