weeknotes #8: random rant about shoes

It is the end of the weekend – Sunday night – and I don’t really have a specific way I go about doing these weeknotes, just that I do them at some point during the weekend. Some time this week I had a bit of an urge to write something earlier, but decided against it. I think this is maybe the only week I’ve actually felt a slight “oh shit, it’s Sunday and I kind of don’t feel like doing this”. It might just be that I’m tired and don’t really want to bother? But I guess that’s what these are about, right?

The side of a building with a giant cartoon style artwork painted on it in bright colours. The photo is taken during the day
A building with artwork in Surry Hills

Last weeknote I left off with some thoughts on how my mental health felt like it was improving and that it felt like I hadn’t had a “mentally shit” day in a while. The past couple of days have been a weird mishmash, though. It’s that time of the month, and in the days prior, I had my usual weird sadness and feeling like crying for no reason. I put it down to my period this time (not actual stress or anything), and just overall being hormonal. I bounce between sadness and feeling quite alright… but honestly, it would be nice to have a period where I’m not like this. It would be nice if I could just be calm and chill for once. 😐

Other than mood dips, I guess I feel mostly fine. I haven’t been stressed apart from one night working late on some weird investigatory thing – if you’re a software engineer you know what I mean when I’m talking about one of those things where you don’t want to put down the problem because you are just that invested and interested in it.

Yesterday and today I walked up the same damn hill I’ve been walking some weekends. We had some rain this week so it was nice to not have to worry about that.

I was talking to Mitch earlier about shoes because he was looking for a replacement walking/sneaker shoe (and suggested I have some posts along the lines of, a guide to finding good clothing! I like this idea!). We got into a detailed discussion about shoes. In my recent experience it’s been hard finding a comfortable shoe that you can walk for miles in and yet looks nice and stylish with most casual clothes. I go for the white sneaker because I’m a white sneaker fiend, but in actual fact I am a bit bummed that I can’t seem to find anything else that I like that fits the same aesthetic. I dunno. I am pretty sick of my all-white Vans but I am stuck with them because I have to wear orthotics and they are the only shoe I own that my orthotics fit in. I decided not too long ago that running was not a priority for me, so I chose not to invest in a new pair of running shoes after I made a boo-boo with my previous pair and had to re-sell them because I had unknowingly purchased the incorrect size.

I used to live in boots but I haven’t really searched for the most durable pair. I remember going to Jakarta in black leather boots, haha. My mum was gobsmacked how I could stand an equatorial climate with boots. I think they are easy to wear, and I generally don’t love sport shoes or traditional athletic shoes since they simply aren’t as stylish and don’t match with all my clothes. And I’m generally not a fan of carrying an extra pair of shoes to “change into”, which seems to be quite a thing if you’re someone who has to wear high heels to work but can’t stand to wear them on a commute. I would much rather a pair of shoes I can wear all day and still look kinda cute in. 🥴

Fuck, why are shoes so difficult?! Here I am whining about the most mundane thing ever, probably because I’m tired, and when I’m on my period, stuff angers me more than it should. I say that with an “exasperated throw of hands in air” action. That’s precisely the kind of gesture where, in my mind, I’m probably saying, “You know what? I don’t give a fuck, I’m just complaining, please don’t take me too seriously right now.”

I mean, I do think a lot about clothes and fit and fabric and all of this kind of shit, and in all my Stylesheet outfit posts I sound like I have actually thought about what I’m writing about. In this weeknote you get all of my raw unfiltered exasperation with FARSHUN. 😂 Which, to be honest, I don’t mind sharing. I can rant about a lot of clothing-related things. Wait and see.

A wooden dining table served with two glasses of wine, a wooden board with ciabatta spread with parsley and olive oil, and two bowls of alio olio pasta
Sorry, I’m not an influencer. This photo is not amazing. I get it.

Apart from trying to take an unsuccessful flatlay picture yesterday of the awesome dinner we made, Italian style garlic bread (no butter, just olive oil, parsley and grated pecorino) and alio olio, which is pretty much my favourite pasta… that’s about it from me today.

The windy weather has been a bitch so I make sure I layer on that moisturising cream (and even opt for a thicker, more protective cream) because dry skin sucks.

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