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Ariane is one of my newest ‘blog friends’, I guess you could say. I’d describe her as someone who loves a bit of fun and adventure! Since I don’t know her very well, I think this was a great opportunity to get to know a little more about her. :D

Hi! I am Ariane, 19 years of age, and I’m currently living in the Philippines. I spend most of my time in bed reading books, watching movies and checking out blogs. I guess I’m just an ordinary muggle still waiting for her Hogwarts acceptance letter to arrive :)

A photo of Ariane
A photo of Ariane

You are supposed to meet a blue bear at the entrance to a forest but he is late. How does he contact you to let you know?

The blue bear will ask his friend the pink tiger to roar as loud as he can for me to hear. Haha

What is the worst movie you’ve seen?

The WORST movie I’ve ever watched is UNDER THE SKIN. I honeslty thought it was good because the lead actress was Scarlett Johansson. So if you’re reading this. DO NOT watch that movie!

What is your favourite coloured popcorn?

My favorite coloured popcorn is pink.

If you had popcorn hair, would you eat it?

If I were to have popcorn hair, I’d be sooooo tempted not to eat it! Haha!

Would you rather have hair made of noodles, seaweed or gummy bears?

I want my hair to be made of gummy bears. It just feels cool to have tasty-looking, wide-variety of colour as my hair! haha

Would you rather eat out of a handbag, a camera lens or a pillowcase?

I’d rather eat out of a pillowcase. I just love everything related to my bed. :))

You’re in for a rude surprise when you unzip your pillowcase because it feels sooooooo uncomfortable. What has someone filled it with? Seashells, cornflakes, or silver spoons?

I want my pillowcase to be filled with cornflakes and hopefully with milk! Instant breakfast-in-bed!

Someone fries your favourite scarf. It’s parched and brown. Do you lock that person in a room for many hours, make them buy you a new scarf, watch them eat a giant hamburger or steal and hide all their underwear?

Definitely steal and hide their underwear haha, but I’d rather do them all. An eye for an eye isn’t enough to satisfy my revenge.

If you had a pet pineapple what would you name it?

I’d name it Spongebob because that is his house. Or probably Mokumokuren, Japanese term for “many eyes”.

Imagine you have a photo frame and you need to pick one of the following photos to put in it, but each has consequences and will bring some form of bad luck to you for the rest of the year. What do you pick? A photo of a cat tangled in a ball of yarn; a laughing dog sitting in a bath; someone with a bowl on their head like a hat; or a boy doing a crooked handstand?

A laughing dog sitting in a bath. Nothing relieves my stress more than cute dogs. With that, I think I can take on any form of bad luck. (Hopefully)

Would you rather have no chairs in your house or everything else except chairs?

I’d rather have everything else even without the chairs. I’m a lazy person and I feel more comfortable sitting on the floor or even in my bed.

Would you rather have a birthday cake shaped like a lizard or shaped like a moose?

I want my cake shaped like a moose ’cause I find their antlers extremely cute haha

Would you rather set fire to an acoustic guitar or a game of Monopoly (including all the money and pieces)?

Monopoly. Let that game burn! I was never good at it :(

Pink hair or blue hair?

I’m torn between pink and blue. They are both my favorite colors. Maybe I’ll go with the ombre version of the two.

Is there anything you want to tell that late blue bear once he arrives?

Hi blue bear, why are you not pink?

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