Knives on Me

13th June 2010

Playing dead, the thoughts scatter –
pain anger grief emotion
emotionless fireless desireless;
Zip a dee.

Can’t breathe, the thought comes –
you without me without you without anyone anything at all.

I need you, don’t go,
don’t ever leave me without you.
Don’t leave me alone,
at all;
Don’t ever leave,
don’t leave.

Like shrapnel, scenes in a movie –
gunshots bloodshots snipers shots of drugs aspirin chemicals
like rocks in my bloody eyelids.

Voices of Strength: “I’ll make you care”
you already do.

I don’t need to fucking say it anymore,
to abandoned lost lost-at-heart pathetic
I don’t need to hold on to their collars,
for love less than the sight of blood.

you’re you, and I am me.

Yet together we walk as one,
Because I’m not leaving you.

Hold my hand,
walk with me;
with each and every step,
there is more of this, and less of that, and there is more than what the eye can see.

Must. Not. Fuck. Up.
I’ll keep holding your hand,
if you keep holding mine.
The truth.