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Earlier today, which was really only about five hours ago, I was talking to Rachel on Skype. We talked for a very long time, and she was doing her laundry at 1:00am (what?!). No big deal though, she woke up late, and it was a nice quiet time to do laundry. No other people doing their laundry. She got really tired and made no sense after about 4:00am. Oh no.

My sleeping patterns are honestly not as mad. I have been trying not to sleep past midnight. I eventually want to be able to wake at 6:00am without hitting snooze on my alarm and without complaint. Unfortunately, after about two years sleeping past midnight, I don’t think this will be very easy. In fact, I want to turn my sleeping schedule around completely so I can go back to loving my mornings and waking up before the sun is even up. I always say this, don’t I? Then it never happens. :P

That said though, when I don’t have enough sleep I go crazy. Good crazy or bad crazy, I’m not sure. But if I’m getting tired, I start getting irritated easily snap at the smallest things. I am definitely not a night owl and not a night person, and I think most people know better than to bug me when it’s late at night.

One day I got five hours of sleep, which back then was rather extreme for me, and in the morning I did the dumb thing and drank some lemonade. I was high the whole morning. I wouldn’t shut up. Speaking of never shutting up, I’ve been posting some videos to my YouTube channel… so if you want to go and do silly things like comment on my accent or watch me ramble on without using jump cuts because I never shut up, be my guest.

I’ve been around drunk people, and it’s been a bit weird. I’ll be completely honest: I am not interested in drinking at all. I’ve drunk wine, but that doesn’t count, and it was just for a tiny lame celebration. I’ve never really seen the fun in getting drunk, and obviously not getting trashed. It seems like a typical teenager thing to do. I recently turned 20, so I feel that I have to be a tad more responsible (even though age is just a number). At the same time, I’m still very much against drinking, personally, but I have nothing against people who do. I understand you want to go and have a good time, and it’s cool if you want to be drunk. I’m just going to say, it could be funny watching what you do when you are. :P

Now my issue – or it’s not really an issue, is it? – is that I have no desire to get drunk. My very simple reasoning is that I am hyperactive without even drinking. I went to my friend’s eighteenth birthday many years ago, and James and I were going pretty mad just being around drunk people. In the right atmosphere, I am loud and behave like a chicken with no head. I can’t even begin to think how mad I’ll get even after a few drinks.

It doesn’t scare me irrationally like other things do (my fear of staples, ugh), but I personally see no point. Please continue inviting me to all your parties with BYOB and play the loud music that you do.

I probably won’t like the music you play, but whatever. If you do play ELO and 70s disco music and have a disco ball on your ceiling, I will go mad. I love the 70s and I adore disco music, and ELO’s music instantly makes me dance. If you have some disco mood at your party, I maybe, quite possibly, probably will drink…

No, I’m just joking. Your disco ball will end up with my head in it.

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No excuse; get more sleeg. /bounce
You too Rachel. You little scamps. :P

That party was odd. We were so../sweat I dunno. It’s like that time in the darkroom where we suddenly started making out for no reason but for laughs, except it was serious. D;

I don’t really like drinking so much; I don’t see the point of it. Although wine is good for you (in moderate amounts) :B

And dancing Georgie is /love.


yaaayy! i guess it’s already normal for us, college students, to have a weird sleeping pattern. i kinda rejoice when i complete at least 7 hours of sleep coz normally, i only have 4-5 hours. 6 max. 😒

on the other hand… i kinda love drinking. i enjoy it most with friends… they go crazy, i go crazy and we laugh at each other’s stupidity. LOL. :D thank goodness you have nothing against us coz i know some people who do not hang out with people who drinks just because they don’t. it kinda sucks. :(

I used to love a drink, but now I rarely do it. I can honestly say I love waking up and not feeling like a mower has hit me in the head. My younger sister doesn’t drink, she doesn’t like the taste of it and so she decides to be designated driver. She had non alcoholic cocktails at her wedding. I kid you not. /ehh

I have a terrible sleeping pattern. I always sleep past midnight and get ready tired in the morning. Like you, I get very snappy and grumpy in the morning if I sleep less than 6-7 hours.

I do drink, but only moderately. In the past, I used to get drunk and always ended up being sick at the end of parties. Never again. /argh At the last party I went to, I was not drinking. My boyfriend and his friends told me off, saying I was a loser for not touching some alcohols. They even slipped some vodka into my lime and soda when I wasn’t looking. I don’t think that I am a loser for not drinking, people should be allowed to do what they like. And I can have as much fun without alcoholic drinks in my system and I know that I will remember every single things that happened on the night and not waking up with a headache in the morning.

I admire you; I bet others have questioned you before on why you don’t drink.

ELO is a great band, Mr Blue Sky :) I love dancing and going crazy to 70s and 80s classic disco songs. Generic dance songs these days are just ‘meh’.

When I was younger, all throughout the summer I would have the worst sleeping patterns ever. I could pull all nighters and not even yawn throughout the next day. However, if put next to a bed I would automatically crash. /hehe

Nowadays, I can barely make it past 10:30 in the evening! A part of me really loves this, a different part of me thinks that’s pretty lame. Meh. What are you gonna do?

I’ve never been drunk before, but I have had a few sips of wine. Like my Freshman year of high school, I was staying the night at a friends house and she wanted me to taste how disgusting this wine her mom had was… I didn’t even have an entire shot glass full and that made me even more hyper than I already was. Yeah, I don’t need alcohol either. Granted, I have two older brothers and I’ve seen first hand what it does to a person.

At the end of the day though, people are going to do what they want to do. We just have to let them. ^_^

Aww, when my family got back to the US from the Philippines, we were waking up and cleaning the house at around 1 AM to 2 AM. It was ridiculous. But, that was just for awhile. I always get reprimanded for having a bad sleep schedule. Recently, I’ve been on a more stable sleep pattern, when I learned sleeping helps retain and process experiences and information. 😴

I’m the same when I get tired. My friends tell me that my eyes get really tiny around the corners when I’m sleepy…. /huh

Hmm… My immediate family doesn’t drink, even though Filipinos are known for getting drunk early in the morning. But, I don’t like the smell of beer, whiskey, etc. It makes me want to hurl. /argh Wine is alright. Sometimes it smells good too. Haha. Yeah, I’m still young, but I don’t intend to drink, much less get drunk when I’m older. Besides, at the reunions of my parents’ classmates, I’ve seen how retarded drinking can make someone. (Of course my parents never drink, so they’re the ones who get to sit back and laugh at the rest.)

Maybe you’ll like my music. (H) (Beatles fan? Or not really?)

I very well know that, and all the benefits of sleep, but I’m so stubborn I just keep sleeping late. It has definitely become a habit I need to kick. I’ve got dark circles around my eyes, and I’m quite annoyed at them. It might just be because I’m pale too, but on second thoughts, it’s probably my lack of sleep or bad sleeping patterns. :P

Oooh heck, I love anything old. The Beatles, definitely. /bounce Anything around that era I’m bound to like. :)

I love waking up before the sun (when I actually do)! I would stay in bed, waiting for this first hint of light to come brighten my room. Honestly though, I almost always wake up before my alarm (I use my phone – it’s got the perfect loudness!). I guess that’s a good thing? :P I usually set my alarm around 6 or 7AM depending on why I have to wake up that early. But since most of college classes are online and my offline classes are in the afternoon, I don’ have to worry about waking up early as much. Nonetheless, I like waking up early most of the time. The thing is, I don’t actually get up until around 8 or 9 because I’m still on summer break, although not for long (ugh).

I’m also not interested in drinking. Some of my siblings drink. My sisters throw up and one of my brothers goes kinda crazy, but like funny crazy. Eventually, he ends up puking too. Bleh. I don’t drink because simply, I don’t want to hurt my body and get that beer belly. I kinda have this tiny fear of putting such things into my system. I guess some people would call me straightedge, but I just want to take care of myself and stay healthy and not waste money on such things.

I’m not a big drinker, I can’t really drink, actually. My friends love partying, love drinking, but I rather stay at home on a Saturday night or a quiet hangout, nothing wild. I’m pretty hyper sometimes, but when I drink, I just feel dizzy (probably cause i have never gotten to the stage where I am completely DRUNK and blacked out). I’ve tried drinking a few times and I just never hit the drunk stage! Some people are just out of control when they drink… and I just wish they weren’t like that.

My sleeping pattern recently has been messed up, I guess cos I’m on holiday right now. Even as I write this comments it’s 1am and the thought of going to bed soon has not even entered my mind. I end up having breakfast when it’s almost the afternoon, lunch at like 4 and dinner at 8-9. xP But once I go back to school I will go back to my usual 11pm sleep and 6.30 am wake. xD

I don’t really like being around drunk people either, it makes me feel uncomfortable because you can’t really talk to them properly because they’re not really coherent. It used to be at parties that at least one person would end up throwing up and paralytic, but these days that happens less often. People in my year started drinking when they were about 14, and I remember back then I was like afraid of alcohol. xD I don’t really drink tbh, But I have drunk before and a couple of times gotten tipsy/a little bit drunk. Those are usually times where I feel uncomfortable or know barely anyone at the party, lmao. You really don’t need drink to have fun though is something I’ve realised and a lot of people in my school have realised recently, some people at my school think everything will be boring without a drink, some girls even brought Vodka to prom in a water bottle *sigh* & they still just sat down all night! -__-

I tried to change my sleeping pattern after I’d been doing the shows so I could sleep before midnight and wake up at 7am (6am is still too early for me) and the only way I managed to do it was exhaust myself by not sleeping the night before, so I had to fall asleep around 10:30pm the next night. It was a ridiculous way of doing it, and I hope you don’t have to resort to that! I set around 5 alarms too, building up to 7am, I think that helps a bit.
I have only been very drunk once, when my boyfiend kept buying me drinks and I didn’t want to insult him by not drinking them. It was horrible. I will drink one or two if I go out, but like you, if I’m around drunk people I go a bit crazy =] I think it’s more fun that way, you can be yourself and have fun, without having to buy loads of drinks and without the awful hangover in the morning. Good for you I say!

I bet if you don’t sleep for three nights the disco ball will totally be in your head :P I’m in my teens and my dad who’s a huge drinker likes to introduce me to alcohol, like train me a bit so it’s safer when I drink without my parents in the future, that way I know how much I can take. But personally I think it’s not the high I’m going for? It just makes me sleep better afterwards :D

Hello! Wooooow. Laundry at 1am in the morning! Hahaha I would be so sleepy, I’d stuff the washing machine. But then again I’d do that while completely awake too. More accurately, the washing machine would pick an argument with me and stuff up just to spite me.

Hahahaha good luck getting your sleeping patterns back to normal :). I remember in highschool you used to wake up ridiculously early D:. Ahhh those were the days XD. Sleeping before 12 is good though :). Man, if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m so cranky, it’s not even funny. I think most people do. Unless you’ve chucked an all-nighter in which case, you’ll either be DEAD or so high, it’s as if you’re on drugs XD.

Ugh! Drunk people are…not cool. Especially when they’re SPILLING their drinks on you. I mean some are quite amusing, because they act like total retards, but most of them are NOT cool. YUCK! I don’t have an interest in getting drunk either. Haha we can just stick together :P. We don’t need alcohol to have fun!

Omg drunk Georgie. We’ll all go deaf! Hehehe XD. Well at least you wouldn’t end up falling off a balcony or something. I would. Drunkeness = my lack of coordination amplified tenfold. Dear. God.

Okay, so if I ever throw a party, I’ll remember the ELO music just for you ♥. But only if there’s no alcohol, cos drunk Georgie + ELO = SO not a good combination XD.

i don’t suggest anyone to be even near me when i haven’t gotten enough sleep. i can be so angry because of the littlest things if someone forces me to stay awake. i try to control myself though, but after a while, i usually just fall asleep (i think i can fall asleep pretty much everywhere as long as i’m tired enough, haha). luckily it’s vacation so i can normally get all of the sleep i need (:

i’ve never been drunk nor tasted alchol but i have nothing against people who do. but yes it can be fun watching other people drunk, even it may be a little uncomfortable to hang around them as you don’t know which mood they’re in nor what they’ll do. they will probably not remember such the next day though.

haha yeah you’re right, too much of anything is too much!! ohh thank you for the tip! i will try to make a serie of photos then (:

Firstly I love skype…unfortunately I rarely skype with my friends O.o. I have done laundry at bizarre times before especially when I was still living in dorms XD. Um waking up at 6:00am without complains is going to be a herculean feat if you are used to going past midnight…good luck with that! If you manage to do it I will admire you like my idol <3

Hmm I am a night owl to be honest but with lack of sleep even I tend to get crazy…I think that's just being human. The youtube videos are cute XD. "When you buy them you HAVE to read them". I hate sticky residues too…but if it is something I really want to look pretty then I will cover it up with a cute sticker of my own LOL. I actually like your accent :3

I have had some very interesting experiences around drunk people. Being high is alright personally I didn't like alcohol at all before but when you have the right kind of company and something to celebrate a drink can be fun, not to get wasted but just to toast with some friends XD (like graduation party). I have never gotten drunk or puked so I don't know the feeling but from what I have heard it is not a pleasant experience. I know I will never experience it nor do I want to. I agree with you though that it is funny to see others. I think the only time I thought it was fun to let people drink was when we end up playing games like taboo or apples to apples after some people get high (one or two drinks at most). Their responses are quite different and funny…I feel guilty for having fun at their expense ^_^;

LMAO at the last sentence…I like whatever disco music I have heard. I definitely like dancing a lot so I will often go to clubs with friends just to dance…although there have been some nasty incidents during these visits so we stick to the more dance-friendly places where you won't find people drunk or smoking heavily.

Wish I could throw a party and have everyone I know on the internet come over XD.

Drunk people are hilarious sometimes! However, I think that having no desire to get drunk (regularly) means that you’re a happy person. Drunk people also tend to get annoying very quickly.

Sleep is good for you. You should try to get more, even if that means decreasing your presence online. I think I’d rather know that our awesome Georgina is now slowly withering away on the inside than see her around more often.

Lemonade? Really? Is this like, a Kitty Forman type of Lemonade? I jest, but really? I’m the opposite. I have to have a number of hours or sleep or I’m a total bitch. I’ll snap, I’ll be grumpy and bitchy the whole day. I wish I was a morning person, I miss sunshine. Maybe one day I will eventually get my sleep on track.

Good for you! I like that you stick to your guns and don’t let peer pressure get to you. I drink, but I’m a social drinker. It relaxes me and takes the edge off. Although, there are some days when I overdo the drinking and regret it the next morning. Your parties sound like my kind of parties. I love disco balls!

yea, I can’t believe i watched you peeled off price stickers off books. LOL XD j/k I didn’t know you had a yt channel! And I’m like you…I haaaate price stickers! Seriously..I got nuts when they leave sticky residue! It just ruins my day =_=””

I think I’ve had totally given up sleeping early…I try..but… it just wont work T_T oh well, I guess I can accomplish this when I’m like super old later in life…so I shouldn’t complain now. lol

Eeeekk I’ve missed you!! It’s been so long since I left a comment on your site. I love your layout by the way, the milk carton amuses me. :D
Thank you. <3 Vicky has a way with themes and I am so glad she made this one. :D

I am definitely saving some of my cash, I know for a fact my parents won't help with my back to school shopping so it's nice not to rely on them for this. I'll take like 30% of the money for back to school and then keep the rest in the back for emergencies. I'll keep adding 10% of every cash I make from hosting people and hopefully it will turn into something.

He's Australian??? Oh my he is gorgeous. Which other Australian actors are there? Maybe I know them but i have no clue where they're from. So far all I've seen is British actors. That's why I liked that dude from Avatar.

Moving the accounts sucked because Rewind had issues as usually so the Resellers had to be moved manually, but vpslatch did it for me and I am soo thankful for that. (Y)

I'm becoming more and more okay with my sleeping patterns now that school is starting. If I'm at home by myself with nothing to do i will fall asleep at like 10 or 11 and wake up at 5 or 6am. I figured now that school is starting it's good because i need to get up early anyways.

I don't blame rachel for her laundry weirdness I do the same thing lol. I sometimes put my clothes in the wash at midnight and then put them in the dryer the next day. Or sometimes i make my alarm wake up at a certain time so that I can put it in dryer before it's time to go to school. xD

I hate being around drunk people, especially if you're my friend because then it's up to me to make sure you're safe. Which is
why i don't want to get drunk. I used to have this stupid fantasy of getting drunk as a once in a life time experience. Now I
don't want to drink because it these days that once in a life time could be the day everything goes wrong.