Post-It Note Poems II

28th April 2009

What the hell am I doing here?
Come darkness, be my friend,
when the light goes out and don’t come back again.

An accidental hit deafens me temporarily,
as I struggle to overcome the echoing pain.
My feet can’t keep me still, the selfish people never will get up and offer me a seat,
should I be –
     man or woman;
     obese or skinny;
     blind or deaf;
     hungry or thirsty;
     hurt or in pain;
     loved or unloved…

Until those (unbeknown to them) leave and let me sit.
The words I hear from a passenger to a pregnant woman still stir me;
I still feel that warmth of amity.

I remember how I stood,
how I held the pain in my feet and the heat in my hands,
unbalanced, leaning slightly –
“Look children to the eastern sky”.
I remember while standing, the moisture at my toes,
keeping my dodgily swept.

A pleasant sound replaces the melancholy, eerie one in my ears.
A voice sings to me; it leads to an echo of happiness.
I find your grace, whisper in my ears the love you always felt.

In a rush I hear a distant voice, but everlasting,
a sweet voice that still sings to me.
It conjures up notions of memory, feelings of sadness –
I feel a bit more exhausted than I should be,
a bit more tired than I actually am;
I still feel off balance at my feet –
but tonight, you’re still the last thing on my mind.