Oh, the times and places you’ll go

4th January 2011

I’m holding out for a hero;
That’s a hero I call mine –
(My superhero,
Of origin and species unlike any other;
A certain that reminds me of some kind of component of my camera and violates laws of physics,
Two that are hybrids of creatures I cannot stand:
Er – I’m an arachnophobic.)
a hero in time.

(Extreme superpowers and traditional suits, but why,)
I like a hero that holds a smile;
(A hero that has a sidekick that may or may not be me,
Here I introduce one that imitates the other ever so similarly,
Not so fast,
Not so invisible,
No need for lightning scar; lose the glasses)
– just for reading!

He has intelligence; lifespan, thrice zillions that of mine,
Charming, sweeping me off my feet,
In the little blue phone box that resembles the one down the side of the street.

Still mine,
Still a hero to masses of townspeople in supernatural disasters
in galaxies
in universes
in times and places
nothing less than two hearts –

A new teeth and new smile don’t disconcert me.