The Best Friend Lunch #1

We recently moved into a new office, right at the heart of the city. We’re quite a fair distance from the water, but we are on the twentieth floor – meaning we get pretty cool views of the skyscrapers, and the sunset is not too bad (though we do miss the wharf, because sunset on the water is pretty beautiful). Everyone was extremely excited about the food options, because my oh my, there are so many.

Unfortunately, having worked in the city for two years straight, and studying in the city for my whole university life, I am already starting to find the city a bore, and it’s only day two. After all, I was working in the city up until the end of last October, and – can you believe it’s almost August already?! I guess the food options that I once considered amazing are no longer amazing, and not many new eateries have opened up. It’s back to revisiting old loves, but at the same time, I’ve quietly gotten over it.

Fortunately, one thing I shall remain excited about is seeing my best friend, Lilian, more often. With very busy lives and clashing schedules, we hardly found time to see each other. Now that we work a block away from each other, there’s no excuse. :D We’re going to attempt to have lunch together regularly from now on.

The Place

Lilian was sort-of craving ramen, so we went to Ajisen Ramen in World Square. It’s a worldwide franchise, so nothing new there. We have been there a couple of times.

The Food

Lil got Chasyu ramen, and I got a vegetarian bento. It’s really been a while since I’ve had a bento box. We shared some edamame and takoyaki. While Lil avoided eating the fat on her pork pieces, I ate my whole bento, and was subsequently full.

(I didn’t take a photo of Lil’s ramen because she was in the middle of eating it!)


The Chat

No gossip, really… or none that I’m going to share anyway! We talked about a lot of things, most of it was catching up since we last saw each other almost two months ago. I already long finished the two tins of tea she gave me for my birthday last time. We also talked about strange strangers approaching her and being creepy. I also mentioned that I saw two guys on the train this morning who we went to school with. We talked a lot about work, and The Fault in Our Stars.

I returned one of Lil’s books (Paper Towns), but I have a few more of hers that I have probably kept in my shelf for far too long. I just haven’t had the time or bothered to read recently, so those giant 600-page numbers are sadly going to be with me for a while longer.

The Selfie

Well, I suppose it is tradition for us to take a photo of ourselves together every time. Our collection is growing at a rate of one photo a year (not good, not good!). Lil even had trouble finding a photo of us for a birthday photo post on Instagram a couple of months ago.


Hopefully we will have many more lunches to come. I am really excited!

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That’s awesome that your new office is on the 20th floor! It sounds like the view would be really nice, but that’s too bad about being away from the wharf. I sit on the first floor of my building and there’s a brick wall right by my window. My view is basically the wall and the bushes by it, heh.

Having so many food options and being near your friend is also nice :) I actually went to a ramen place today too! The bento you got looks good. I hope you guys will be able to meet up more often now!

It sounds amazing to have an office on the 20th floor! I would love to see it. It sounds like you’ll have to rekindle old loves for your old restaurants. Which sounds like you’re doing already. :).

I’m glad that you guys are finally getting some time to spend together. Even if it is just for lunch. At least, you’ll be able to see her once or twice a week. Unlike before. Missing someone makes the absence grow fonder. It certainly did with you and Lillian. Your friendship grew stronger as you guys didn’t get to see each other as much as you’d like. Now, you will be able to!

I had sushi today too! Haha! Great mind thinks alike. I finally told Tristan “I want sushi.” We looked up a sushi restaurant on Yelp, and the first one sounded excellent. So we went there. Tristan and I both had the same things : Water, Miso Soup, Chicken Terriyaki Bowl and 4 pieces of California Roll each. Great combination and only $7. something. Little under $30.00 for the two of us. I’m a happy camper. Except I burnt the roof of my tongue on the misou soup. :(. Whoops.

Wow, sounds like a huge saving! Under $30 for two people is good value for all that you got. Bit strange about the miso soup though; they usually tend to be served warm rather than being really hot. I love miso soup though!

Where I am plaits are called braids and the braids you are referring to are called French braids!

It’s pretty neat that you get to be on the 20th floor and have a nice view of the city and everything :). Even though the food options are not new to you, at least you can go and relive some memories. Comparing from work to school, I somehow wished I took advantage of the awesome food places near school because the town where I work at is filled with production facilities.

It’s cool that you and Lilian work nearby! It makes lunch sound much more fun :). Strangers can be creepers sometimes but I wonder what their motives are; maybe they don’t know what’s creepy and not?

The food looks delicious! Hope you both enjoyed spending time together~

Do you mean secondary school or university/college? My university is in the city as well, so I was surrounded by food options when I went to campus every day. I am safely say it hasn’t changed much over the years! My current office is a fifteen minute walk from the university I went to, so most of the restaurants I used to go to are still around.

We were talking about people who ask you out on dates, but the way they approach you and ask is pretty uncomfortable! D:

“can you believe it’s almost August already” – dang it. just have to remind myself I’m going to be older and it terrifies me ugh… being older means more responsibility, more pressure, more demands and expectations from everyone O_O I’m so not ready for that.

If I were you, I’d probably take lots of pictures for sky snapshots. I have a thing for architectural kind of photography /bounce

How’s the ajisen ramen at your area? The one we have here is expensive and it doesn’t taste good :( first time trying it out with my mother and nope, not gonna go back there for second.

Is Paper Towns a good read? As in, is it really life changing and mind blowing or is it just average good? I’ve had it sitting in my shelf for months but haven’t touched it at all. The first John Green book I read was Will Grayson, Will Grayson and after reading it, I felt… bland. Like, okay that was decent now let’s move on to the next book. Also, I wonder why I’m not interested with touching TFIOS, probably something to do with how everyone thinks it’s the “greatest YA book of all time” or something. D:

It’s nice that you get to finally hang out with your best friend after not meeting her for so long. All my friends are lazy hermits and we often cancel our plan during the last minute just because we “prefer playing computer games than leaving our room.”

It’s a bit hard to get any fantastic shots of the sky, there are a lot of buildings, and some are kind of unsightly, not to mention the window panels sometimes get in the way. I’m sure I can get creative though, haha.

Paper Towns is really good, but the ending is a bit of a disappointment. I recommend reading it, though, if you don’t have better books to read. The story itself is gripping and very interesting. Will Grayson, Will Grayson was also my first John Green book, but it’s a collaboration, and sometimes those co-written books are not as strong as a book the author writes on his/her own. TFiOS is getting a lot of hype simply from the film (and because John Green had a bit of a hand in the filming, so it is very true to the book), but I read it as soon as it was released because I followed John Green’s progress, and I can say it’s a terrific book for its genre. You have to ignore the reviews and the critics and just read it for what it is. For example, the Twilight film wasn’t released until well after the book, and I had read the book and its sequels before the film was released, so naturally, being on the other side of things, I completely disliked the hype for a book I had deemed to be fairly average. Just give TFiOS a chance!

Most of my friends enjoy their own company and like to stay at home. I am pretty lazy myself. But if I haven’t seen a friend in a while, we’ll usually end up organising something.

It sounds like it’s turned out well moving offices. I’d love the opportunity to see my best friend more often. I’m trying to persuade her to move to Liverpool for post graduate study. ;)

You should definitely make your lunches with Lillian a new feature on your blog. It’s so cute! /eee

Hey, I always enjoy spending time with my friends, even if it is lunch. I call that a success <3 Food looks yummy, too! It's great that you spent time with her, and will probably see her more because of the close proximity of your guys' work.