written 8th April 2013

for my darling, in my parallel universe

you are, you’re so perfect.
why sit here?
why go?
why stand alone,
why dance alone,
why write day after day,
when I could be with you.
in every moment and every heartbeat
with every week and every hour,
summer was the time,
autumn was the time,
winter was the time,
oh, darling —
I could be with you.
why run,
why walk?
why pace, retrace,
the steps we might have taken that day?
if every flashing light
if every shooting star
was as close as we wanted to be, then
my darling —
how would we see
how much you miss me?
and would we
ever notice the times we felt each other smile,
or would we ever
know real love from lies,
if we had to face countless alibis
oh, darling —
however far you are
I’m yours,
and I’ll stay, if I ever
see you soon,
And I’ll sing for you
and you’ll be mine,
And we’ll dance
dear darling —
we’ll dance under the moon,
beneath the stars
and when the sunlight tickles the windowpane
and the faint sound of birds echoes from the clouds,
with my head alongside yours
& our fingers and feelings intertwined,
more than your hand in mine.
more than whispers and words
and quiescent slurs,
in every moment I’m with you
oh, darling —
between the days that I hear your voice
I whisper your name
and wish you were here
and it’ll be a while yet —
until we’re together —
but then I realise that
we already are.


I use a lot of enjambment in my poetry, so as this is the first poetry “post” on my blog (the rest are pages, and will be moved over soon) I suggest reading up about it, as not many people understand that a line break does not mean a pause. I truly believe, like all poets, that poetry should be read aloud, and as such, as I use a lot of enjambment, there should only be breaks where there are commas, semicolons, dashes, and the like.

Comments on this post

Wow! That is good Georgie! I never knew why there was a – on some lines. But, now I understand due to that little introduction! Thank you!

So how have ya been? All is good here. My tower has been saved (I blogged about it). Anyway, I promise for a longer comment next time. Just woke up, so I’m trying to get my brain to work properly.

Your writing is so beautiful, it sounds so genuine and personal (without being invasive). I’d be keen to see some more!

Oh another talent you have … Art is in your blood dearheart ♥ ♥ Beautiful xx

That’s a beautiful poem, love. I really wish I could write poems but alas, I’m not too creative. Good job!

That was very beautifully written!

In my poetry, I use line breaks often, but not necessarily for pauses. Sometimes, it’s for emphasis.

That’s true! I usually use it to emphasise the next line, an internal rhyme, or for stylistic purposes. :3

The beginning lines hooked me in and I loved it. It’s a beautiful piece.