Yours indecisively, Weather

Last week, it rained to the point where I had water fill up my favourite shoes. I suppose they’re not my favourite shoes – I’m not a hundred percent sure they are my favourite. But these shoes are flat (not completely flat, but with a small, tolerable heel), a bit glossy, with a ribbed pattern, and they’re black, and are cute, fashionable, and formal. You can dress them up or down and they’re just so comfortable. In the photo below, from Easy Steps, my pair of shoes is the third pair from the front.

Prefect shoes

You can see how cute they are! I have to say they are my favourite shoes in terms of versatility. I find versatility in clothing and accessories to be pretty important. I don’t like changing things every day to suit my mood, so it’s nice to have some staple pieces that aren’t just staple pieces, but ones that you can wear comfortably almost any time.

I was disappointed when it rained last week and my shoes got soaked all the way through. I wasn’t wearing tights or stockings because it had been very hot, so I was bare-legged. Despite having an umbrella (which was lent to me by my boss because I didn’t bring one as I didn’t see the rain coming at all – it only started raining around 5:00pm), the rain hit my knees and my legs and just aimed for my shoes.

I got The Squelch. It’s just about the worst feeling you can get when you walk in the rain. You can feel the water wetting your toes or your socks, slowly, as you’re walking through the rain. Be it slow or fast… that feeling is just terrible.

Anyway, I was walking, with this Squelch, and I saw all these other people wearing high heels and other people wearing boots with their shoelaces just dragging behind on the wet pavement. It was raining so heavily that you could hardly see in front of you and there were puddles everywhere. You were probably pretty lucky if a car didn’t half-drench you by driving in a puddle. I saw some people with umbrellas who still looked relatively dry, and I was guessing they either got lucky or only just stepped outside. Hmm.

Yesterday I’m not sure what the weather was thinking but it was so hot. It is supposed to be summer where I live, but lately we’ve just been receiving a lot of rain, so I guess you could say that it was what we had been expecting since December. Today, it seemed to cool down as it was exceptionally windy in the morning, but as soon as I stepped outside after noon, to go to work, it was so hot I perspired straight away.

At work I had to train a new guy working there. He’s in the same grade as my brother, used to do the education program when he was younger so was pretty familiar with how things worked. He made a few mistakes which I had to point out. He was also a bit slow. However, being slow is usually experienced with most new workers, as it does take some time to get used to the marking system. That said though, he did a great job for his first day, and he picked up the workings of the centre pretty quickly and didn’t hesitate or get distracted. I have to say I’m actually pretty proud of him! 😛 I remember training a girl before who kept chatting to me and kept asking questions, and she also kept watching around her and not really paying attention.

The boy is coming on Thursday as well where I hope he continues to work at a steady pace. He was a very fast learner, I must say. I will be stopping work there soon… so I really hope he is a good replacement. Fingers crossed.

I bought some ball stud earrings on eBay a couple of weeks ago and I was excited to get them but when I received them in the mail today, I was less than pleased. They were just wrapped once in paper and put in a standard envelope; no padding or box or anything. I noticed that while the seller had 98% positive feedback, they did have at least 20 different buyers give negative feedback. My earrings were a bit bent at the posts, which I could fix by bending them back… but the balls were meant to be a shade of silver and they were already rather discoloured. Giving them a rub sort of helped even out the colour. I still sent a message asking for a refund.

The weather forecast says it’ll rain tomorrow. Surprise, surprise. I might bring a change of shoes. Just in case.

Edit: I’m still sick. -___- I have a terrible cold now.

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