One Too Many

date unknown

Often there are one too many,
far too many things I remember about me being there with you.

Every brush of your hand against my cheek, every touch of your fingertip to my nose,
and that moment our lips touched.
I still remember how it felt,
your breath warm against my skin,
and I begin to feel alone,
much more alone,
than I have ever felt before.
I remember your pounding heartbeat,
the bittersweet love I cried,
in my my mind begged for you to hold me,
but you held fear in your eyes.

Darling I have always been like this,
in my eyes you will always be you,
and I shan’t ever forget you,
miles away, miles apart,
you’ll never be without a heart,
broken or stained, stay forever,
watch the stars beyond me crumble,
melt away,
when stars don’t shine,
you’re not alone,
you’re never alone no matter how often you think about me in all your loneliness,
you can’t promise,
but you can say,
and I can feel you every day that my heart still flutters with every thought of the way you look into my eyes when you brush the hair from my face.

When our lips touched I just forget that single breath you too before you pressed your lips
and took my hand
and lightly touched my ear,
this is new –
if the world would let me then
I would be with you.