Silicon Valley and other television shows I?ve finished watching

We just finished watching the Silicon Valley TV show. I started watching it with Nick a couple of years ago, honestly initially pretty reluctant to watch something related to tech when I work in it, but I stuck it out for some time.

The cast from the television show Silicon Valley
The cast from the show. Image by HBO

I generally found the main character Richard to be pretty hateable, but he was also the kind of character you felt empathetic for. Without trying to spoil it for anyone (although the show finished back in 2019 or so), I found that his tantrums and the way he treated people—he was a douchebag, really—were difficult to watch. Of course, we can only commend actor Thomas Middleditch for doing such a good job at playing the character.

I am not the kind of person to find that infuriating plot twists or characters make me want to watch a show even more. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I also found the stereotypes, and the story that Silicon Valley told, to be way too much. It was like a dramatised, hyperbolic version of what really happens in the tech scene, though some people will probably say it’s pretty accurate. It made me feel like I had to take a break from the show for a while, so I did.

I watched maybe about three seasons, and Nick started watching again, but then began to re-watch from a certain point too. It was during our travels and when we were on flights that Nick was watching some episodes so I decided to join in and watch as well. Eventually I got caught up and decided that I might as well keep watching. It did become tolerable. 😅

The ending to the season was somewhat bittersweet. I’ll leave it at that.

So that is yet another show I can add to a pretty small list of television shows that I have watched all seasons for. Although some of them might not count or feel like much because they are ongoing or only had one or two seasons, I suppose I might as well list them!

As you can see, the last one probably barely counts.

I’m bad with television shows. Most of my friends know that I just don’t watch them, and every time I receive a recommendation, I just find that I’m not interested in pursuing watching a television show. I’m picky with the time I spend watching movies and shows.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you would also know that I used to watch a lot of House, Doctor Who, and The Big Bang Theory. I never finished those shows or caught up to where Doctor Who is currently at. But as is probably evident from my list, I don’t finish shows that have a long history, and if a show ends up being very long and I lose interest in it, I don’t try very hard to get through what’s left just for the sake of finishing it.

Guess I’m waiting for the new Futurama episodes, huh.

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