A bit beyond the glass

Earlier today, which was really only about five hours ago, I was talking to Rachel on Skype. We talked for a very long time, and she was doing her laundry at 1:00am (what?!). No big deal though, she woke up late, and it was a nice quiet time to do laundry. No other people doing their laundry. She got really tired and made no sense after about 4:00am. Oh no.

My sleeping patterns are honestly not as mad. I have been trying not to sleep past midnight. I eventually want to be able to wake at 6:00am without hitting snooze on my alarm and without complaint. Unfortunately, after about two years sleeping past midnight, I don’t think this will be very easy. In fact, I want to turn my sleeping schedule around completely so I can go back to loving my mornings and waking up before the sun is even up. I always say this, don’t I? Then it never happens. πŸ˜›

That said though, when I don’t have enough sleep I go crazy. Good crazy or bad crazy, I’m not sure. But if I’m getting tired, I start getting irritated easily snap at the smallest things. I am definitely not a night owl and not a night person, and I think most people know better than to bug me when it’s late at night.

One day I got five hours of sleep, which back then was rather extreme for me, and in the morning I did the dumb thing and drank some lemonade. I was high the whole morning. I wouldn’t shut up. Speaking of never shutting up, I’ve been posting some videos to my YouTube channel… so if you want to go and do silly things like comment on my accent or watch me ramble on without using jump cuts because I never shut up, be my guest.

I’ve been around drunk people, and it’s been a bit weird. I’ll be completely honest: I am not interested in drinking at all. I’ve drunk wine, but that doesn’t count, and it was just for a tiny lame celebration. I’ve never really seen the fun in getting drunk, and obviously not getting trashed. It seems like a typical teenager thing to do. I recently turned 20, so I feel that I have to be a tad more responsible (even though age is just a number). At the same time, I’m still very much against drinking, personally, but I have nothing against people who do. I understand you want to go and have a good time, and it’s cool if you want to be drunk. I’m just going to say, it could be funny watching what you do when you are. πŸ˜›

Now my issue – or it’s not really an issue, is it? – is that I have no desire to get drunk. My very simple reasoning is that I am hyperactive without even drinking. I went to my friend’s eighteenth birthday many years ago, and James and I were going pretty mad just being around drunk people. In the right atmosphere, I am loud and behave like a chicken with no head. I can’t even begin to think how mad I’ll get even after a few drinks.

It doesn’t scare me irrationally like other things do (my fear of staples, ugh), but I personally see no point. Please continue inviting me to all your parties with BYOB and play the loud music that you do.

I probably won’t like the music you play, but whatever. If you do play ELO and 70s disco music and have a disco ball on your ceiling, I will go mad. I love the 70s and I adore disco music, and ELO’s music instantly makes me dance. If you have some disco mood at your party, I maybe, quite possibly, probably will drink…

No, I’m just joking. Your disco ball will end up with my head in it.

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