A week around the city

Jump to my previous post for a little survey I did. This is my blog post of the week, though! :)

Since we picked my cousin Ricky up from the airport we’ve had a mad ball this entire week. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of year. I was so keen to welcome in the new year, but I’m a bit scared. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m a bit sad to farewell this year because it has been the greatest. I’ll be honest, it has been full of stress and a lot of tears, a lot of late nights coming home from gigs, but it’s not over yet.

It’s also been full of smiles, hugs, cuddles, holding hands, linking arms, welcome kisses, goodbye kisses – and in saying this, I mean love and affection from all my friends, not just my dearest love James. James and I had a wonderful year together, and probably spent more time together than we did last year, but I can’t deny that I still missed him a lot. We had some special dates together, and had some silly late-night conversations, and we probably added an excessive amount of Georgie-James words to our ever-growing vocabulary that no one else understands.

I went to so many gigs and met so many gorgeous and talented musicians, and I was complimented many a time on my photography, and I was invited to photograph at one of my favourite venues. I went to see The Griswolds so many times and enjoyed every minute, and I went to see Lime Cordiale and Hey Geronimo multiple times, and saw several bands for the second time, as well as discovering some new music.

I worked long and hard, many hours, and studied for the first exams I’d had in a few years because all my subjects had been having assignments instead of exams, and I passed with a full house, receiving one of each grade. I stressed out, I breathed, I was lazy, but I passed. My year was cut in half by my three-week trip to Indonesia, when I felt myself falling backwards in every direction, but Daniel and Rachel kept me sane, and I messaged and emailed them every single time I felt like I was about to break.

The past week has been fun though. I have to say, Brandon, Ricky and I have had so many frozen coke slurpees/slushies from Hungry Jack’s. They’re having a summer special here and large frozen cokes are only a dollar, so every time we get thirsty, we opt for those. I mean, it can’t be good for us. We’ve actually lost count of how many we’ve had. From the very morning we went to pick Ricky up from the airport, we had those. And we’ve probably had one too many burgers. :P

We took Ricky to the markets on the first day he was here. Our first full day taking him around was on the 24th, when we showed him the city and went to some of the typical attractions. We went to the Opera House, solely because we got off at Circular Quay due to my idiocy in forgetting where the aquarium was. My brother gave me crap for it. XD We walked around the city and Martin Place where the large Christmas tree was, then finally made it down to Darling Harbour. We ate lunch (the boys went and had burgers at Oporto, the first of many Oporto meals this week) and then headed over to the aquarium. On the train on the way to the city, Brandon and I were using our brains to try and sort out the best way to use our tickets, because we’d only bought two tickets to share between the two of us. It was pretty hilarious because my dad gave us some 2-for-1 coupons too and we were trying to see if we could use them so all three of us could get into all of the attractions we were visiting… but that didn’t work out too well.

In the end, Brandon went with Ricky into the aquarium while I waited outside, and we decided that I’d go to the tower and the wildlife with Ricky, and we’d all go Madame Tussauds. We all wanted to go to Madame Tussauds – a museum of wax models of famous people – because Brandon and I had never been there and it would be interesting to check out.

They didn’t feel like taking pictures in the aquarium. We got a couple of photos from the wax museum though.

Brandon and Julia Gillard
Brandon and President Obama
me and the Queen
Ricky and Michael Hutchence
Brandon and Albert Einstein
me with ET

We did take a load more, and I posted them in two sets at my photoblog.

On Christmas day we did nothing much – all stores were closed and whatnot, so we stayed home. Ricky and I were so tired we actually slept for most of the day. I felt pretty worn out.

On Boxing Day we went to the Blue Mountains. Ricky and I went into one of the Jenolan Caves, and got all cold inside. The guy said we’d probably get warmer inside so we could leave our jackets on the clothes hooks outside. I think Ricky and I didn’t get much warmer because we’re both skinny as sticks and didn’t have much body fat to keep us warm… LOL. We also went around the scenic railway and saw the Three Sisters. All general stuff Brandon and I have previously been through, but a little more fun because Ricky was there. The weather was a bit off, and it had rained (which meant there was a discount, yay!), but we dealt with it, and it was a nice change from the heat from Christmas Eve. :)

Brandon, me and Ricky on the scenic railway

On the 27th we went to the city again, but mainly to go and visit the beach and the shopping centres in the city. We went to Bondi Beach just for a quick walk in the sand, and of course, this called for one dollar frozen cokes and fish & chips as we sat near the beach. My brother wasn’t keen on taking his shoes and socks off and walking in the sand but Ricky and I did. We went to the market in the city and walked around the shops. Before we knew it, it was 8:00pm and we hadn’t eaten dinner… so Brandon suggested a Japanese place he’d been to previously. It was affordable and delicious. :3

On Friday the 28th, James picked up Lilian and then came to our place to pick me, Brandon and Ricky up. We went ice skating for two hours. I didn’t expect us to ice skate for the full two hour session but we had SO much fun. I fell on my stomach twice, once because I thought I could stop everyone else from falling, and the second time because I was trying to skate backwards. Never being a show-off again.

Ricky showed that he was a total natural by going super fast when he skated, and braked like a pro. It was James who probably struggled the most to even properly move without holding onto the barrier. Lilian did really well on her own even though she fell a couple of times. I used to take ice skating lessons as a kid but I barely remember how I managed to keep balance. Anyway, most of us ended up with bruises and were very sore. Lilian and I copped the worst knee bruises and I ended up with bloody elbows from ice scrapes. I still had a fantastic time though, and everyone else enjoyed themselves. :D

me ice skating

That night I took Ricky to see… wait for it… Hey Geronimo! I think it was really something different for him, but he is trying to get more into music (a topic he knows zilch about), so I hope Hey Geronimo impressed him the way they impressed me the first time I saw them. It was wonderful seeing them perform live again, especially with their new songs and their cover of Burning Down the House. Here are just a few of the shots I took that night but I have a bunch more at my photoblog.

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I didn’t know there was a Madame Tussauds in Sydney as well… But the photos are great. Bet you had a lot of fun there! I always wanted to go ice skating, and there are a couple of rinks in my city as well, but somehow it’s never possible for me to go there… as it is I’m not much of a skater… I bet your cousin is enjoying every single day with you in Sydney! What are you going to do on New Year’s Eve?

I’m a little nervous about saying goodbye to 2012 as well because it was such a great year for me, too. We will just have to make sure 2013 is even better! Make each year a little better than the last–that’s my new life goal. One of many.

You know you are going to have to take me around to all the generic touristy places when I finally get my ass over there, too. ;) At any rate it looks like Ricky had a great time and he is lucky to have such hospitable cousins!


Your 2012 sounds way awesome! It’s true though; despite the tears, the truckload of stress, I think the positive definitely outweighs the negative in 2012. And I hope 2013 will be great for all of us.

Here’s to more good shows/gigs, more laughters and a shitload of fun with our loved ones in 2013! Happy New Year! :D

I loved looking at the photos – especially the photos from the wax museum. I wanna go there. Weeee. :3

Ice skating is really fun. I’ve been dying to skate in an ice rink ever since I was young but I never had the chance. Apparently, there are no ice rinks here in where I live. There is one in Manila though, but I don’t wanna spend a lot (plane tickets *sigh*) just to ice skate. But maybe I’ll have the chance soon.

Happy New Year! :)

It sounds like you had a great year! I myself had quite the year. Its bittersweet that it’s over. I’m bummed to moved on and excited at the same time.

Glad you took him to Madame Tussauds. I really enjoyed it there! I’ve been to quite a few different ones and I it always amazes me how real and life like those sculptures look. Its crazy.

Happy New Year! I hope its a beautiful one!

Sounds like you had a really really awesome year! :D 2012 went by quite fast, didn’t it?! I can’t believe it’s 2013 already!! :X :O

Wow, the wax museum looks like SOO much fun!! XD Your pictures are all really gorgeous too! I especially like the one with Einstein in it. :) The iceskating one is also really cool-looking~ :D

Anyway, Happy New Year, Georgie! I hope your new year is filled with lots of love and laughter :) Cheers to 2013! Hehe :P

Reading this post and looking at those pictures, darn, I suddenly realized how much I’m missing out on all the good gigs and concerts here in my country lately. I’ve been wanting to go to so much but there isn’t just enough time or it’s just in a weekday night.

You are so right – the last days of this year just went by so darn fast. It was like the year wanted to end itself already. Anyway, Happy New Year, Georgie!

HEY GEORGIE HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Haha I love your new site name now!! :) Oh gosh I would seriously love to visit Sydney! I think it’s such an amazing city. I remember going to the Shanghai Expo and one of my favorite exhibits was Australia’s!

2012 can arguably be considered my best year too! I graduated college and then got my first paycheck and helped my family business bloom as well, giving me financial freedom/independence (insert evil laugh)! Loads of new friends as well and tons of experience. I really hope 2013 is gonna beat 2012 though. I am remaining hopeful! 13 after all is such a mysterious number XD

GREAT SHOTS!! I really do love music and what I wouldn’t give to hear my favorite bands play! (Unfortunately… i don’t think they’ll ever come to the Philippines :( ) You are so lucky to be able to photograph the bands that you love.

Have a blessed new year Georgie! :D

From your past entries, it did sound like your year was very busy and stressful, but I’m glad it was worth it at least. Congrats on passing everything!

That sounds like a fun day with Ricky. I love aquariums and the photos you guys took at the wax museum are funny :D I’ve never been to one, but it’s kind of freaky how life-like those wax statues are, haha.

Going to the ice rink sounds fun too. Though, I would be awful at it. I’ve attempted to skate before, but I never really learned how to do it. I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves, even with the bruises!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Georgie! I hope you will enjoy spending this year like the awesome person you are~

It sounds like you had a pretty busy trip there to the airport! I think it’s cute how you and James spend time together. And I commend you both for making the relationship work :).

It’s really cool how you have the opportunity of getting invited to take pictures of these live performances! Congratulations on passing your courses! All of your hard work was worth the results :)! You better be resting up now from that long semester. It’s great to have people who are there for you in your darkest moments.

You had quite an adventure around the city! You guys definitely got a lot done within a single day. Those pictures you took from the wax museum are pretty cool! They look realistic and it’s cool how you can pose next to them and all. You’re lucky you could go to the beach in December assuming that it’s pretty warm there. We face the cold air blowing at us here -___-.

It looks like you had quite a journey in ice skating. There are so much injuries going on around the rink! Ricky must be a professional ice skater in another life or something XD. I hope you enjoyed watching Hey Geronimo perform!

Take care :)

I was quite shocked, that you were allowed to do a lot of things with the wax figurines, that I don’t think we’re allowed to do here in Cali. But still very funny to see the three of you acting so goofy! I can’t quite remember – but Brandon is the one with the short spiky hair correct?

Anyway – I’m glad you had a good 2012!! At least you guys are getting the hot summer!! I wish, we would have hot summer, instead of this freaking cold where we could see each others breath. To be quite honest with you – I got really irritated on December 31st, and wasn’t quite looking towards the new year – though you know my reasons why I don’t like the Holidays any more. Unless someone can actually be there for me next year, around this time – and actually make something of it. Than it might be different. But until that happens, I will still continue to NOT like the Holidays.

Well – I’m glad you took Ricky to see Hey Geronimo!!! What was his reaction? Did he like/love them? I know its hard to get into something you’re not used too – I still have that Armor For Sleep c.d. you suggested I buy – aha! I haven’t listened to it years though. I may end up listening to it today. I also found a good artist she’s really good her name is Issa. She almost has my voice in a way but a VERY well balanced out vocal!! But she’s really good – I think you should check her out. She’s rock – but sounds country in some of it – so I don’t know if her style is country rock or rock country – but either way – she’s really good.

Well – girlie I’m gonna get back to bed – late last night and just woke up a bit ago – due to the gardeners aha! Thanks Gardeners!

Oh my god Madame Tausads is my absolute favourite. I had way too much there when we went to the museum in New York.

I like the one of you and E.T. LOL.

I’m glad to see that you have been doing a fab job showing Ricky around and y’all have been having a blast! Ofc you guys went to see Hey Geronimo hehehe. It’ll surely be a trip that he’ll never forget.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope it’s awesomesausage.

That wax museum looks like so much fun! There’s one that I went to when I was younger, but it wasn’t interactive like that at all – it just had the figures posing, but not on some kind of set. My favourite photo out of the bunch has GOT to be you on the bicycle with ET :) A close second is the one with the Queen. Happy new year!

Out of curiosity, do the bands you see play the same songs each time, or do they have a secret stash of songs and covers that aren’t recorded yet? But I’m sure that Ricky enjoyed Hey Geronimo because they are awesome!

I adore the photos you took of you sitting with the Queen and Brandon lounging next to Obama. They are hilarious! Plus, unless I look at the pictures closely, I can’t tell that the figures are made from wax, which makes the pictures even better.

I hope that the bruises and scrapes are going away soon! Next time will be much better. :D

I noticed The Griswolds generally play the same songs in almost the same order, and sometimes do mashups or derivations. Over time I’ve gotten to know Hey Geronimo’s unreleased music because they play the same songs at their gigs, but nearly every new gig brings in a new song, cover, or a remix/mashup. :D

As I’ve read several posts, I guess you had went to the Hey Geronimo gig the most, haha :D. Guess you had a pretty enjoyable week before the end of 2012. Yeah, I ain’t believe that I’m leaving 2012, but life must go on :)
Frozen cokes for a dollar? I would spent a bucks for it! That is so cheap, it’s hard to find a frozen cokes a dollar in Malaysia, but I guess they still selling it with cheap prices.
Enjoy 2013 Georgie and Happy New Year!

Did I mention that the wax models museum was AMAZING? I wish I could go there!