Drawing of me with a red velvet cupcake, drawn by Daniel
Drawing of me with a red velvet cupcake, drawn by Daniel

As with all birthdays, most people don’t feel a day older, and for quite some time, they forget that they just turned a year older. They probably forget that they have to update their age on social media – ahem, for example Seb – who finally, eventually, decided that writing “in his twenties” was less tedious than writing his actual age.

For me I attempted to write something smart, such as “a prime number between 21 and 29” (damn, I am not good at maths, though), and more recently, 4! – or 4 factorial – which is, as I am now, 24.

We had a work hackathon scheduled for my birthday yesterday, but I did most of my work the afternoon before, and in the morning. I think I got a bit of a kick out of the festivities – the Hackathon was Back to the Future themed, which got me so excited because that is my favourite movie of all time. Although there was lots of free food, I only ate a bit of candy and reaped the opportunity to have a free latte, because Nick took me to the fancy revolving restaurant in the Sydney tower. We saw some pretty good views, pointing out where we first met, kissed, and had our first date – it wasn’t hard to point out our work building, but it was hard trying to find home in the distance.

I didn’t have a birthday party or anything too fancy, but had a coffee/dessert catchup with some of my friends. As with last year, my birthday invite this year was just as amusing, and had these points RE my age:

  • the factorial of 4,
  • the number of carats representing 100% gold,
  • the atomic number of chromium,
  • the number of major and minor keys in Western tonal music,
  • the smallest number with exactly eight divisors,
  • the number of blackbirds baked in a pie, and
  • the number of hours in a day?

The people who came are totally worth mentioning, so thank you Lilian (whose birthday it is today! Happy birthday gorgeous!), Dylan & Joanne, Seb, Andrias, Blake and Monica. And of course Nick. :)

The night was fun – Nick and I celebrated by dancing to Hey Geronimo and Jeremy Neale, who both had free shows in Newtown. I feel like I was really gifted that day. I am not sure who did it, but Hey Geronimo were playing at 10:40, leaving us enough time to walk down the road to see Jeremy at midnight.

Today we had a huge sleep in, which was nice not just after a long day, but after a long and tiring week (I woke at 5:30 on Thursday!). I don’t think we actually got out of bed until 4:30. Then again, we did arrive back home at 2:30am and Brandon was still awake playing games. :P

So yeah – no cake, didn’t make use of any birthday deals from coffee shops or eateries – but what makes birthdays great is spending them with people you love, and making the most of it all.

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Happy birthday, Georgie! And I agree with what you said about birthdays and why they’re great. That’s pretty much how I spent my birthday – pretty low key and with the people I cared about most, rather than go off and get drunk with my classmates who were all having fun at happy hour.

Happy belated birthday! At work, one person’s birthday from the web group was the 28th and another was the 29th. A bunch of us are taking them out to lunch on Tuesday. :) May birthdays seem pretty awesome!

Happy Birthday :D The last 5 years or so I’ve just kept birthdays simple by spending it with a few close friends. It really is lovely to catch up with friends on your birthday and do the things you love.

Happy Birthday! I like how you list random facts about your age :) I haven’t had a birthday party in a long time. I usually do something similar – dinner with my husband and something with just close friends. I agree that it’s great to spend your birthday with people you love!

That’s also awesome how both Hey Geronimo and Jeremy Neale were playing on your birthday. That’s great timing! I’m glad you had such a fun birthday!

Happy birthday Georgie!
I totally get you when you said that most people don’t feel a day older when it is their birthday. It’s so true as I am one of those people. I don’t really know why but sometimes, I just forget that I am in my 20s. And once when I remember that I am 21, I’ll be like “oh right! I am now 21. I forgot about that”.

Happy birthday Girlie! I am so glad that you were able to have a blast for your birthday. I’m also glad that you got to see Hey Geronimo for your birthday. I listened to one of their songs, as I forgot they were on my iPod, and they kind of remind of me of The Beatles (please do not tell them I said that).

Thanks Jamie! :) I enjoyed seeing them, and actually, I am glad you say they remind you of The Beatles. I think they would actually be thrilled to hear that because The Beatles are one of their inspirations. Not sure if you were a Beatles fan yourself though, you could have been saying that in a less impressed tone…? :P

You are most welcome! I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten around to emailing you back. I had finals all week and now I am done for 3 weeks. As for them sounding like The Beatles, it was meant as a compliment. I’m thinking I need to get their c.d.’s. How many do they have? I was also wondering, if by any chance you could get something signed from them and tell them they have a fan in California? Haha!

Haha that’s great. Jamie, let me email you – I have two copies of their second EP, Erring On The Side of Awesome, both signed… maybe I can send you one. Their other EP is just self-titled but they are coming out with a new album this year. :)

That would be awesome! Are they thinking about doing shows in the states? If so, I wouldn’t mind going to see them if the price was right. :P.

Happy belated birthday, I am glad that you had a nice day and got to spend it with some really cool people. :D

I am so sorry that I missed your birthday and didn’t send a message. -_-

Happy Belated birthday, Georgie!
Sorry for the late wishes!
I loved your invite page! I was so cute!!

I’m glad your day was well spent!

Happy birthday =) Yeah, birthdays are worth spending with those that you are close to and love. Glad your birthday was something special and guess what? It is every year, don’t forget that.

Happy 24th birthday, Georgie! It sounds like you had a really busy birthday from morning til evening! Hopefully the hackathon went well and something great came out of it ;). It’s sweet of Nick to take you out and showed you some memorable places! Hopefully those places were somewhere notable unlike me where it’s at some random community far from my house XD.

Birthdays don’t need to be celebrated with cake. The main point is to have fun and enjoy doing the things you like even if it’s spending time with the person you love :)

Happy 24th, Georgie! It’s great you had a good birthday! That’s always a good thing. For me a good birthday involves doing things I enjoy such as just having a relaxing day off, and that’s good enough for me! Most of my friends are no longer here, so I’m okay with just spending it on my own and whatnot :D

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a fun filled day with plenty of things to do. I feel the same way as you, keep it small and simple and with those who care love and support you. It took me a long time to figure that one out. The standing on the tower thing was so cute. There is a little itty bitty two story one here with a balcony at a location known as the Forks – because two rivers fork at the location – and that’s where my boyfriend asked me out. I did a scavenger hunt which led to there and its really cute to point out places that have a special memory. Hope you have a great week!