24th January 2011


There are words that hold every possible meaning with every possible tone of voice,
Actions that bear more importance than that of a stranger on the street,
Words that form a block of praise in the place of any conversation,
The location of any place.

“… amazing.”

A smile that starts from the beginning of what I’ve known to be existence
of bitter, sweet and sour music echoing in my ears,
The boldness of words, the beginning of a dawn,
Due to end further down its non-incessant path.

Helpless glances and a hidden pool of excitement flash like the veins in an episode of Time Lord regeneration,
The stars in the sky have disappeared for you have taken them all away;

… you make it look like the stars are not shining …

Pieces of chips form a path between us standing – microchips and little metal parts,
The smallest words in the smallest messages and the reflection of one’s name in a mirror.

A mirror with a smile.

A smile that only I can see,
Should someone walk in and it would be the same and ordinary, casual and dry,
The folded piece that came in a package at the door with some of the other things I could recall,
Displayed to honour what was there,

What disappeared,

What ended,

But is still there in my heart.

(“Walked past my grave in the dark tonight…”)

There was a burst of music, as I recall, one that became a solitary flame,
Before you moved on and there were always going to be the ones who would never
Move along with you,
But as ten years have come by there has been a growth in what I have come to know,
A growth in what sweet notes have come to pass.

It becomes inevitable,
I admire the strength that you have powerfully moved us with, and moved along with,
(Oh, even that I can’t see.)

(“I like the sound of no one around…”)

The words you’ve written will stay,
The words you’ve said, they won’t go away.

(“And I can hang out with you…”)