The Georgie Gazette #12

With 59 unread posts in my feedreader and another weekend almost over, it’s a bit of a wonder where the past few weeks have gone. The last time I remember being pretty “active” with my blog was a month ago – most recent posts were written as drafts and there was just an appropriate time to publish them.

Work has been very busy, to the point where I got quite stressed out and even began to panic for my own growth and future. I just foresaw a lot of long, frustrated working days. Thankfully, some meetings gave more clarity, and I was able to pick myself up and learn a few new things.

My aunt, who lived in Indonesia, passed away earlier this week, leaving behind her ill, wheelchair-ridden husband and her stressed, upset daughter. 💔 It’s been especially hard for my mother, and although I wasn’t very close to my aunt, her passing still makes me sad.

Looking at my calendar, four or five days between some blog posts seems most certainly unusual.

Earlier this week I gave two talks at the Girl Geek Sydney meetup that was held at Campaign Monitor. One of them was a joint one with my product manager, and another was a solo presentation titled Your blog ≠ everyone else’s blog. You can find links to the videos and slides on my speaking page.

Me speaking at Girl Geek Sydney
Me speaking at Girl Geek Sydney; photo by Nick

I started listening to a podcast called My Favorite Murder, where two women, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, talk about various murder cases and discuss the eeriness around them, mull over how it was even possible that the murderers got away with it, other suspects, and the reasons why the victims were murdered. They make it a very light-hearted, amusing sort of podcast. Personally, I’m always intrigued by murder and crime cases, and this is one podcast I actually enjoy.

I made my blog green-themed for St. Patrick’s Day. ☘️ I hope you like the change to a deep green. I’m thinking of doing orange for Harmony Day on the 21st March – let me know what you think of this idea. 🍊

Screenshot of my blog with dark green theming for St Patrick’s Day
Blog theme for St. Patrick’s Day

My wardrobe still requires some clean-up and I’ve slowly been getting rid of clothes – admittedly I need to do a better job at getting rid of them at a greater rate than I’m buying them. 😪 I’ve yet to share my post about my “Wardrobe Redux”, and of course, the post about my fitness journey that I’ve been promising as well.

As I catch up with myself, I’d love to hear about how you are going. 💖

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I’ve been not as active on my blog compared to last month, too :/ For some reason, I think now that my daily schedule changed, I’ve yet to adapt to it?! Weird, since, I actually gained more time to do stuff, but I think I have to train myself to get productive again or something, haha!

Sorry to hear things been frustrating for you at work :( That’s never a good feeling. I’m also sorry to hear about your aunt’s passing. Even thought you weren’t close to her, it’s natural to feel sadness about her passing.

Yay for doing more talks :) You’re on a roll with them! It’s great you were able to talk about blogging.

I love the deep green for St Patrick’s Day :D I do like the idea of colour coordingating your blog for the occasion!

Wow, that murder podcast sounds intriguing. I might look into it for something to listen to when I’m commuting :) I’d be interested in seeing your wardrobe transformation! I need to organize and get rid of clothes too…I want to add more “fashionable” pieces to my wardrobe but I already have too many old clothes! I’m always like, “Well, I might wear this someday…” or I’ve had baaad binges of not doing laundry and then I’ll wear it. Lol.

Sorry to hear your aunt passed away. My condolences to you and your family. And work stress is tough to deal with on top of it too. I’ve been on a crappy ride with life myself (explanation for my disappearance in the blogging world). But as they say…this too shall pass.

I’ve been feeling pretty similar in terms of my blog and work over the last couple of weeks. I’m sorry to hear of your aunt’s passing. It must be a difficult time for your family.

That podcast sounds right up my street. I was obsessed with the first season of Serial.

I’m looking forward to your posts about your wardrobe and your fitness journey, but there’s no rush if you’re busy. We’ll still be here when you’re ready. :)

Podcasts are great! I’ve been wanting to listen to more but haven’t decided where to start. My Favorite Murder sounds really interesting! If you’re interested in that type of topic I would also recommend The Serial ( The first season is really good!

I would be interested in reading about your “Wardrobe Redux”. I recently threw away half my clothes because my sister now shares the same room as me and it amounted to two large garbage bags, haha.

I love the green color change! I love how you theme changes colors depending on what holiday it is :D

first of all, sorry about your aunt :(

second, i don’t know why i couldn’t get into podcast. i tried listening to some, especially that infamous welcome to night vale podcast but i wasn’t good enough to follow it. also, i found myself falling asleep in the middle of podcast instead of actually focusing on what it’s about. the podcast you mentioned sounds interesting though, if it’s full of suspense and mystery and maybe, just maybe i’d try it out someday. i don’t listen to a lot of podcast but i like the night vale one even though i fell asleep more than once :P

i love the green you chose. it’s a little bit darker than the one at the screenshot, yes? but i like it either way. i’ve been into greens lately too. very refreshing vibe :D

also, it’s so cool to know you’re doing more talks. i know i’ve said this before but the confidence of a speaker will always amaze me.

Sorry to hear you’ve been stressed out at work, but I’m glad the meeting managed to give you some clarity. Also, again I am so sorry to hear about your auntie <3

I've been looking to get into podcasts. There are so many different ones, I don't even know where to start! But we were talking about finding serial killers fascinating, so I think that podcast would interest me as well.

I've never heard of Harmony Day, but sounds like a good idea! Loving the colour of this theme :D

I think it’s cool how you keep changing your blog theme to match various holidays! I did that with a TCG project several years back, but it soon became a lot of work. 😅 Of course, then, I wasn’t JUST changing the colors, but changing the whole layout. 😒

I haven’t gotten around to listening to the podcast yet. 😓 I have been busy lifing and doing other things, like getting lost in Netflix when I can’t be bothered to life. But ah, I don’t do great with audio anyway, so I’m not sure the podcast would be beneficial to me (I bookmarked it for “Later” and hadn’t yet checked it out 😳).

I’m really behind on blogs and everyone, too. 😕😰

I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt. :(

I can also relate to how you’re feeling with work. Whenever I get stressed out I always tend to doubt my future and it sucks. Happy to hear you got some things cleared up about it though.

Several people have mentioned listening to My Favorite Murder. I’ve got a lot of podcasts I listen to as it is, so I am hesitant to introduce one more. Maybe one day I will give it a listen.

Stress is never fun! Hope you’re feeling better with that! And ooo orange theme sounds awesome! I like how you change it up a little!

I’ve sadly not been very active on my blog this past couple of months either. I’ve been trying to make an actual schedule recently though, because I find if I’m organised and plan in advance I’m more likely to keep up to it. If not I end up not posting anything in weeks, unfortunately.

My wardrobe is also a bit packed, even though I got rid of a bin bag full of stuff. I really struggle to part with things even if I rarely wear them! Luckily, I’ve not been buying much though as I’m still trying to lose weight, but I’m sure it’ll become a problem soon!

I love the green theme, and I think orange would look even more amazing. (Please do it!)

Sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope your family are doing okay!

I am doing better <3 I am slowly getting my medicine and myself together but it's not going to be easy for me. I am blogging and updating my blogs a lot more and just trying to be me all around. Though I am sorry to hear about your aunt passing away :(

I’m sorry for your loss. I hope things ease up so your family can begin to heal.
I’m glad your meetings were able to bring you some clarity, I hope it helps you so you aren’t stressed any more. And how cool is it that you were able to attend and speak at these events! Really cool! I’d love to attend an event about blogging and girl geeks!

Such a poop that things have been a bit hard at the moment. I really hope things are improving a lot. I am glad that the work meetings were able to help. It’s hard when you loose family and even harder when you know the ones that are directly affected are going through a really difficult time. :(

Congratulations on the talks. I am really inspired by how involved you are with the meetup and that you are able to promote the awareness of females in the tech world because we are important too. :D

Good luck on the wardrobe clean-up. :D I am sure you can get there. I am sorry that I haven’t been as active in comments on your blog. Sometimes I get busy and completely focussed on uni or certain projects and run out of time to return comments. >.<

So sorry to hear it’s not been the best month for you Georgie. I hope April is amazing as compensation.