26th March 2009

Puzzled beyond belief,
lost further than I remembered.
Failed at Diabolical,
failed at Elizabeth.
Keep on trying, keep on searching
     for somewhere to seek help,
     an unknown dimension remains nothing but myself.
And just to travel, to feel relief
     from something I had accomplished,
but feeling a failure from never coming back.

Though it won’t stop beyond the platform
     nor will people resting but they go home
     and I keep thinking,
     ”Where are you?”
In all quietness, explicit silence, a dark passageway, I knew,
I wish I was singing and singing and singing only
     to you.
Like a curtain, like the air, like swift sleeves,
     rocks of burden, tears of travel,
     my heart keeps beating, beating marvel.

To try consistent, to keep in silence, to refrain from sounds I make,
a greater sense it is, for many people to get up and to fake.
A rush of air; familiar voice, and may the puff
     continue growing.
     Repeating, I know, I keep going, moving along.
Love is anything at all.