Challenge: Write a blog post in 15 minutes

I thought of this challenge about thirty seconds ago. I’m sitting at work drinking a cup of tea, but it’s a little too hot to even properly sip. I’m listening to the song Champagne by Brisbane band Millions, who I saw a couple of weeks ago.

Why did I set myself this challenge? I thought, I’ve been working all morning at work, and instead of taking a break by mindlessly thinking about all the bad food in the world, I’m going to take it up a notch and do something just a little bit productive.

What makes this productive is that it’s more than just a challenge to write a blog post in my lunch break. It’s a blog post to write at least five hundred words in the space of fifteen minutes, and try not to delete so much text as I type. I have the timer on my phone going, for fifteen minutes, and I’m going to write about five hundred words in that time. I’m trying not to stop writing, either.

Dominik just came back from the shops and bought me a chocolate Easter bunny. Before he left, he said that there would be a lot of chocolate on sale today.

Before the Easter break (on Thursday), during lunchtime, Dominik and I actually hid Easter eggs around the office. We made sure no one was in the office and that they had all gone to lunch before we hid the eggs. It didn’t take very long.

Our office is in a renovated loft, and that makes for a strangely good number of hiding places. I hid one in the fire extinguisher handle, for instance, and put an Easter egg on top of every fan switch. Dominik made the effort to put a chocolate Easter bunny somewhere up in the rafters, by climbing onto the large garbage bin.

When our officemates came back they were probably thrilled to see that their desks had been adorned with chocolate eggs. Some of them spotted eggs around the windowsills, but of course, most of them noticed that large bunny that was hiding up in the rafters. It’s quite high up, and it would take a great deal of jumping even for a tall person to grab it. Unless someone had something to climb up on, it would be difficult to get it.

I kept looking up at it. I kept wanting it, because there’s nothing worse than having chocolate so near you, but out of reach. It’s just an odd temptation. It’s bad to eat chocolate, and I’ve been trying to eat less junk food lately. I’ve been making an attempt to run in the morning, as well, at least four times a week. I have run twice this week, but because I was so tired this morning, I slept until 7:00am, which is when I usually arrive back home from my run.

When I walked to the bus stop this morning, it was raining, so I was sure it must have been raining earlier in the morning too. If I had gotten up for a run, I would probably have been doing it through the rain.

I think that Dominik bought me an Easter bunny because I kept wanting the one that’s up in the rafters. It would have been much easier to grab it, but he’s curious to see if it will still be there next Easter, or if someone will try and get it. Before he came back, everyone else in the office was talking about the fact that it was up there, wondering how it got there. I told them I knew, and I said that whoever could guess how it got there could have it.

After guessing that I climbed up there, and that someone threw it, and that I used a broom to put it up there, Dylan finally said that someone used the bin to climb up and put it there.

Maybe he’ll feel like doing the same to get it.

I don’t think it’ll stay there until next year. It’s bound to melt or crumble at some point!

I’ve hit close to 700 words, and my timer hasn’t gone off, but I think I am done here. Have a good day, and I will get back to my tea. :)

Can you write a blog post in 15 minutes? Do it and send me the link! (Y)

Comments on this post

I think this is a nifty challenge! I don’t think I’ve ever written a blog post in that short of a time, but it’d be a good thing to try. It would keep me from re-writing things, which I often do.

Hiding Easter eggs at work sound fun. I would have loved to come back to find chocolates on my desk and hidden around the office. I hope someone ends up getting the bunny up there because it’d be bad if bugs discovered it or if it went bad, haha. That was sweet of your colleague to buy you another Easter bunny though!

I can’t write a blog in 15 minutes because I am a backspace/edit queen. I am a shocker.
I am actually really surprised no one has gone up and taken the bunny egg. Lots of chocolate is on sale, I saw it while on my travels to get my Custard Tart, I had to have it XD

That’s awesome that you were able to have an eventful Easter! Sounds fun to hide easter eggs in the office! And that’s really nice of your colleague to buy you another easter bunny!
The challenge to write 500 words in 15 minutes is very interesting but I think I am like Sage and Cat. Since I worry so much about my blog posts, I tend to erase what I wrote and do it all over again. I think I am overly cautious. I tend to think thatI would get in trouble by university people and getting suspended for complaining too much or saying stuff inappropriately. hehe but I will definitely add this to my to-do list and try it out:D

(this is for returning your comment, sorry for being a slow replier):
And I totally agree with you, anime music is just so peaceful and beautiful. they are perfect when you need to focus on something D:
Moonlight Densetsu and the star locket song are two songs where I would be able to tell that it is Sailor Moon ! (:

I would not be able to write 500 words in 15 minutes. I tend to proofread because I make a lot of typing mistakes! And that takes time. I’m surprised you got close to 700 words!

That sounds so fun to hide chocolate eggs for Easter!

Aww you should sleep in! 7AM is really early to wake up, let alone come back from running. I have to wake up at 7AM and it just makes me so tired by night.

Remember that anonymous comment you left me? I think Akismet marked your explanation comment as spam. I realized this after Nancy told me she commented on my blog but I didn’t see anything. No way to recover filtered comments, I don’t think. But oh well, more the reason I should be glad I moved!

I find it very difficult to finish a blog post fast, because I usually get distracted while writing one and I take about 30 minutes minimum to finish it… you have done a great job here to finish writing a blog of 700 words in 15 mins.

I must have been such fun to hide those Easter eggs and that Easter bunny. I’m practically drooling over the idea of eating a whole Easter bunny 🤤, because currently I’m off sugar except I have it in my tea.
So no one lets me eat chocolates because they are helping me to lose my weight, etc…

Even I go for walks early morning, at 6:30 am…. I don’t have a great stamina for running, so I tick to brisk walking and yoga… and so I’m usually up by 6:00 am… you run for how much time? an hour?

Take Care, Georgie and visit my blog soon!

500 words in fifteen minutes seems possible. I think it’s easier if you have something you want to write about. My mind’s been going blank lately, and being sick is just simply annoying the /poo out of me. Perhaps I could attempt this when I’m over this horrendously congested cough that’s itching my throat? :p

Chocolate is actually good for you — dark chocolate at least — and it’s recommended that people eat the equivalent of one small rectangle of a Hershey’s bar daily because of the antioxidants; it supposedly helps with stress.

How much time did you have remaining? Did someone ever get the chocolate bunny?