Fashion Friday: Smoke & Mirrors

This Fashion Friday was shot by Pat, so there are more out-there shots to peruse. :)

My hand reaching vertically upwards and the top of my head visible in the smoke
Reaching into the smoke

I picked out a monochrome outfit. It was a hot, humid day, but plagued with rain later in the evening. I wanted to wear something with pockets so I chose the shorts, which do have sizeable pockets. I have to admit, though I wore this pair of shorts in my outfit named Jasmine, and really liked them back then, I kinda don’t like these shorts as much anymore…! (Gosh, I’m terrible.) My gripe is mainly with the crappy belt and the rushed waist. It just doesn’t sit 100% well with me. When I go to the toilet, I have to undo the belt, a button, a clip, a zipper… and I don’t like the waist that much anymore. If it was more flat and straight, I would be able to wear more tops with the shorts instead of having to stick with cropped ones. I just don’t like the fact that if I were to wear a longer shirt, there would be some strange bunching around the waist area because of the shorts.

Anyway, I digress.

Me leaning against a wall with coloured tinted windows, with my hand on my hip
Striking a pose. Look at my great arms 💪

I don’t really like the top, either. 😂

I bought the top a couple of weeks ago because I needed more simple crop tops to wear with some of my high-waisted clothing. This top isn’t too bad but I think I should have gone a size up. Oh well, it was pretty cheap anyway. I got it from NA-KD clothing, an online clothing retailer based in Sweden. I’ve been getting quite a few new clothes from there recently, and most of the clothes are of good quality and fit.

Me looking at a green and grey area of wall art
Subtly absorbing this piece of art

Since I’ve done nothing but complain about this outfit, let’s commend Pat on his amazing photography instead. 👏 He wanted to do some other shots as well, so we got a pretty interesting mix. As usual, his style really shows through. It was good that my monochrome outfit sort of went well with the surroundings.

I got to model a watch and sunglasses that Pat got from The 5TH. The watch is not really my style, as I am not a fan of large watches and don’t like pink very much. Pat was scouted on Instagram (um, please follow his amazing work) and has been getting hit up by a lot of companies, such as The 5TH, who are offering their products in exchange for a photo. He even got to borrow a Lexus for a couple of weeks. 😵

Me sitting on a bench looking behind my shoulder
Am I being watched?

There was an exhibition in a dark room with a smoke machine, and a little bit of light from a projector. That’s how we got the cool smoke shots!

I got a new charm for my Pandora bracelet, the origami bird. If I’m not mistaken, it is a limited edition charm, only sold in Australia. It came out many months ago but I couldn’t bear to see it retire or become discontinued, so I decided to finally buy one. For me, it represents my love for origami and especially for Japanese culture.

Close shot of my wrist with a Pandora bracelet and round-faced watch, against a red tinted mirror
New Pandora charm + watch from The 5TH

Horribly enough, when we finished shooting, it was raining like hell outside. The only way I could comfortably get home was in fact the most uncomfortable. I had left my umbrella in my car at the train station so I had no choice but to walk in the rain after waiting for half an hour at the art gallery in the event that the rain might pass. It did not pass, but a small break in the rain proved to be the best time to walk.

After about five minutes it started to rain so hard that I was drenched within ten seconds. My poor shoes were full of water and I could hear and feel the uncomfortable squelch. Oh well. ☔️ My shoes are over two years old and have held up well, though I dare say the rain probably finished them. The rain calmed down a little bit today, though I am not sure how it will keep up.

Me whipping my hair in front of the light and smoke
Whipping my hair in the light and smoke

📷 All photography by Pat Kay.

Outfit details

Me standing near a window, atop a small set of stairs, facing to the side
Standing by a window

What do you think of the photos in this post?

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love these photos! especially the last one and the one where you sat down :D

you know, your ootd is always so casual but well-groomed, simple yet chic and though it’s not something i’d wear, you know how to make them look cool on you. i love your preppy ootd(s) but i love this kind of casual style too. i can’t explain but it’s just so …. you! haha

Even though you don’t like the top and shorts I think you look great!

I should really up my Instagram. I really wouldn’t mind borrowing a car now and then. 😉 I love the photos. Pat has done a great job! The smoke and lights makes really cool effects.

Even though you don’t like the shorts and crop top, I think they look good on you! I can understand being annoyed with shorts that aren’t as versatile though. (Plus, having to undo a bunch of things just to use the restroom is annoying too.)

I don’t wear watches anymore, but I do actually like the watch you’re wearing! That’s awesome how Pat gets offered products in exchange for photos. I also love the origami charm. I really have a thing for origami and paper cranes too.

And props to Pat again on these great photos! My favorite is the 4th one (the “Am I being watched?” one). Beautiful composition. When I saw it on Instagram, I was immediately wowed. The last one against the light and smoke is amazing too. This is a wonderful set of photos!

These photos are amazing 😍 I really like your outfit. I can understand your frustration with the shorts too: i also dislike finicky clothing. It’s the reason i just cannot with dungarees or rompers. Haha

I don’t like the shorts! But I think they work well with the top and this outfit looks good on you.

I love the photos! Pat has done an amazing job, especially like the two abstract one’s (Reaching into the smoke and Whipping my hair in the light and smoke) but my favourite is ‘Standing by a window’.

Even though the outfit has many issues you were not happy with, it still looks awesome. You have so much muscle and look amazing. :D

The photography is incredible and Pat is inspirational!

I really like the origami bird charm. The way it hangs is really cool. :D

Oh no. Evil rain. :(

You’re killing it!!

I love clothes with pockets. They’re the best. I really like your outfit! It’s always good when you find a pair of shoes that last a long time- hopefully your shoes are okay!

Pat’s photography is amazing, I love all the photos especially the last one.

Pat takes reallllllyyy good pics. I LOVE the one with the caption “Whipping my hair in the light and smoke”.

Oh, Georgie, I laughed so much at you hating on your own outfit! That is literally me when I buy something and cba taking it back when I don’t like it. I think you look really nice, by the way, and your top is gorgeous! And I love the watch too!

I only just started buying Pandora charms last year and I love them. The origami bird looks so cute!

Pat’s photos are amazing. I love the locations and backgrounds, they look so cool and edgy!

😲 Pat’s photography is absolutely stunning! I checked out his Instagram as well, and holy moly, style game is strong. I love love love the smoke shots in this set. Your outfit is cute, too. I’m the same way, where I’ll enjoy wearing something, and a few months later get annoyed with it, haha.