I Bruise Easily

Pressed by my friend Sashin, I watched KONY 2012, a short film and campaign to get Joseph Kony arrested before the end of 2012. By virally spreading information about his crimes of humanity, hopefully there will be enough support from the American Government for ambassadors to visit Uganda to assist the Ugandan military in the capture and arrest of Kony. As leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Kony and his army have abducted and forced thousands of children to fight for them. Kony must simply be stopped. Spreading the word about this is the least you can do, but it’s something small as well. Educate yourself on the situation. No one should have to experience what Kony has done to others. Watch the video, pass on the message.

I’ve got bruises on my left arm from the Grates’ concert last Friday. I also have a strange bruise on my right hand – I think I might have accidentally banged the door or something, but it’s an uncomfortable spot to have a bruise. I’m pretty pale skinned so it looks odd.

The jigsaw puzzle has been driving me insane. I kept getting distracted by it at work. I don’t think it was the best idea to have it at work, but I don’t have much space at home, and when I opened the box at work, it was like the be-all-end-all… that was where the damn thing was staying. The thing is, with me being distracted by it at work, there was no way it was going to stay on my desk forever. It was already taking up half my desk. Even though I had enough space to put my bag, and the keyboard still had enough room, the fact that a half-finished jigsaw puzzle and its pieces and box were right next to me were just excruciatingly painful for my ticking brain. I would constantly look out of the corner of my eye while typing code on the computer, and then spot a loose piece and the place it was supposed to go.

It was very distracting.

Lilian reckons I can code in my sleep, but I think I can only go so far as to do it with my eyes shut. :P

I had this conversation yesterday with my boss…
“Have you finished?”
“Are you stuck?”
“I’m sorry, I’m just so distracted by this puzzle!” /bash

Yesterday in class I was on the 27th floor again, with beautiful sunset views. The weather was lovely that day. Most of the class was the tutor going through HTML, text editors and the like. All stuff I was very familiar with. I really wanted to turn around and face my computer but I didn’t want to be rude. I joined in the discussion anyway, and chipped in a bit when it came to webhost suggestions and text editor suggestions. /eee I apparently came up with the best suggestion in the class, that is, Surpass Hosting. :)

I finished the tutorial exercises in five, ten minutes… too easy for me. Really too easy. I aim to give myself a challenge with the proposal we have to submit. That’s what I like about subjects like these – you learn, but you have the opportunity to push yourself as well. It’s really for your own benefit though. I know some people suggested to me “make a website” as a proposal, and James even suggested I propose something I already created, and just not tell anyone until later. That would be a splendid idea, but as flexible as this subject is, I really do want to try and learn something new while teaching staff are around to help me and while I’m paying for this education, haha.

After class a boy named Yu came up to me and asked if I was Georgina; he said that he really liked my blog and its layout and found my tutorials useful. I was so thrilled. I didn’t quite know what to say but thanks; not many people have ever said that to me in person.

This morning I came to work about an hour early just so I could work on the puzzle before my shift started. My boss helped me move the puzzle to the kitchen… dun dun dun… and Georgie was no longer distracted. ;) Dylan, who works in the office too, joked, “How much are you paying her to do this per hour?” XD

I am probably about a quarter of the way through.

I slept at 10:00pm last night. I’m going to sleep at around that time every day now, or where possible. I find myself tired when I get home late these days, but I guess that’s the nature of full time work and full time study. 😰

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Darn Kony. 3: It’s amazing that stuff like this still happens in this day and age. But then again, humans are awfully good at things like this

That sounds like a tense conversation, good thing you did something about it. 😰
Cal seems like apretty hrb guy. /ehe


#stopkony2012 >:(

And I agree with Yu – your tutorials are REALLY useful. That day I couldn’t find a single drop down menu tutorial on google but i found it right here on your site. I was so surprised and grateful, really.

I used to get loads of strange bruises and i convinced myself that i’ve been abducted by aliens.

Aww, so sorry you got a bruise! I can imagine it must look terrible. No worries though, bruises go away almost as quickly as you get them, unlike scars which stay. :( Close to half a year ago I tripped and fell while running in PE class and got scrapes as large as a dollar bill folded in half; it was atrocious! I cried half the time while it was being treated; the only plus side to it was that I got to sit in the reserved area of the train (intended for kids, the elderly, and disabled people) which is a LOT less crowded than the regular cabs, for the time that I had to keep them covered to prevent infection. Although the wounds have long healed, the marks remain and will probably adorn my knees for good. :O

It’s amazing that you have classes at the 27th floor! :D I can never imagine the main building of my college being so high. The highest building on my campus is five stories tall, tops, and rarely ever do they hold classes on the top floor! What a thrill it must be — and what amazing sights! You could just look out the window and see everything going on around you — it’s as if you could witness various aspects of life unfold before your eyes. :D Not to mention your HTML class seems fun! I used to feel the exact same way my junior year of high school, when we had this WebDev1 class where basically the requirement was to make websites similar to the ones we own. :) Naturally, not to be boastful or anything, I was star of the show, and had gotten sent to numerous competitions. Just don’t talk to me about jquery or MySQL as I wouldn’t be able to tell a line of simple PHP from the sort of coding they use in such applications :o

I have to agree with the guy Yu, you really do make pretty amazing turs and layouts. Which in fact, I used one of them on my website now! Thank you so much <3

And I guess if I were you, I'll propose something I already did. haha just because I am way too lazy to think of a new idea. But since you're a really creative person, I am sure you'll come up with a great one soon.

How are you Georgina?

I hope that you manage to finish the puzzle soon! But I’m glad that you have desk space now. It’s hard to work without it.

Since websites are so varied these days, you could make a website that used a completely different functionality than you’ve used before. Or you could play with a CMS that isn’t written in PHP, like you could experiment with the Django framework for Python (though most web hosts don’t allow Python as far as I can tell).

Out of curiosity, how many other suggestions were given in class, and which ones? From my perspective, Surpasss Hosting has great pricing, but doesn’t seem to allow too much flexibility. If I wanted to write something custom in Python, for example (which my boyfriend wants to do), then Amazon’s EC2 hosting seems like a much better choice.

It’s okay. I get bruises all the time ;( and I have a little one now though I tend to cut and scratch myself a lot because I bump into so much. I hope your heals just fine!

I won’t be passing that video around though. I prefer to actually research something like this but the only good thing this probably does is inform people but for how long? People tend to forget unless it is happening to them..that’s the sad truth I’ve seen from people.

if I had a puzzle in my office, I don’t think I could get any work done. And I don’t even like puzzles :D

I took a web authoring class my senior year of college even though I knew full well how to make a website. It was fun helping the other students though for sure and it gave me a chance to try a couple of things I never had before. Plus, there was a lot of research and writing involved and it’s always good to get practice with that stuff. I think I recently deleted it due to the attacks on my site … which I see has done me no good as they’re still getting in … but it was about characters who die and come back to life in television/movies. It was fun :)