Fuss-free guacamole

My parents gave us a lot of avocados last time we saw them and I was almost at a loss for what to do with them. I like avocados. They are great. But I feel like I also go through phases where I could live without them, and where I get sick of them easily. They are massively temperamental, too, kind of like my peace lily. I give it water, it’s upset. I give it less water, it’s also upset. I drench it and it’s upset, and I neglect it and it is either upset or it just starts blooming but then has spots on its leaves. The symptoms for overwatering and underwatering are the same, so…

Same goes for avocados. You leave them for an hour too long before opening them and they are brown, you open them two minutes before they’re ready and they’re hard as a rock. Fucking sad, really. My friend Chris has given me the best tips for nurturing them until they’re ready (seriously people, can you believe this fruit requires this much maintenance and upkeep before they are ready to eat?) but sometimes I still get it wrong, and when you get an avocado wrong, it kinda fucking sucks.

Anyway, I partially got it right this time, having left an avocado out on the counter for a day after it had been stored in the fridge. I was pretty keen to try and make some guacamole in the simplest way possible. I don’t like complicated cooking—I like stuff that’s quick, easy, and beginner-friendly—and it turns out you can mash avocado with a fork, add salt and pepper, dice a red/Spanish onion, douse the entire thing with lime, and bob’s your uncle. 🥑

A white bowl on a wooden surface, filled with guacamole
Seriously, how do you even get photogenic guacamole? Impossible.

I was pleasantly surprised. Despite having a pretty brown and semi-squashed avocado on one side, the rest of it—and the half I had in the fridge from the other day—made a pretty alright guac. It actually tasted good. Nice. It’s nice to know that I can make something pretty similar to what I might come across in a restaurant. I’m pretty bad at cutting onions properly too, and I forgot to dice a few pieces, but something about a red onion is a lot easier than a brown or white onion for some reason. Are they drier or something? If anyone knows, let me know!

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