Oh, Claudia

This week I received my results for university and I passed! Super mega good news out of the way, eh. I’ve officially passed my Graduate Diploma in Interactive Multimedia. I got a High Distinction again, and I only passed the subject I disliked by eight marks, but that was also balanced out by receiving over 80 in a subject mainly Flash-based (I was very surprised). I’m going to shoot myself in the foot next year going through my Masters degree – nah, come on, get real, I’ve done well this year despite the struggles. I promise myself I will not stress out so much next year. And as usual, Hey Geronimo > university. Always. ;)

I am so relieved, and since then the week has been a whirlwind.

I’ve handmade, stamped and addressed over twenty Christmas cards and received tweets of thanks and even photos! Aaw. Of course, I went for the simple option. I wanted to save money and come up with something not too extravagant. I ended up buying some pretty (but plain) card, and some “hairy” paper. I guess you could say it’s the kind of “angel hair” that you might see on Christmas trees, or like straw-pressed paper… I used those to cut out little trees. From the beginning I was planning something with the star sequins I had. I have large blue ones but it was hard thinking up something with non-traditional Christmas colours or neutral colours, so I stuck with silver.

As for the trees, I figured it was the cutest thing I could do without morally screwing it up. I thought about baubles, but there’s not much to a bauble other than a fancy circle. I still have lots of cardboard left, so sorry if I send out the same stuff next year! Who knows, it could have another purpose.

Postage wasn’t much of a hassle – when you work 40 hours a week, a couple of hours making cards and spending a maximum of $1.65 on each isn’t much, and it’s a thoughtful gift. I have really appreciated this year and although I don’t celebrate Christmas hugely, there you go. I even took the time out to send Andrew (Hey Geronimo, haha) and Lime Cordiale a card, though I’m not sure if the latter received theirs yet. I like surprising people, I don’t think Andrew expected a card from me. ;)

Christmas card

I also ended up buying a ticket to see Weezer live in concert! I couldn’t stand it anymore, quite literally, and I was just shaking in my chair every time I listened to their songs at work or at home. I went on Gumtree (an Australian trading post) and bought a standing ticket from this guy who had two to sell. I made sure I met up with him in person and paid in cash so I wouldn’t get ripped off. I didn’t want to spend money sitting up the back of the concert in a seat, so I’m going to be pretty happy somewhere amongst the standing people. It’s Weezer and it’s American rock – and that kind of music is probably what would be best experienced standing. There goes $100, but then again, it’s nearly Christmas so I might as well spoil myself silly.

I also ended up buying tickets for me and Seb to see Neil Gaiman in January. I can’t believe Weezer and Neil Gaiman are in the same month!

February will be a rad ball, with seeing Bullet For My Valentine live, and Dylan’s coming to accompany me. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a metal band and did some headbanging, so I’m looking forward to it.

On Friday I had lunch with James, and spent part of the day in the office alone while my officemates went to play bumper cars and have beer. I didn’t miss much, apparently.

I went to see the Griswolds (again, and I’ve lost count how many times it’s been) on Friday, but I couldn’t stick around for their set because Oli from Lime Cordiale would have busted my bones for missing them, and they were playing elsewhere. I also found out about their show before the Griswolds, boo. But Chris (Whitehall) forgave me because I’ve seen them more than anyone else has.

I idiotically wore my highest heels. I did bring a change of shoes but I was far too lazy to change them when I walked from Kings Cross all the way to Oxford Street to see Lime Cordiale, so I pretty much walked through a whole town in high heels. My feet were sore but I was surprisingly used to it. The thing is, sometimes you get screwed up toes from heels, but my heels didn’t really mess up my toes. They were surprisingly comfortable. They only hurt because of my rough walking so I got blisters on my ankles where the top of the shoes scraped a bit, but it’s all good.

Claudia is probably my favourite Lime Cordiale song right now. It’s pretty, it’s ever so romantic (though others may be inclined to disagree), and I’m still holding out for a full live version to be uploaded to their YouTube channel or for it to be released as a single.

I was just in time, arriving just as the guys were setting up. I’m glad I came because I had a terrific time. Lime Cordiale’s music is easy to get lost into. While I’ve danced along to other music, it’s almost as if you can either dance or sway to their music, and you wouldn’t feel out of place. Oli and Louis’s voices are gorgeous, though I dare say Louis’s is better. I love Lime because they have a unique sound that honestly can’t be matched by anyone else. They’ve had a myriad of influences and were also classically trained, so their music is like a mix of them all.

I bumped into Andrew in the middle of Claudia. I saw him earlier at the door, which was a surprise because I didn’t expect him to be there at all. You know, it’s kind of nice when you randomly bump into your friend and you just don’t expect it. I say sometimes that I don’t like surprises… but hey, I guess I kind of do? Either way, I didn’t expect to see him until next week. I’m going to yet another Hey Geronimo show and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s at the same place Lime Cordiale played, and I have to admit I kind of hate how full the venue gets, because it’s free entry and it gets a bit insane. It’s not as chilled out, I guess. Anyway…

Naturally, I took a bunch of photos and here are a few.

I am going to end here, because I have to go to the airport to pick up my cousin Ricky! I’m mega excited to see him again. There was a horrible flood in Indonesia yesterday so he had trouble getting to the airport but his brother said he made it just in time, the last passenger in. I’m so relieved. ♥️

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Most of the South East Asia area such as Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are flooded. It is not as what as we expect, but it’s the rainy season. Most of us will not going to the sea as the sea will be going to 💥 .
The Christmas card that you gave to everyone is nice! Although I don’t get it (as I don’t request for) , but from the picture you take, it does look nice! Bravo (:.
Nice pictures you’ve got there! You know that I’m a big fan for most of your photos, hee. /eee

Adorable Christmas cards! Simple but elegant and oh-so-sweet. ♥

This is a totally random request but I’m noticing that Hey Georgie doesn’t have a link to your archives. I was looking around for some old posts and would love to have an archive to help sift through all your entries. C:

Hi Leah! I was a bit of a n00b and about a week after I moved my blog I realised I never put the archives in so I lazily put the link in the footer not too long ago. Very silly of me and it’s not in a very visible place, but it’ll have to do for now. :D Click!

Congrats on passing !! I’m worried about my uni grades, I handed some awful essays in this semester.

I love the Christmas cards, I really wanted to make some this year, but I haven’t had the time. I’ve only just got the tree up and decorated at home.

I’m jealous that you’re seeing Neil Gaiman. OMG. I wish he was coming to England soon but there isn’t anything on. Hopefully soon!! You’ll have to blog about it!! I love gigs (most of the time, haha, depends on the amount of tall people). Hope you have fun!!


Congrats on passing, love! With very good marks too! Congrats! So Masters is in your to-do list next? :)

That is one adorable looking card. I would have done some too, to give to my friends but I’ve been too busy as of late. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’ve always LOVED the decorations. My best friend, Neil has a Christmas tree in his house and I totally FLIPPED when I saw it, hahaha. Wished I could have the chance to decorate it :P

Whoa, looks like January and February are going to be rocking for you!

Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a good one this year! :D

GOOD JOB PASSING UNI WOOHOO. I finally got my grades and I did far better than I thought I would have. A, A-, A-, B. Hell to the yeah. ;)

Those Christmas cards look super cute. I love the colors and I think the silver was a good choice. It was nice of you to make them for so many people. :3

Sounds like you had an amaaazing time. I still haven’t listened to Lime Cordiale; I’ll try to get around to it at some point. It took me ages to listen to Hey Geronimo. D:

I hope Ricky will have a great time in Aus! Maybe take him to see the New Year’s fireworks in Sydney or something. :)

Hey Georgie! ;)
Wow, I can’t believe you took so much efforts of the Christmas cards : making them, posting them and all!
Congrats on your great marks and on getting a HIgh Distinction!!!
Also I hope you have a great time in all the gigs that you have got planned in the next year!

Wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous new year! :)

Congrats on passing! I bet it feels good xD

The card looks really adorable! ♥ I like it when people take so much effort in making them by themselves. :)

Merry Christmas by the way ! ♥

Congrats on getting your Graduate Diploma and Merry Christmas! I personally like it when people make cards and presents that are simple and personable. And I think that it was very nice of you to send a Christmas card to the bands – I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before!

Perhaps I’ve said this too much, but I am soooo jealous that you get to see Hey Geronimo and all those other cool bands!

Go have fun with Ricky! :D I’m sure that he’s going to love Australia.

Merry Christmas!

Congratulations on passing! I’ll be expecting my grades on January 2nd. I know I passed already but I’m still anxious to see the grade =)

We were sending out Christmas cards too, then we ran out of stamps… We didn’t make it to 20, more like 10, lol.

Have a safe New Year! ?

Hey Georgie! Long time no talk! Guess what? I downgraded to FanUpdate. :O Shocking but I had to. WordPress was screwing up. I like this better though! I finally got the form to look good. :P

I put up a new layout as well. Finally made my own. It is HTML5. :) Well, 4 and 5 mixed together. :P

Love your new site. The red is REALLY red though. Lol but overall, I like it.

Congrats on getting your degree! Good luck on getting your Master’s, too.

I’m still using those keychains you sent me. :) They are great, I love them. :) The christmas cards reminded me of those. :P

That sucks about the flood but at least you get to see your cousin! I miss my cousins. :(

Seems like you go to a lot of concerts for working full-time and doing school, how do you manage to do that? Lol

I’m trying to figure out how to have a social life since concerts here cost half of my paycheck to go to one and get a good seat….plus there is nothing to do in Alabama unless you drive 2+ hours away. I really want to go to the aquarium in Atlanta, GA but I have no one to go with. Dante & I aren’t really on speaking terms right now because I keep flipping out at him because I feel hurt about the breakup. He doesn’t understand why I flip out though so he thinks I am bipolar. Lol I’m not really bothered by it much right now, as I need to move on and I am having issues doing that, but I just wish I had another friend here. :/ I have a coworker but she is more of an acquaintence. Then there is Will but he is like Dante and doesn’t understand how to treat women and if I hang out with guys, seriously, I want to make sure they are good friends, though my standards are probably too high. :/ I’m learning though.

So it was christmas yesterday and today it is my mom’s birthday and I have to work an hour away from our house. :/ Freaking sucks balls but at least I am off on Wednesday (tomorrow).

If everything goes well and I get a car next semester I plan on moving out the following semester. Not sure if I will move out in Prattville, AL or Jacksonville, FL yet. I’m still deciding that but i have a year to decide (or longer if I can’t get a car). I want to have my car for a few months that way I can get used to paying for the insurance (as it will be used so I doubt I will need to make payments on the car, but I might so I will have to get used to that as well, if I do). I already have everything planned out for my apartment though. I plan on using my tablet as a hotspot (Verizon service, so I am good there lol) for my internet and then only using Netflix and blockbuster video for my TV since I wont be home 90% of the time, due to work and having an offline life. I am kind of excited to move out but scared at the same time. Lol.

Not sure what else to say, I’ve posted a long comment here. Hahaha. Uhm, Hi! how are you and James?

Hey! :D

It’s such a long time since we last talked! I was going to ask you how you were doing, but after reading your blogpost, I guess you’re doing really great! :D I must congratulate you on passing! I’m so happy for you!

The handmade gifts are usually the best, and I think your card looks simple but so pretty! (that’s how I like it!) :D I actually made homemade christmas card this year, but my printer didn’t work, so I guess I’ll send them next year instead, haha! :D

I hope you had a wonderful christmas! It was so nice catching up on your life, I can’t describe how much I’ve missed being here! :D

Love, Ida

Awesome news to hear you passed your classes.

I was going to make Christmas cards this year, but sadly I have no scrapbook paper. I’m hoping to pick some holiday themed paper up since it should be on sale and store it away for next year.

Aw. I’ve never had a chance to see Weezer because they play larger places, and well I don’t go to larger places because they always over charge.

Great pictures.

Yay! Congrats on your results and on getting High Distinction!

Your cards look cute! I think homemade gifts are great because it feels much more personal. Making your own cards look fun. I really should try it some time instead of buying them every year.

That’s awesome that you got Weezer tickets. I usually have mixed feelings about them. There are some songs by them that I really like, but there’s always a few that I’m really not a fan of. Their music is pretty catchy though :) I’m also amazed by how many shows you see!

I heard about all the floods. I’m glad your cousin managed to fly in on time!

whoot! congrats!
those cards are cute. I’m lazy. I sent nothing. I even have Christmas cards I bought two years ago. Fail.

Those cards are really cute! Everyone who got one should feel lucky and grateful that you took the time to make them a special card :)

Wow you take some pretty amazing pictures! I used to follow your photo blog a while ago but that was when it just got started. So seeing some new stuff is great. I wish I could take half as good photos.

**Sorry to post twice, but I didn’t want my last name to show. I have no idea why I posted that. Please delete the previous one?

Hi Georgie!

It has been so long since we’ve spoken aside from our tweets to one another. I was working on some basic HTMl for my Tumblr layouts and while I was trying to rekindle my rusty knowledge of coding, I looked up your website to reread one of your brillant tutorials (they are still ever so helpful).

Anywhos, I ended up reading your top post. It made me realize how much time has passed by. Back when I owned a blog, you were still working on your Bachelors and owned Heartdrops. I feel lame for not keeping in touch much because your life sounds simply amazing. You seem to be working hard, and enjoying life at the same time. Interactive Multimedia, hm? That sounds interesting. I wish you the best with your academic endeavors.

I also noticed your as busy as ever with the various websites you own. I wish I stuck with owning a website. I think over next summer, I might try my hand at it again because I want to relearn how to code and use photoshop. I’ve chosen to major in Strategic Communications similar to yourself and I realized that my old internet hobby actually could aid me in the future. Anywhos, props to you for sticking with it. Perhaps I’ll be back under my own domain again.

Oh, and I love your Christmas cards! Every year I tell myself I’m going to send some to my old interwebz friends but I always run out of time. Next year perhaps.

Finally, I wish you happy holidays! (: I am glad to see your doing well.