Dancing, deteriorating, and draining weekends dry

It’s been a pretty rough past few days… I guess with things I don’t really want to detail. But other than that, I have cheered up today after a long day of crying. Blah. Feelings are exhausting; I remember Tristan saying something along those lines. I can’t say I hate feelings, but hey.

When I last posted, it was the weekend, I hung out with Tristan and his friend Kevin at the shops. Kevin needed to buy a jumper, which he eventually did. We went to eat at the food court and I spent ages choosing my food again. Lately I have set myself a time limit of five minutes to choose food, and if I don’t choose anything by the time five minutes is up, I will go to the place nearest to me. I can’t seem to make up my mind, so giving myself more choices just overwhelms me. Anyway, I ended up getting prawn yakisoba.

On another note, I know it has been bothering my mum since I became pescetarian — to cook food or to find food that I will eat. I really don’t want to inconvenience her so I say that I am fine just eating a stack load of vegetables. (I am definitely fine with it, and I love when my mum makes spinach. I am pretty much like Popeye when it comes to that. :D) I know it does still bother her, but I just can’t stand to eat land meat anymore. I know it began as a decision that was mostly for health purposes, which later stemmed into becoming more anti animal cruelty, but now it is also that I just don’t like the taste. Particularly chicken, which I think I got sick of after I used to eat it almost daily. Then again, I suppose any food does that to you.

When Tristan asked what my favourite animal was and I said a flying octopus (other than dogs), he called me a monster because I still do eat seafood and that includes octopi. :X I guess I didn’t have anything to say in response, but you can like an animal and still eat it or use its skin… right? Right? This is about to branch off into a discussion about the earliest cavemen, which is irrelevant to this blog post, so let’s just say that flying octopi are awesome and leave it at that. /bounce

I went to Tristan’s on Sunday and we played Just Dance on the Wii. I was pretty bad at it, which was probably a bit embarrassing since I’m a dancer. I still have a theory that simulations are always nothing like the real thing — I’m a dancer but I don’t do well in dancing games, I play music but I’m awful at all the music games — hence my underlying hatred for Guitar Hero and Rock Band and the fact that playing guitar is nothing like pressing buttons on a plastic toy. I’ll forever be on that side of the argument. :P Dylan once told me that the guitarist of Metallica (or some other band, I think I may have forgotten) was unable to play his own song on extreme level. Or maybe it was the difficult level, I can’t quite recall… but I just wanted to pull out the “duh, it’s not a real guitar!” argument.

Of course, it’s just a game, and I shouldn’t take that shit seriously. Either way, I lost nearly every single game except California Girls by Katy Perry. That made me laugh. I also purposely chose The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing because I was curious to see how it would look, and I suppose it was pretty funny as well. I do love that movie, though, and that final scene is one of my favourites from any film. Let’s just say I would rather dance independently.

I suppose last week was a bit of a blur, but the main event is my cousin Ricky coming here from Indonesia to stay for a few years. He’ll be studying starting next month, and he’s living with us. I’ll be honest — I dreaded it. I guess I was not sure how things would work out. But it’s been pretty wonderful so far, it’s like having another brother around, but less obnoxious, and it helps because it’s made Brandon a lot less temperamental as well… at least, so I’ve noticed. Brandon has finished school for the year and just has his HSC to go, and I was really proud of him last week when I saw that he’d put some thought into his university choices. I guess I was a little worried about him in the past few months, his grades having slipped and his motivation extremely lacking. It was a bit sad because I had always been proud of him for pursuing his passion for studying drama and for being a year ahead in geography — even if he did do three units of maths instead of four. But he chose psychology majors and minors, and he seems to have a positive attitude about what he wants to study. Even though there will always be the whole “my score isn’t going to be high enough” dealio, I went through that myself, but I’m glad I ended up with something I did at least enjoy… well, enjoy most of. I have to admit, my Bachelors was a little bit of a drag.

On Monday night, it was quite unexpected, but it rained really heavily and after James dropped me off at home, his car wouldn’t start and we spent a while trying to figure out what was wrong. Ricky was lovely enough to come out with an umbrella and offer his help (boys and cars, yeeeep). After a few phone calls including a useless one to NRMA, James decided to try and start the car up again and thankfully it was fine, it probably just needed some time. I clearly don’t know too much about cars.

Last week I also travelled to Bondi to see Rainy Day Women play a live acoustic set. It was in a lovely little restaurant called The Bucket List. I enjoyed the music but I felt a little lonely. That kind of music gets me down a little because it’s the kind of music you want to watch with someone, share with someone. I was there to photograph for Casual Band Blogger and I know Kim loves Rainy Day Women so I decided to stay for the whole set. They were really lovely and I talked to a few of the band members before I left. Long trek home. It always takes me two hours to get home from Bondi because it’s out east, by the beaches, and I live in western suburbia. I do love Bondi though, it’s a relatively pleasant place to go to occasionally.

I wasn’t feeling up for it, but on Saturday I went to see Jinja Safari and Cub Sport, shooting for CBB again. I wasn’t feeling too good and I missed photographing the first band, but I caught the end of their set. I remember waking up that morning feeling pretty groggy so it was quite a hike for me to go. Afterwards I was famished so I bought a yoghurt and waffle from Moochi and ate them on the way home. I chose the strawberry cheesecake and watermelon flavours. It’s nice when frozen yoghurt is true to its flavour. Then again that applies to anything, man… macarons, gelato, ice cream, candy, and so on.

I won tickets to the Sounds of the Suburbs Festival, hilariously enough from Tone Deaf. It’s funny because I work for them… but they also didn’t mention anything in the rules about volunteers not being allowed to enter. I would never have bought tickets to the festival myself because I didn’t think it was worth it so it was a pleasant surprise to win, but that meant of course that I had to go. I had a double pass, so Tristan went with me, and we met up with Jess there, because she was photographing the festival. I actually had tried to get accreditation for it a couple of weeks ago to cover it for AMBY but I never received a response. Every man and their dog had a DSLR camera with them at the festival, which made me miffed for about 0.135 seconds because that wasn’t fair, and I had wanted to bring my own, but I got over it.

And I also got a bit drunk. I only had two drinks but hey. My mind was thinking faster than my actions could respond, so it was all out of sync. Likely not the first time I’ve been drunk because I do remember one other time at Homebake that I had to keep rejecting offers for drinks because I was getting so dizzy I could barely walk. I kept saying I wasn’t drunk but everyone said I was… I guess back then I wasn’t really sure what being drunk meant? Hah. Hey, I had my first drink only a year ago, so… forgive me. Yo. Tristan took care of me. /mwah

It was not that good of a festival; I guess I wasn’t really into many of the bands (except The Griswolds!) and the venue was just a tiny alleyway with a few stages and a garage used for the bar. Interesting, but yeah, not much of a “festival”. Tristan and I had to leave in the prevening because it was two hours away from home (further than Bondi) and he had to work later that night.

And that’s probably about it in terms of where the heck I’ve been. Also, in a nutshell, I’ve worn myself out, so there will be fewer gigs from here on in… at least until university finishes. 48 days, man!

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Alliterative title FTW! XD

which later stemmed into becoming more anti animal cruelty

PETA (or its Australian equivalent, if there is one) would like to have a word with you :P :P :P

I didn’t know you had problems making decisions when it comes to food too! I have trouble deciding what I want to eat even at home, and most of the time it’s because I simply don’t have anything in mind and can’t name anything. Even when my mum goes out to buy and gives me a set of choices I find myself unable to decide even after five minutes. It’s sickening.

In fact, sometimes I just don’t understand how people can make such a big deal out of food. I guess I’m someone who eats to live, compared to others who live to eat. Indeed, I get sick of eating the same thing over and over again, for most foods.

I’m glad you’re feeling better ♥ We all have limits even with our feelings, and every now and then we do need a break. And I think that is an acceptable and normal part of life.

Speaking of feelings, obligatory Hi-5 song!

Feelings go up (yeah)
Feelings go down (ooh)
There’s lots of different feelings
Spinning ’round and ’round and ’round
Sometimes they’re good (yeah)
Sometimes they’re bad (ooh)
But feelings are something
That everyone has

👏 ♥️

I used to be really great at DDR Max 2, but I quit playing it since 2007, so I can’t anymore. The movies and TV make it look like normal dancing and super easy… They twirl and score all of those high points. -.- Anyways.

I hope that things slow down for you soon! Don’t get too stressed; that’s never fun.

I hate to break this off to you, but eating vegetables is a living organism, hence you are eating land vegetables. :/ . I don’t understand how people can claim they are not eating meat, yet care about the animal race. Yet they are eating plants which has living organisms. Baffles me really. Please don’t hate me for stating this? :P.

I have a hard time finding out what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It’s horrible. We have all this food, yet none of it sounds good. Starving countries would say to us “You people are fools! You have all these canned goods, yet you’re complaining about not having anything!?” They would whip up something in an instant from those canned goods. I’m not really considered a picky eater. If I could live off of three things and it not do any damage to my body it would be Pizza, French Fries, and Soda. Unfortunately, soda is acidic and eats at your stomach lining, French Fries are greasy (but tastes really good!), and Pizza is good but it has its downfall as well. All the foods I love to eat, my stomach can’t handle anymore. My body chemistry changed over time and no longer allows me to eat junk. I can’t even go to a Mcdonalds or a fast food joint with out having a stomachache from there! I’ve done it several times over at this place called Carls Jr.

It’s even worse at the mall! If I see Italian, or Chinese — I usually have to flip heads or tails to see which one I go too. Or that I eat at home before going to the mall. I live about 15 minutes away (give or take) from the mall. I usually just visit one store, and that’s a book store. My latest book I bought was “Edgar Allan Poe – Complete Works and Poems”. Real nice fat book! lol. But yeah, I usually try to eat at home first before going somewhere. If I’m out and about, my choice would be a restaurant called Subway. I used to work there, and got all the free sandwiches I wanted. I love working there! Honestly, though I am very picky when it comes to eating out now due to the fact that my body Chemistry had changed from eating junk to healthy. I’ve improved so much. Not only that, it’s quite expensive here in California. Tristan (my boyfriend) and I went to Islands and our bill just for the two of us came out to be $25. something. And we didn’t have soda at all!

I’ve always done the dancing games, but I have yet to do them on the WII. I’ve always done the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), and could do them all except “Supernova” or whatever that one that goes extremely fast. I had a friend that could do it (only cause she practiced). But yeah. Sometimes, games are just a wee bit harder to play when you’re not used to it. I know I would suck at Guitar hero and rock band if I played it. Though when I didn’t have my license, my friends and I went to this arcade place at one of the malls, and we played a racing game. They all had their license, and I did not. However, I ended up coming in first. They all made a snide comment about me not having a license and coming in first lol.

My domains are still up and running. I’m transferring my blog back to collided-hour.net, and putting awkwerdly.me as a photoblog. Right now I have a creativity block placed on me. I can write fine, but I can’t create anything. Not even a digital artwork piece.

Pheww I haven’t blogwalking for the past 4 months and I missed most of your blog updates, haha.

I stop playing those dancing games since 2005 where I’ve played the old PlayStation game, Dance Dance Revolution (guess that we’ve played the same game! Hahaha). Those days were memories for me and I keep on stepping the other arrows beside the arrow shown on the screen. Muahaha.

It feels so empty and I feel so lonely this month. I keep on thinking ways to let out this loneliness and it ends with sadness and depression because I keep on failing when I tried to do some stuffs. I had tried not to depress but I can’t.

September has been a stressful month for me.