Band on a boat (goodbye, Bayonets For Legs)

Bayonets For Legs-12

Yesterday was the first and last time I saw Sydney band Bayonets For Legs.

I first came across Bayonets For Legs back in 2011, around the time I went to my first gig. I was discovering up-and-coming Australian artists, and I wanted to see the band The Initiation at the Annandale Hotel. Planning to go, I felt the need to listen to the music of the support artists listed, and that is how I came across Bayonets For Legs.

I fell in love with their music instantly, even though I could only get my hands on a handful of songs because I didn’t have credit in my iTunes account. I listened to their songs for free on the internet, Bite Your Tongue and Driftwood being my favourites. I have a habit of playing newly discovered songs over and over, almost to the point where I’m sick of them and dive into older tunes in my collection. But for some reason, playing Bayonets For Legs did not bother me, and before I knew it, they made their way into my Top 25 Most Played songs on iTunes.

I ended up not going to that gig at the Annandale, because I didn’t have a good way of travelling home, and no one wanted to accompany me. At that stage I had never been to a gig alone, and I wasn’t keen on trying yet.

It was a while before I saw the band announce any other gigs. I am speaking honestly when I say that I didn’t really keep tabs on the band, I just continued to listen to what music I had of theirs. I managed to listen to more of their tunes after some time, but still greatly adored the ones I had stumbled upon first. I remember relaxing to their music, running and jogging to it, sleeping to it, a fair few times.

Every time I heard the band announce a gig, I missed out, or I just was not able to make it. It didn’t really irk me that much, but one day when it struck me that I had seen all the artists in my Top 25 Most Played except Bayonets For Legs, I became even more determined to see them.

When they announced that they would be having a Hawaiian cruise in the summer, basically, a gig on a freakin’ boat, I happily bought tickets then and there, and James was lovely enough to accompany me. He was unfortunately really tired (we are still jet lagging after our trip to Japan) so dozed off a bit. I felt pretty lethargic, but I had a good time, and even though the music began very loudly, thanks to rock band Er Among The Ether really belting it out, it was toned down by Braden Evans and the Red Rattlers, and little intermissions of adorable Lennie Tranter singing solo. I adored his cover of Fall At Your Feet.

I didn’t have any Hawaiian shirts but I wore a bright blue checkered shirt, which I hope was chill enough. We were given a little (okay, big) platter of finger food as we enjoyed the show.

The sad thing is that it was Bayonets’ last ever gig. But they went out with a bang, and I wish them well in whatever they step into next. I’m glad I went. I’m glad I got to see them before they put out their flame. It’s hard not to be sad, and I always get sad when musicians call it a day. But I’ll always remember that my journey with Bayonets was a small, albeit interesting tale.

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Love your photos… Wondering if you had any more of my band that I’d be able to get my hands on?

Hey Braden, thanks for getting in touch! :) I’ve just sent you an email (check your junk mail in case it landed there), to the email address you supplied with your comment. I only took a couple of you, but I’ve sent you those in high-resolution.

Let me know if you need someone to shoot an upcoming show though!

That is such a shame that the band won’t be together anymore, but it really is fantastic that you got to see them. The photos are really amazing as always. :D

I’m glad to hear that you got to see the band before they broke up, and the photos are absolutely gorgeous. :) What is your favorite song by them?

I would have to say Bite My Tongue, but Deeper Water is a really good one as well.

It is definitely always sad to see bands say goodbye for the final time! I am sad that N’Sync is gone and happy that the Backstreet Boys decided to come back but I have never really kept track of any band in particular. It just isn’t the thing I like to do in my spare time. I’m more into keeping track of technology and where it is at. I’d love to go to CES sometime in the next few years as well as some (if not all) of the other technology conferences before I settle down and have children.
To each their own.

It’s pretty sad that a band can go on for so long and ending up realizing they haven’t a chance. But I’m glad you had a chance in seeing them. Your pictures are still amazing.

I remember supporting a new band called “Black Sunday” years ago. I was even going to represent them when I lived at home with Troy and his daughter. However, they ended up NOT sending me my package to support their band, and I complained. I guess it took one complaint and no tours to break them up. They weren’t that bad either. More of an indie rock band. They wrote a song for a little girl that was supposedly murdered by her mother but got off free. Her name Casey Anthony.

I finally got my Mp3 player filled up with music. I’m rather happy with that, and to be quite honest — I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I feel sorry for the band for their split. They must’ve been a good band. It’s a really good thing that you saw them before they broke up. It’s always sad to hear a band split.. I remember how I felt when I found out that My Chemical Romance split up.

Your photos are always so good! I love your photos. =)