weeknotes #22: recovery ramble

I know I was well overdue for one of these blog posts, but I didn’t have the energy for a while. We actually got sick with the virus, and didn’t feel well (haha, yeah, it definitely didn’t feel like “just a cold” at some point). We had to isolate for a week, but the sickness itself was only bad for about four days. It definitely left me with a sense of realisation as to how much it would have attacked people’s immune systems before a vaccine became available. I did feel like it disrupted my usual routine for a bit (since we weren’t allowed outside), and I only took one day off work, because I felt OK to continue working from home. We are fine now, but I think it’s important to avoid catching it if you can. 🙏🏻

The past week has been a little bit of “getting life back on track”; in hindsight I think we bounced back pretty well, but I was definitely feeling extremely down and physically very tired. I was probably most disappointed that I couldn’t even go outside for a walk, and I made myself do a workout on Apple Fitness+ on one day, but I was just grumpy and really not in the mood for the entire 20 minutes. But I guess now that I’m back at the gym and on my strength program, it goes to show that your body will literally tell you when it doesn’t want to do shit. 😅

The hard part is always kicking the guilt when you are not feeling 100%. It is super easy to feel completely useless – as I did – and like you are going to want all that “wasted” time back. In all honesty, now that I feel much better, and am well, I do not know why I was kicking up a fuss. My mum always said that I was a nightmare when I was sick, because I had a way of “making everyone else sick”. Not very nice, Mum, but I see your point. 😛 I didn’t intend to make anyone around me miserable, but I just complain a lot when I’m sick, and I exude so much bother. I definitely don’t do it maliciously and not in a “poor me” fashion, but I suppose I tend to feel far more lonely and isolated when I’m sick. I think I just want company, and the world feels so far away… can anyone else relate to this?

While I was sick, I was so extremely frustrated about not being able to perform well at work, and even just not having the energy to do much at home. I was thinking about all the exercise I would “catch up on”, and all this “catching up” bullshit that implies that I’m an unhealthy individual with a terrible hustle mentality. I am so sorry, past Georgie. You did not deserve to have such a bullshit mentality when you were literally sick! It’s difficult not to think that way sometimes. But space is important, time is important, et cetera.

image 1: A selfie of me, Georgie, and my husband Nick. I’m wearing a deep red shirt with a red and blue neck scarf, and red lipstick. Nick is wearing a dark red-purple shirt and reading glasses.
Nick, with his glasses
image 2: Nick and Georgie, Georgie wearing the same outfit as the previous photo, but wearing Nick’s reading glasses. Nick is in the background wearing a bright blue sports shirt.
Me and Nick, now I’m wearing his glasses 🤓

You’d think I had other shit to say after a week of not blogging, but I actually don’t. Over and out. 😂🖖🏻

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Glad to see you made a good recovery so far. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid getting sick, but my sister was unlucky and she said other than the cold/breathing symptoms the second worst aspect was the literal physical drain. She wasn’t super healthy to begin with, and actually that pushed her to consider her health if she were to ever get sick like that again. She would get tired and winded just going to the restroom and back and have to “cat nap”. I can’t even imagine :O

At least you’re being a good sport about getting ill and recovery though. That’s bound to help a lot. Be kind to yourself. This “hustle culture” our generation has been conditioned into is hella unhealthy. No one should work themselves to death just to have basic needs met. Don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself some love girl!

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