This is inspiration.

Today: James’s and my 3.5 years. We go on remembering the 5th of each month all the time, even if we don’t celebrate. I’m seeing him today though. It’s always been a bit of a pain trying to synchronise our university timetables in some way. With more photography projects to do this semester, I’ll probably have to spend a lot of time working outside of class. One of my subject outlines says that I’m expected to work ten hours outside of class. Yeah, that’s cool I guess. πŸ˜›

People always ask what inspires me to blog or to write or to even create anything. I’ll be honest: it’s everything. It’s that moment I wake up in the morning and hit “snooze” on my phone alarm. It’s that moment that I draw the curtain and realise that it’s still too dark outside to see. It’s that moment when I get absolutely furious at someone being insensitive towards my feelings. It’s that moment I see a great opportunity to take a photo, and either fish out my camera and take it, or realise I don’t have it with me and am disappointed.

It’s the bloggers out there whose blogs I read. I read them and realise that I have connections with these bloggers. I become their friends. I feel like their words are always fresh and new and like talking to someone. There are other people out there not only who share the same interests, but some who are completely different. It broadens my horizons. It inspires me. Few times I’ve come across people who have upset me or maybe made me feel a little irritated, but even then, it inspires me. How would I know kindness and heart without idiocy?

If there’s one thing I could endlessly talk about that inspires me, it’s music. Not just music, but more specifically, guitarists. The way they can just hold a guitar and slide their fingers across it with so much love. The way they can wrap their arms around it with so much soul. It doesn’t matter what kind of guitar it is. Slung over a shoulder, thrown into a case. It’s a beautiful instrument. The care that goes into it, replacing every string, fine tuning its sound. You play acoustic, you strum gently. Bassists playing their guitar like it’s their best friend. Guitarists make a guitar their own, all the time, every time. Guitarists are able to perfect something that is an art. And I can say that for every guitarist out there. You, sitting at home, acoustic in the corner. You, with that electric guitar that’s been in your closet for so long. Kurt Cobain. Jimi Hendrix. Dave Grohl. Everyone who is gone and maybe forgotten. George Harrison. It’s about putting yourself in the music, making it yours. When I hear a guitar solo I often want to cry. Whether the guitarist is in a band or not. If you throw your guitar and smash it. But you still love it. You love it that much.

When you draw all over it. When you get everyone to sign it at high school. When you accidentally hit the bottom of it on your desk and chip off some of the paint. When you go and buy guitar picks. When you buy a new amp. When you write “I love you Jimmy” on it.

Whatever music you play, however you play it. Whether you treat your guitar like shit or never touch it. You know you love it. And you know you go walking around in your day and see something and suddenly feel like making music, but you don’t have your guitar with you.

I walk around and I see things that inspire me. Why don’t I have my notebook. Why don’t I have my guitar. Why don’t I have my camera. Why am I in a shit mood? Why don’t I have my iPod.

There’s something we’re all attached to. There’s something that holds complete meaning to us, no matter how material it is – it is material. It’s a photo. It’s your fat, ugly laptop that you’ve had for years. It’s that bag you just can’t leave at home. It’s your $60,000 car with purple wheels. It’s a water bottle you just take in your bag all the time. It’s a makeup bag, or it’s a mirror with a crack in the corner. It’s that watch you wear every day.

One day, just take it somewhere with you. Somewhere you go all the time but have never, ever stopped at. Actually look out the windows of the train instead of falling asleep. Come into class a little early, sit there and listen to the almost silence. Be adventurous. Walk out. Travel miles and miles out west. Listen to your favourite song. Sit on a rock. Look down in the valleys below. Close your eyes, and tell me what inspires you.

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