A Day in the Life: January 2014

Manda started this monthly linkup where bloggers document their daily life once a month. I was really excited when she started this because I used to do the photography “A Day In The Life” on my photoblog, organised by Tracey of sh1ft.org/chasethelight.org. I will soon move those posts to my blog, but here is my entry for today, 14th January.

Today I actually forgot about the linkup until I received an email in my inbox about Manda’s new blog post, so I don’t have too many photos. I was planning to include a lot of photos but since I tend to picspam, I suppose my readers will be glad there aren’t too many!


I woke up. I remember my mum waking me up earlier than this, and I just groaned and rolled over. She had woken me up from a dream I had in which my neighbour Tristan painted my nails and didn’t let them dry properly, so I had sticky goo on my fingernails. I think I might have had this dream because I painted my nails last week and didn’t wait for each layer to dry properly, so the result was a bit bad. (I ended up repainting them a couple of days ago.) Tristan also bit off some of my nail polish when he was biting my finger (please don’t ask).

My mum had a day off today. She had kindly opened my curtains for me. Since the sun had already come through the window, I got out of bed.


As per my almost-daily routine, I replied to James’s morning text message. He asked if I wanted to go anywhere today, but I apologised and said I was busy and had to do some shopping today and do some house cleaning with my parents (my mum likes to make the most of her days off!).

I quickly looked for a new iPhone wallpaper, and settled on this Futurama one:

iPhone lock screen
iPhone lock screen


I need to get a toaster. I toast my bread in the grill, because we haven’t had one for years. I do one side, until it’s lightly browned, then I do the other side, being sure to open the grill every now and then and make sure I don’t burn my toast.

I usually have two slices of bread, but thinking about what toppings and spreads I wanted, I went for three. One slice of strawberry jam, one slice of Vegemite, and one slice with slices of thin tasty cheese. I didn’t know what order to eat them in at first, but I went for Vegemite, then cheese, then jam. :D

Breakfast: strawberry jam, Vegemite and cheese on toast
Breakfast: strawberry jam, Vegemite and cheese on toast

Oh, and I sent a photo of my grill with the caption “I really need to get a toaster” to my buddies on Snapchat.


I transferred the latest (and last!) season of Futurama to a flash drive to give to James. He said that today he would come by and pick up his knives that he bought from Japan. We had mailed the knives and my new shoes to my house because we couldn’t carry them in our luggage on our way back. I had trouble transferring a bunch of Japan photos because there were so many and they were in high resolution, so I ended up splitting all the items over three flash drives.

I took a shower and brushed my teeth. Weather is warm today!


It was taking ages for all the items to transfer. I left my MacBook, plugged in, on the table next to my dad’s computer in the living room, and let it go. My dad had loaded the car last night with a lot of bags of clothes we were giving to the op-shop and to charity. There were also a lot of old books.

I tried to play some Commander Keen on Steam using my MacBook, and a remote desktop application to access my PC. It didn’t work too well. After I figured out that that was not going to work, I got changed and Dad and I headed out. I wore shorts and my new Louis London band shirt that I bought last year at the band’s gig.


My dad and I quickly dropped off the bags of clothes and books. They were very appreciative, and said “thank you so much”. My dad used to drop our old clothes off at a different op-shop, and he said that these guys were much better. The old place used to actually sort through all the things you dropped off, and she would call all our donations “rubbish”. A bit uncool… but I am glad this place appreciated the decent condition items we had to give.

We went to Harris Farm. Harris Farm is one of my favourite grocery stores. We bought some potatoes, salmon, prunes and rice crackers.

We went to the pharmacy, and I looked for some purple hair dye. It was a little expensive so I didn’t buy any. My dad picked up his cholesterol medicine. After that, he suggested we go to the other pharmacy inside the local mall. We also needed to buy some other groceries, and I was after some lima beans.


We didn’t find anything in the pharmacy, but when we went to Woolworths (the supermarket) we found the hair dye I wanted for just $11. I didn’t find the lima beans I wanted at Woolworths, but I bought soybeans and some other beans. I also bought some chia seed wraps, and some plain water crackers, and a watermelon. I also found some sesame seed and soy sauce hommus, for just forty cents. I think the use by date was close.

I promised my mum I would buy her bubble tea, as I had a two-for-one coupon. I bought her one of those, and I had pomegranate green tea. Dad and I went home.

I had a few slices of salmon for a late lunch, on a chia seed wrap.

After I finished eating I sat at my MacBook to reply to some emails, and sip on my tea. James dropped by with the Tiger Air blanket we bought on our trip, and a DVD with Breaking Bad (I haven’t watched it, I am getting to it!). I gave him his knives and the flash drives.


I got a phone call and landed a job interview for Friday morning!


It was very hot and I resisted eating ice cream… but then I gave in. I had a small cup of vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping. I have been trying to eat dinner earlier lately (before 7:00pm), but today I failed…

I helped my mum take down some clothes and fold them. I also re-watched an episode of Futurama.


Ricky came home. We had some old documents that needed to be shredded and destroyed. Since burning them produced too great a smell yesterday, my mum asked me to tear them to shreds. Ricky helped me out. I found that tearing down the long edge was much easier.

For that brief period of time, I labelled myself a Human Paper Shredder. :P

I decided to have my dinner. I decided to make an interesting wrap with the ingredients I bought. I spread the sesame seed and soy sauce hommus on a wrap, and filled it with white rice, soybeans, and corn kernels. I must tell you, it was an amazing wrap. It tasted amazing. I ate a few water crackers with the hommus dip too.

Too good.


I texted Lilian for a while (we can text for hours!) and we talked about the awesome wrap I just made, books, movies, and meeting up on Thursday. And the possibility of her starting a book blog.


My mum needed help peeling a bunch of eggs. Brandon, Ricky and I had a race. Brandon and I were tied, and peeled the same amount, but he finished before me. I was a tiny bit annoyed because I am usually a lot faster at peeling eggs. But I got stuck on one!


I “migrated” to Brandon’s room with my MacBook and iPhone, which is where I am now. I helped him touch up his resume/CV. We talked about television shows we have been watching. Currently he is copying a whole bunch for me, along with some movies. We are listening to a The Patch podcast on YouTube.

Hope you all had a lovely day today!

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Hey, I came here via Manda via the link-up! XD I love your smileys in your comment box. So cute. Congrats on landing the interview! 👏

Congrats on landing the interview! I love the Futurama wall paper on your lock screen of your iPhone. Futurama is one of my favorite shows. Same with Breaking Bad. Your day sounds much more interesting then mine. I might try this though.

Congrats on the interview! That’s awesome news :D

You know, I’m not a fan of Vegemite. I never got into it despite having spent time in Australia… to each her own I guess :P I’m also jealous of both the bubble tea and pomegranate green tea. I have nothing like either near me *weeps, sobs, cries*

I’m glad to see that you’re not too down about not having a job and are keeping busy! Man, I need more of your attitude. And as Manda said, congrats and good luck on the interview!