A Trip to the Art Gallery


So, the past week has been a bit of a whirlwind. Two gigs last week, spent part of my weekend with James, cried a little, got tired, got really tired, collapsed on my bed, drank a lot of tea… I know I’m not stressed, but things are bothering me. We always have those things.

But when I stop to think about them, that’s when it starts to suck. That’s when I start trying to do something, think of something else, just look to the future and see what is ahead instead. I don’t like to say I’m struggling, but I can’t wait to finish up my studies because I feel like it’s eating me up inside. I just want to be done with it. Who knows when I’ll be able to catch up on sleep properly.

And like they all say, that’s the reason why work is better than university. When you go home, you don’t have to have stuff in the back of your mind. You don’t have to think about extra stuff. You come home from work and you don’t have to think about work until work hours. I wish it was like that already. At least I have Friday nights to dunk my head into live music or just go home and empty my soul out on the internet. Ha, I’m kidding.

One day I’ll feel like I get enough sleep… one day.

So my gig photos turned out pretty neat. I saw The Money Go Round on Friday and March of the Real Fly on Saturday.

The Money Go Round
The Money Go Round
The Money Go Round
March of the Real Fly
March of the Real Fly
March of the Real Fly
March of the Real Fly

It was lovely to hang out with James on Sunday and today during the day. On Sunday we went to Cumberland Forest and got in touch with nature, before going to his place to make scallop pasta. Yummmm. He messed up the scallops, but they still tasted nice. I know he cooks meat all mean and awesome, but I only eat seafood now, so I nastily joked that I was better than him at cooking seafood. Bwahaha.

Today I had to go to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to do some homework, and James said he’d accompany me. We both took time out of work to go, and it was about three in the afternoon. On the way we went to eat at Passionflower again, and this time we bought two massive desserts. Luckily our stomachs were empty enough so we didn’t feel sick at the end of it. We had waffles with two scoops of ice cream (burnt cream caramel and white chocolate praline), which was really delicious. We also had a tropical sorbet with mango gelato and some lychee and orange, which wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t amazing either.


Also, I mentioned earlier that I was considering getting rid of my photoblog. I don’t believe that will be happening anymore. My photoblog will be sticking around. A lot of things will be posted here as well, but there will be a lot more in-between photos over there. On the weekend I cleaned out old posts from my photoblog, and I guess I’ll be doing that again — but I would love for things to be nice and clean there too.

We hadn’t been to the Art Gallery for a very long time. Entry is free, along with most of the exhibitions and presentations in the building. The building was bigger than I remembered. I took a few photos inside. James and I even went into this little room called the Basement Cellar House (by George Schneider). It was an interesting experience walking through a dark, almost pitch black, cellar-like maze, coming out at another part of the wall. The Art Gallery website actually displays the inside of the cellar with lighting, and in all its artistic glory, but we had the full experience of walking in the creepy damn dark. It even came complete with a fake “dead” body lying outside the door to the cellar.

it has become a place of confinement, mystery and dislocation.

Yeah… that’d be right.

We came across other interesting bits and pieces. These were our favourites:

Clockwork for Oracles, Ugo Rondinone
Dawnbreakers, Herbert McClintock
Faun attacked by parrot 3, Albert Tucker
Gemini, Colin Lanceley
The Road to Berry, Lloyd Rees
The Sower, James Gleeson
The twenty-third hour of the poem, Ugo Rondinone

The one I did end up writing about was this one though:

Archaeopteryx, Eric Thake

It just drew me in from the moment I saw it. The stark contrast between the flying creature, so modern, advanced and seemingly man-made, alongside the natural, hatched egg. I wrote a good few hundred words about it, and how the creature symbolised evolution, change, and the breaking of boundaries between the old and new, and how the evolution could be portrayed as fast, with remnants of feathers still attached to the flying creature, signifying proof of growth, and…

And I wonder why I didn’t take art in high school.

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Maybe you would just have to wait. It’s the only way to fasten things up. I’ve been there before in my sophomore year of High School. Physically and emotionally drained everyday. But, I always think that this would be all over and there would be a time that I will experience that relief I’ve been craving during those times. Patience is a virtue. Just wait. :)

You always have good eye on photos, I should say. It’s a good thing you decided to keep your photoblog. I think your photos are very beautiful.

By the way, I love how the guitarist looks at the singer in the second photo in this post. :))

I hope this week is going better for you! There are some things I miss from school (mainly social aspects), but I do love that I don’t have to worry about homework or anything after I leave work. For the most part, work stays at work.

Nice photos! I don’t think I’ve had a dessert waffle before but that looks delicious. I really liked looking at the photos from the art gallery. I haven’t been to one in a while, but I always like going to art displays and museums. My favorites are the first one, and the one you chose to write about :)

I hope that you do get some shut eye soon. …enough of it, that is.

The food at Passionflower looks good, even if it probably wasn’t to die for. We have some places that offer up a lot of variety, but for the most part, everything just seems to be the part of the same major franchise everywhere else in these states. Only a few places are awesome and not as popular; I’ve yet to go to a “hole in the wall” restaurant, however.

Yay for keeping Indecisively. :) I enjoy viewing your photos from time to time.

The Basement Cellar House sounds really interesting, but I’m certain I’d be too scared to go inside it. /faw

The art piece you chose to write about fits your summary of what you wrote about it well (or is it the other way around?). I took art in high school, but we never really learned about the art pieces. I wish that we had.

/oh How have I never seen this little guy before? /oh He’s adorable.

Hey Georgie!! You really have a knack for taking pictures and what not! I’m glad you were able to go to an art gallery. Those are always fun. I remember going to a Renaissance museum one time in high school. That was awesome to see in itself!

I’m so sorry, that week was hard on you. I hope this week and the weeks to come will be better! I mean seriously, sometimes we just need a good cry to relax our brains and muscles. I do it on occasion. Just the other night, I had a really bad migraine attack, couldn’t sleep at all until my boyfriend came back over. I actually cried right in front of him, and he thought that he had made me cry. Which he didn’t. The migraine was so darn bad, that I just had to do something and I thought crying would do the trick. It relieved it some what, but made me tired after all that. I was very understanding after that night, and after a bit. We didn’t fight or anything, we don’t even know what it was. We overlooked it, and I’m glad. I know some things he has to do, and some things I have to do. I’m so glad, we were able to overcome that night/obstacle in life! He was tired, and I was tired/hurting from the migraine.

Sometime today, he’ll be coming home, and we’ll be spending half the day today/night, and half tomorrow, he’d stay more – but he has to see some family members out where he lives. Which I am jealous of – his family wants him around, where as to mine doesn’t. Ah well, live and learn. I suppose. I’m happy that he’s including me after work, and what not. Though I know he’s going to be so darn tired from working out in the heat, and what not. But as he stated last night on the phone – they’ve worked 6 hours and are almost done. I’m happy. He’s getting his truck registered/insured, and his step-dad’s business is picking back up. So I know how that is with work. I was the same way, when I used to work. I still do, but where I’m living there are hardly any jobs to be found.

I’m glad you’ve decided to keep your photoblog. I didn’t know you were going to get rid of it! But, I’m glad though. I’m glad you’re still in school, but don’t worry, things will be getting better, when it starts to slow down and you won’t be overly whelmed with work and school. Sooner or later, you’ll just have work to deal with.

Well, I need to put my home made vegetable soup away, and lay down for a bit. I got two jugs of Crystal Geyser water today and some Toilet Paper lol. That should last me, for a whole month. I still have money left in the bank, and I know for certain, that my boyfriend will be helping out with the Chicken, and Hamburger patties, which he told me he will. I’m eating healthier myself – finding out some stuff on Broccoli, and exactly how much sugar is in Soda (GROSS! I had soda yesterday while I was in the heat, and I kid you not I felt extremely sick from it! $2.00 gone to waste! Should’ve just ordered a water instead.) So, I’m finally cutting out soda as it is giving me headaches AND migraines. I’m sticking to water, and some protein shakes for breakfast and through out the day. It seems to be working better. When I get in a lethargic mood, my boyfriend realizes it, and I’m overworked so to speak. I’m tired, and everything. But its mostly due to dehydration. And I’m not aware that I’m not drinking that much. As soon as I start drinking water at night, the tunnel vision DOES in fact go away! So I understand why you’re drinking tea, and water. I’m doing the same. I’m hoping to get to my goal, by the month of July if that.

University has been killing me too. oh well, it has been killing me since last year so.. /bash Like you, I just want to finish things fast and get over with it. but whenever I think about how I want to finish college fast, I get scared thinking about the future. Sigh, the fear of having a job or being jobless and laughed at… i have no confidence at all so i actually like reading about you or anyone who enjoys his/her job. I think it’s somewhat admirable.
Judging from your recent instagram posts, you turned yourself into a pescetarian too? haha, I’m not touching meat anymore too, it’s a major change but so far I’ve managed. I love beef but I can still hold back on it, besides fish is better /bounce
Ack the ice cream and waffles O_O I’m drooling senseless here haha I’m too scared of weight gain to indulge boo

Spending time in art galleries sound really calming and just plain nice. Unfortunately, as much as I want to visit one, no one around me is actually interested in it. My family thinks galleries are lame boring /ehh even when I came across a photography exhibition and decided to stay for like, 10 minutes to drown myself in it, my family will leave me without a word. Meh, the joy of having parents who think art is something lame and boring :(

wow… so much going on! and concerts! i love concerts!! I miss visiting art galleries. visiting art gallery made me feel… artistic! hahah XD but after a while, i realised that the art gallery always make me feel calm and it helps me think outside the box.. and you took beautiful pictures there… indeed, the last artwork gave me goosebumps, considering our world is changing tremendously in terms of the nature and modernity… have a great weekend!

Sounds like you had an awesome time! I’m happy for you!

You always take great pictures! I am not sure how you do it with all of those screaming fans (even if there are only 100 or less that is still a lot). I am always amazed!
I’ve never really been to any gigs so I wouldn’t know what they are like. I could be wrong. Hahahaha.

I can’t wait until that day too Georgie. With going online I am able to work on my school at work and then relax at home so I don’t really think about school other than at work but with my classes getting harder I am going to be forced to have later nights and less time on the computer.

I am still going to try to keep my forum open though. I’m trying really hard to make a custom theme for it but it is so hard! X.X

That is a really nice picture though. Why didn’t you take art?
Can you draw? If you can draw, then really? What was stopping you?

Yummy food! I’m so hungry but it is almost 1am and I haven’t eaten dinner. /bash XD I need to go eat but I will probably end up just passing out on my bed and eating breakfast tomorrow before I am forced to mow the lawn. X.X I really don’t want to!
Thanks! I really do appreciate that Georgie! It means a lot coming from you! (:

Yeah, it definitely was toxic… I wish it wasn’t (as everyone would) but it happens. You deal and you move on…

Yeah, I am not worried about these next 6 months I am worried about if he goes overseas for years at a time and is only back for months…Then what I am I going to do? :/
It is hard to make all of these decisions but I know I will love being at the top of the mountain when I do. :)

I understand what you feel. I have another year of degree left to do and I feel so tired of it sometimes. I can still cope with my studies but it’s starting to feel a tad bit mundane — like it’s the same thing over and over again. I just can’t wait to get it over and done with, tbh.

I’ve never been to any art galleries before and even if I can’t really understand art, I do find it intriguing. How the artist portray something into its pieces and then how art enthusiasts interprets them. I can’t say I’m a creative person but I wished I know how to appreciate art properly rather than saying “Oh yeah, that’s nice” to any kind of artwork I see, y’know?

Those desserts look delicious omg 🤤

I love the last two images ♥ I love Art Galleries, it was the one thing I did when I was in New York. An Art Gallery. I was in heaven.
Tears are ok you know? Cleansing. I never used to think it, but apparently it can make you feel SO much better. I am glad you have James there to.