2 minutes and 40 seconds with Kristi

I have known Kristi for the longest of times. I remember having a little crappy website when I started out web designing (I’m pretty sure she remembers my embarrassing Out The Window days, which is forbidden territory, I tell you :P), and I remember visiting her website, thinking, “What an amazing layout”, before I caught up and felt a bit better about my work! Kristi kept a blog back then and I remember reading it regularly, and though she has taken a break a few times, she is now blogging at Memoir of Sorts.

My name is Kristi! I’ve been married a little over 7 years to my awesome husband, who is now (medically) retired from the Army. We tried 3 long years and suffered a loss, but were finally able to have our beautiful baby boy. He was born 6 weeks early but aside from being a little small, you’d never know. We recently bought a new house, which sits on 30 acres in the country!

I work full time and am debating going back to school. When I’m not working, cooking, cleaning, playing with my son, or hanging out with my husband, I like to craft. I love working with clay to make little charms and things, but I also sew, bake, play with papercrafts, build furniture, and anything else I wake up and decide I want to do. I also love watching movies and for some reason, Frozen pretty much plays on repeat at our house.

Kristi and her husband Matthew
Kristi and her husband Matthew

What was the last song you listened to?

I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning; Tom Petty – Mary Jane’s Last Dance.

Who would play you, or who would you like to play you, in a movie about your life?

Hmm.. tough one. I have always chosen Natalie Portman for something like this but I think Anna Kendrick matches my personality a little more. Natalie seems a little more conservative and I’m a little out there sometimes.

If you could smell like one vegetable for the rest of your life, what vegetable would you choose?

A vegetable and not a fruit? Mean! Um.. tomatoes. Fresh, juicy red tomatoes.

You are in a room with a white piano and a white guitar, and a box of black markers. What do you do?

I would first try to play the guitar, then the piano. When I got bored with that, I would draw on the box the markers came in. I don’t think I could bring myself to draw on the instruments.

If you had a box of cookies, who would you give the first one to?

I would give the first cookie to my husband!

What if you had a box of dirty socks?

I would also give those to my husband! Haha.

What outfit would you wear if you had to slay a living, jewel-encrusted dragon in front of the queen?

I would totally wear something straight out of Game of Thrones, in Daenerys’ wardrobe. Something brightly colored, a little slinky, but still bad ass looking.

What are you thinking of studying at school, if you return? What if you could study absolutely anything you wanted — what would be an ideal course of study for you?

Something in computers. I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet, but I’m leaning towards programming. Pretty generic answer… but it’s what I’m interested in!

If you could click your fingers and have one of the following happen, which would you choose and why: everyone in the world is wearing a frilly pink dress; you are on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere; the last ten years of your life was a dream; you live in a gingerbread house.

I’m going to choose the island. Why? Well a few reasons; I’ll probably never get the chance to go to a tropical island… so that solves that! Also, I have always wondered how well I could survive, if I was placed on an island. I’m not sure how long I’ll have to be on said island, but I totally wanna give it a shot at trying to make a fire and shelter, etc.

Circles or triangles?

Circles. Triangles are just so.pointy.

Honeycomb or caramel?

Definitely caramel.

Hairbrush or comb?

I would normally say brush, but I permed my hair a few months ago (I know right, what is this, the 80s?) so now I use a comb.

Spinach or Brussel sprouts?

Do I have to choose one of these? Can I choose neither? Haha.

If you had eight arms like an octopus, for a day, what would you do with your new body?

My son has been a little needy lately. I could hold and play with him, while I got other stuff done around the house!

What is one thing you wish you were able to do, that you can’t do right now?

Sleep?? Haha.