Yours indecisively, Weather

Last week, it rained to the point where I had water fill up my favourite shoes. I suppose they’re not my favourite shoes – I’m not a hundred percent sure they are my favourite. But these shoes are flat (not completely flat, but with a small, tolerable heel), a bit glossy, with a ribbed pattern, and they’re black, and are cute, fashionable, and formal. You can dress them up or down and they’re just so comfortable. In the photo below, from Easy Steps, my pair of shoes is the third pair from the front.

Prefect shoes

You can see how cute they are! I have to say they are my favourite shoes in terms of versatility. I find versatility in clothing and accessories to be pretty important. I don’t like changing things every day to suit my mood, so it’s nice to have some staple pieces that aren’t just staple pieces, but ones that you can wear comfortably almost any time.

I was disappointed when it rained last week and my shoes got soaked all the way through. I wasn’t wearing tights or stockings because it had been very hot, so I was bare-legged. Despite having an umbrella (which was lent to me by my boss because I didn’t bring one as I didn’t see the rain coming at all – it only started raining around 5:00pm), the rain hit my knees and my legs and just aimed for my shoes.

I got The Squelch. It’s just about the worst feeling you can get when you walk in the rain. You can feel the water wetting your toes or your socks, slowly, as you’re walking through the rain. Be it slow or fast… that feeling is just terrible.

Anyway, I was walking, with this Squelch, and I saw all these other people wearing high heels and other people wearing boots with their shoelaces just dragging behind on the wet pavement. It was raining so heavily that you could hardly see in front of you and there were puddles everywhere. You were probably pretty lucky if a car didn’t half-drench you by driving in a puddle. I saw some people with umbrellas who still looked relatively dry, and I was guessing they either got lucky or only just stepped outside. Hmm.

Yesterday I’m not sure what the weather was thinking but it was so hot. It is supposed to be summer where I live, but lately we’ve just been receiving a lot of rain, so I guess you could say that it was what we had been expecting since December. Today, it seemed to cool down as it was exceptionally windy in the morning, but as soon as I stepped outside after noon, to go to work, it was so hot I perspired straight away.

At work I had to train a new guy working there. He’s in the same grade as my brother, used to do the education program when he was younger so was pretty familiar with how things worked. He made a few mistakes which I had to point out. He was also a bit slow. However, being slow is usually experienced with most new workers, as it does take some time to get used to the marking system. That said though, he did a great job for his first day, and he picked up the workings of the centre pretty quickly and didn’t hesitate or get distracted. I have to say I’m actually pretty proud of him! :P I remember training a girl before who kept chatting to me and kept asking questions, and she also kept watching around her and not really paying attention.

The boy is coming on Thursday as well where I hope he continues to work at a steady pace. He was a very fast learner, I must say. I will be stopping work there soon… so I really hope he is a good replacement. Fingers crossed.

I bought some ball stud earrings on eBay a couple of weeks ago and I was excited to get them but when I received them in the mail today, I was less than pleased. They were just wrapped once in paper and put in a standard envelope; no padding or box or anything. I noticed that while the seller had 98% positive feedback, they did have at least 20 different buyers give negative feedback. My earrings were a bit bent at the posts, which I could fix by bending them back… but the balls were meant to be a shade of silver and they were already rather discoloured. Giving them a rub sort of helped even out the colour. I still sent a message asking for a refund.

The weather forecast says it’ll rain tomorrow. Surprise, surprise. I might bring a change of shoes. Just in case.

Edit: I’m still sick. -___- I have a terrible cold now.

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I don’t if you noticed, but my friends on Twitter and me has this joke about Sydney’s weather: that it’s a tsundere (which, according to Urban dictionary, is “normally being sharp but at some prompt suddenly becoming lovestruck; hot-cold personality type”. It has been really crazy, and quite annoying to be honest. While I’m not as bad as my mum, I still have a bit of asthma, so all this climate changing at a moment’s notice is wearing me down. I think there haven’t been a week when I hadn’t had a runny nose in the morning. It feels like I’m not quite sick, but neither am I completely healthy.

I would really prefer it if it stayed cold, but I don’t mind it being a normal, Australian summer if the weather WOULD JUST MAKE UP ITS MINDAKSJDAJKDLASD! /cough. Sorry.

Glad to hear about the new boy at your workplace. I remember maybe, last year, that you told me your workplace needed people to work, so I was a bit worried they would have problems with you leaving Hopefully this boy can get better and help around once you’re gone.

I hate walking in the rain, even with an umbrella, because it ALWAYS gets all over my legs. It’s the worst when I’m wearing skinny jeans because they end up all stuck to my legs. A couple weeks ago I was wearing a skirt and tights and it started raining pretty hard while I was walking home from class, so even though I had an umbrella, my tights got absolutely soaked and it was like I had bare legs. I was freezing!! (Of course, the weather was NOT freezing, as it was raining and not snowing, even though it’s the middle of winter… Michigan has been weird this year. It started snowing later, though.) I had to go to my voice lesson a half hour after I got home, so I changed into jeans before I went out again, but by that time it had already stopped raining. xD

My staple item is my black combat boots. They’re great with jeans, a skirt, shorts… basically anything. I agree that it’s great to have a pair of shoes that go with most anything. It makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. :)

A couple times, I have been wearing fabric shoes when it has rained and I have had to dry them out with towels stuffed inside so they wouldn’t shrink.

I hope the new guy will work out! I think it’s kind of cool that you get to train your replacement. It’s like he’s your apprentice and you’re passing on your legacy. xD

I have shoes that I wear everyday because they are comfortable and goes with everything. I don’t like it when it rains and I’m wearing around with no tights or trousers. I feel like I’m in the shower, feel a bit naked to be honest.

It’s always interesting to read about your summer days when I’m in the middle of winter here. Feels really warming and makes me look forward to the summer.

I’m never a fan of buying jewellery from eBay. It’s always better to see it before hand. Most jewellery would only come in a plain envelope and most sellers charge more for a box.

I got a ring for $1.50, a lovely two-finger ring, and shipping was free. I was really pleased to find that it was fully wrapped in plastic and gift-boxed as well. This has happened to me at least twice without me expecting it (as in, the seller mentioned nothing about packaging) and I was more than happy. :D

Aww, yeah buying online is a risky business sometimes. But I’ve mostly had good experiences. I hope you will get well soon! Being sick is no fun.

Those shoes are extremely cute, and look amazingly comfortable and practical. I hope that they dry up soon. Maybe if you run over them with a hair dryer, they’ll manage to stop being so wet? Personally, I hate the Squelch. I check the weather and make sure to wear boots whenever I know that it will rain soon to avoid the Squelch. I hope that the weather figures out what it wants to do soon! It sounds worse than the random New England thunderstorms that I deal with every summer.

After being a cashier, I have learned that many of the people who chat all day at work (most of whom are girls) never really get their work done well. I’m glad that the guy that you’re training seems to be motivated and paying attention – probably makes you feel better about leaving the job.

I guess that the earrings are okay being shipped a short distance, but not a long one?

Those shoes look amazing, I want a pair. Dressy, but no ridiculous heels. (Y)

Hope you get well soon!

(p.s. been following your blog for a whilte now, but first time commenting – hi!)

Those are cute shoes! They do look very versatile. I feel the same way about owning versatile items, especially when it comes to shoes. I think that’s why I don’t own very many pairs. Just one less thing to think about before heading out :)

Ugh, I hate it when shoes get drenched in the rain. That squelch really is an awful feeling, and it’s worse when you can’t change out of them soon. It’s been raining here too, but luckily, I was inside during the heaviest parts.

That’s always nice when new people learn quickly :) I hope he’s a good replacement too!

That sucks about the earrings though. Seems like the seller should know better, especially about the envelope type. I hope you get the refund =/

Georgina I have missed you. ♥ I would love to have a pair of shoes like that in either black or gray. ✌️ The only shoes I own at the moment are sneakers (which I would die without), two pairs of thongs and four pairs of boots. I guess I’m just not really a shoe girl, though I would like to be.

Your weather is a little like Melbourne; a damn roller coaster. One day it’s cold, almost to the point you need a jumper, the next day it’s so hot that breathing seems to be difficult. We also have a lot of rain and wind. I actually prefer it this way as you get to have a break from the heat after a few days.

The annoying girl who kept asking questions and looking around sounds a lot like myself. (H)

Get better soon and happy 2012. I have a feeling this will be an exciting year for most people. Or maybe just me, who knows. xox

Aw man, this has been a crazy summer. /bounce

Dude, stepping into a puddle wearing fresh socks has got to be the nastiest thing that can happen to you in the morning. urgggh the cold sliminess just makes me 3:

Man today I just kept sweating /um I think it’s becoming a bit problematic? D: I don’t know. It’s just so wierd when nobody else in the carriage is sweating and you’re there, repeatedly wiping your forehead. haha


Awh, I love those shoes! It sucks you got caught in the rain with them though- hopefully they’ll be okay >.<
Anyway, I don't think I've ever commented before but I've been following your blog for a while so I thought of you when I heard the news that Ben Jorgensen is engaged!

Haha yeah, I used a hairdryer and made sure those shoes were dry as soon as I got home!

I am so, so happy for Ben and Katrina that they’re engaged. They’re a gorgeous couple. If I’m not mistaken, they knew each other since back when Fall Out Boy’s “Dance Dance” song came out; they were friends with Pete Wentz and both featured in his video. :P

You definitely should not wear those shoes in the rain. They look like real/fake leather and either way don’t like water. Did you check the weather? Sometimes they like to say PM rain. But I already know is quite unreliable. Maybe you should just wear sandals? But they don’t help if you don’t want to get your feet wet. Nor are they formal enough for work.

I wish we had some heavy rain like that in the middle of this dead dry winter. Any day that we have humidity over 50%, I’m saying thank god in my head because I can finally breathe properly. But I never expect anything from summer storms. They make the heat worse if anything.

I don’t like Ebay because of the personal sellers. Who cares if they have 98% feedback? I always use Amazon instead because of the official store but shipping to Australia is probably expensive.

They are real leather; I never buy shoes that are made of synthetic material. I had no idea it was going to rain either. I don’t use either… if I check the weather I go to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website because I take it they are much more reliable!

You weren’t aware of my work’s dress code. It’s actually informal, which means that sandals are okay. I wouldn’t wear them anyway as I dislike them. I’m allowed to wear boots, so when I know it’s going to rain I wear those.

Amazon’s shipping is very expensive which is why I don’t shop there; also a lot of sellers don’t even ship to Australia at all. :P

Informal … what about thongs? One time I wore them during one of our summer cloudbursts, I tripped and one kinda floated away. Doesn’t really help haha. I guess rainboots is the best you got just that they’d be hot. I was actually going to type that into my first comment but I was in the middle of my break and my professor called our attention.

versatile shoes are the best. I tend to wear the same pair over and over until they’re completely worn.

I absolutely hate having wet feet, soooo uncomfortable.

98% feedback on ebay really isn’t that good. 1/50 odds you’ll be displeased? no thank you. I try to stick to 100%, 99% is also acceptable at times. I did order a dress once from a 98%, big mistake.

I’d be demanding a refund too. I cannot stand people who don’t wrap or at least make an effort to wrap!
On Monday it was torrential rain here but we’d had temps in the mid to high 30’s. Now it is like COLD. I am talking 18 degrees cold. I hate wet shoes, I don’t mind getting wet, but wet shoes only, I really dislike it.

Those shoes look great. I really like the smaller heel. :D
At first I thought I didn’t mind the Squelch but then I really thought about and oooh! that bugs me too!
I wonder how the other people kept dry. :)
Over here it is winter and it the snow season just started. It should have started in November or even before that. I really don’t want to get used to a new weather pattern but it seems to be changing all over the world.
It’s great that the guy didn’t fail and did a good job. I’m cheering on all new trainee’s. I have computer skills test at a web design company this Thursday, I’m hoping for the job and that it will be easy to commute too if I get it, since I have to ride the bus out to the next town over and this is really my first time ever riding a bus. :)
I hope you get over you cold soon and get that refund!
I automatically thought that everyone thought Shakespeare wasn’t pleasant but I’ve never had any other input. If I had know how arbitrary I was sounding I would have never have said that. When I read your comment I changed what I said right away. Thanks for posting that. :)

I love the shoes! Small heels make them easy to walk and that can be quite useful!

Rain is no fun. :/ It’s always so hard to keep your feet dry and everything else! I only like the rain when I’m home xD

I do hope you’ll get better soon -hug- being sick is no fun :(

It sucks that you have chilblains too D: -hug- how do you deal with it?

And your boyfriend is awesome for liking fable! XD

I hope you get feeling better & that you get a refund on your earrings. I hate when I buy something online and it’s not what I expected.

I’m sorry your eBay experience was less than satisfactory. I hope you get a refund soon! I’ve had a similar bad experience where the plug I bought worked, then fell apart months after. I couldn’t do anything about it, though, as I was past the refund/warranty phase x_x I’m just glad I only spent 99 cents!

“I have to say they are my favourite shoes in terms of versatility. I find versatility in clothing and accessories to be pretty important.” I definitely agree with you there. I’m starting to run out of my space in my closet and accessory tree so it’s definitely a must to have pieces that could mix-and-match with others really well so I could make a combination of different outfits with just a small amount of pieces.

I’m sorry the rain ruined your shoes! :( Have you tried buying a sort of weatherproof spray for your shoes? I’ve put my shoes through a lot with snow and rain, so the weatherproofing spray has definitely helped keep their color and helped them last.

Very pretty shoes! They seem super comfortable! The heel’s not too high either. Kinda like a perfect height. :D
I usually wear sneakers or …shamefully..Uggs. Well, to my defense, it’s awfully cold in New York and I’d rather not freeze. x_x

I love hot weather. I’m weird like that. I hate the cold so much. And the wet. The cold and the wet gross me out to gross extents.