4th August 2009

Nay, I miss this one day,
Walking blindly against a surface with colours of lesser names.
Stepping towards the open door and bearing owner to a distant spot,
I calmly gaze upon my words.

Now, that time be passed,
Feeling nothing less than unsure of what may be,
Without knowing, but maybe knowing –
Keeping the distance.
Encompassed in my own world and hearing the whispers.

Letting a fellow by,
Pressed against a dirty windowpane,
And before too long he travels by again.
Yet another time, I felt the anger of another fellow,
As I struggled to hold my luggage to my sides;
The rudeness numbed me,
And I felt less in the wrong.

Now I feel the space around me,
Yet the loudest noises keep the music out of my ears.
I feel the cold against my neck;
The lack of scarf for that had been left behind.
Calmed by the seemingly distant notes of a melody,
Disrupted by the smell of an English breakfast,
Accompanied by an interrupting volume of chatter.

Disrupting myself…