Itchy eye

My eye has been hurting all day. I will admit it was hard to open my eyes this morning. I attributed it to being tired but after I kept hitting the snooze button multiple times on my phone, I found that it was actually really difficult to open my eyes because they hurt.

I got through most of the day but I felt a burning sensation on my right eyeball. My left eye is fine. I could look at a screen without it hurting but after some time I felt some pain.

I didn’t get a chance to put eyedrops in until this evening. It felt like a relief, but my eye doesn’t feel a great deal better.

There isn’t any inflammation and nothing is swollen or redder than it should be. But the skin under my eye is a bit painful because it was really dry the other day, so now it’s irritated. I wonder if that is the actual problem but I still have the sensation of my eyeball being itchy. :(

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Aww, I hope you feel better soon. :(

Thanks Ariane! It’s better but I really have to keep away from the wind and the rain, and our weather hasn’t been nice as of late!

Aww Georgie! I always have problems with my eyes so I know how awful it feels and just plain inconvenient! I often get a pain in my left eye, like the back of it? I think it’s from wearing my contact lenses 8+ hours a day. I feel like eyedrops do very little but relieve it for like 5 mins then the pain is always back for me straight after :( I hope you figure out what is causing it, try sleeping it out? I know it’s weird but whenever I have painful, sensitive eyes I just sleep and when I wake up it feels a tad bit better.

I slept it out yesterday and it hurt less today, but I think using eyedrops helped too. Going to bed soon so hopefully the pain has completely subsided tomorrow. I just don’t want it to get any worse and I have to shut my eyes from the windy weather here. D:

Eye issues are always so cumbersome. Hope you get that squared away as eyes are sensitive. Not a pleasant feeling at all!

I nearly went blind in my left eye (and the vision in that eye is very, very poor at any rate now) when my eye started itching a lot, then hurting, then it started to pop vessels and got very light sensitive. Just keep an eye on it, yeah?

Mine likely has something to do with the fact that we were living in Yuma, Arizona, which is the sunniest place on earth and like 100+ and dry 90% of the year. It only rained three times in the five years we were there… but that coupled with the fact that I don’t have a natural tear duct in my left eye (I was born without one, they poked a hole up in there afterwards but it never works as well as the other) seems to have done a number on me.

Be careful with rubbing it and keep an eye on it (no pun intended) and get to a doctor asap if it starts to get worse. :(

Oh gosh, I hate rubbing my eyes because I know eyes are such sensitive and precious things. On a daily basis I try really hard not to touch around my eyes if my hands aren’t clean, but something must have blown in and irritated my eye, or I just got a stroke of bad luck. I don’t know how some people can rub their eyes so vigorously, I just shudder because the skin around the eyes is sooooo delicate!

My eyes are very sensitive to the sun and I have to wear sunglasses otherwise I get sun headaches. :( My eye does feel better now but I hope the pain completely goes away. The good thing is, my vision isn’t affected, my eye isn’t red, and it’s not leaking pus or anything (quite the opposite, actually – it’s very dry), so I think I can rule out conjunctivitis or anything super serious.

Have you been near anything that could have gotten in your eye. My boyfriend, when he used to weld got iron in his eye, and it made it really itchy. He had to go to emergency and get it removed before the eye cured over. Maybe get the really strong eye drops. Hope it feels better!

Definitely not! The only thing I can think of is maybe rubbing my eye a little too hard and scratching a bit at the dry skin under my eye. It feels better now, but I have to admit the windy weather isn’t helping. I’ll make sure I keep my eye covered.

:( Blah. I hope they are feeling better!