Fashion Friday: Faerie

So, we skipped another Fashion Friday because it was raining very badly here. 😬 Today is a bit of an experimentation, because Nick bought the new Sony RX 100 mark VI camera, and this shoot included a bit of practice. 😄 We took photos in Hyde Park in Sydney, which is really just the go-to, haha. This is actually going to be the last one you’ll see in Sydney for a while, because we plan to do some shoots on our travels. We’re heading to the United States next Thursday for a few weeks! 🇺🇸

A woman with short dark hair with a braid on one side, wearing an emerald green black scarf. She has a neutral expression. She is in a park with trees in the background.
The same woman from the previous photo, wearing the same clothes and in the same setting. She is wearing a mid-calf length black skirt and black ankle boots. She is standing with her left side to the camera and her head turned towards the camera.
Showing off the side of the skirt with the pearls

I really like the skirt I’m wearing in this outfit because it fits me well and the slit in it makes it a little easier to walk. I used to love tube skirts before I started working out and my legs and hips and butt grew even bigger. Tube skirts are now hard to walk in unless the material is stretchy. My friend Monica also pointed out that a slit in a skirt can help you to take bigger strides when you walk. And yeah, I take crazy large strides.

The other thing is, it’s not just a bigger butt I need to accomodate, it’s wide thighs. Therefore, they need more room to move when I walk!

Although this skirt works well, the elastic holding the pearls in place has already started to stretch out. Worst case scenario, I could remove them and the elastic holding them there. But it’s a shame because I thought the pearls were really the best part about the skirt.

The top is a bit of a different story. I am wearing a crop top under it but I won’t write about it since you can’t see it. The top cost quite a bit of money (mmm yeah OK about $150) but I remember seeing it and really liking the colour and style and knowing that the brand had a reputation for having quality clothing. I really tend to go for bright, unusual colours of clothing that are in unusual cuts and styles. Like no, I don’t just want a green knit top. I want a green knit top with a bit of sparkle and a mermaid print that also has ¾ sleeves.

I’ve really felt immersed in the colour every time I wear this top. It does tend to keep me warm, too, haha. I prefer to tuck it into skirts, but I don’t find that tops tuck in very well into this skirt. It kind of bulges a bit. 😆

The same woman from the previous photo, wearing the same clothes and in the same setting. She has her body facing away from the camera but is looking back.
Hey, hey hello!
The same woman from the previous photo, wearing the same clothes and in the same setting. She has her hands on her hips and is facing the camera
I dunno why but I was struggling to pose and feel natural here, haha

I wore the scarf to match the black in the outfit. I didn’t want to wear a different coloured scarf since the green in the top stands out quite a bit already. I got this black scarf the first time I went to Japan in 2013, in a fukubukuro bag (lucky dip bag). Most of those bags were full of junk that I didn’t really like (as is the case with those bags), and I feel like this scarf was probably the only thing I kept and still wear. I thought it was boring, but because it’s a rather narrow and not-too-long scarf, it’s quite versatile. The material is a fuzzy sort of material that doesn’t pill with age, either. It’s looked sleek for years! 🖤

The same woman from the previous photo, wearing the same clothes. This is a closeup of her lariat necklace. Her hands hold her hair away from her chest area and she is looking down.
Scarf teamed with a long necklace

I’ve basically got nothing to say about the shoes because I wear them time and time again! I have to say, though, that I might be replacing them when the next cool season rolls around. They don’t look like they are worn out on the outside, but I feel they are a bit worn out on the inside. And I do kind of want an updated pair.

I’m wearing socks from Hysteria, a range of socks for women, made by Happy Socks. I was very, very excited when I found them because for the past year I’ve been in a funky-mismatched-socks phase. These socks are perfect for pairing with pump heels in an eclectic way.

The socks are pricey but I did buy them on sale, haha. This pair is made from nylon meaning that it’s more susceptible to slipping down. They are also “one size fits all” but I do have very small feet. That said, I will be a little more careful when I buy fancy socks like these. I found that there were some Hysteria socks made of cotton, or a higher amount of viscose, that fit much better. The nylon is also super delicate and can get caught on rough skin around the nails, as well as rugged stitching on some leather shoes.

Close up of a woman’s hand with pink, black and light green nail art. She’s wearing a green top and a black skirt.
Close shot of my nails

My nails are supposed to have a tropical feel! They have a transparent background. When the nail wraps arrived in the mail, I didn’t realise the colours would be so bright and the black would be jet black. I really dig transparent nail wraps that show the colour of the nail underneath, but I don’t love this set.

In my opinion, I do like this outfit, but there are some things about it that make it feel a bit all over the place. I don’t think I mixed and matched super well and I’d go as far to say that I probably accessorised a bit too much. 😅

I named the outfit faerie because I wanted something that was fairly similar to Mermaid. “Mermaid” was a bit too boring, haha. I feel the pearls on the skirt and the top sort of suited the theme. Somehow I think the braid in my hair adds to it too.

The same woman from the previous photo, wearing the same clothes. She is angled slightly towards the camera and smiling.
I find that the braid stops my hair from looking heavy 😄
The same woman from the previous photo, wearing the same clothes and in the same setting. She has her arms folded and is standing on the raised edge on the side of a footpath.
It was surprisingly hard to balance on this footpath edge

📷 All photography by Nick.

Outfit details

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I really like the picture that says scarf teamed with necklace. I know we haven’t spoken in a long while, but if you come to California again, we should see each other (except I’m probably dreaming of a pipe dream). It’d be nice to see you in person.

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You pick out the best combinations with clothes and that serves your figure well. I love the titles too, it’s different and even uplifting to read and see your fashion Friday posts. Hope it didn’t rain too bad.

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I have been following your American adventures on twitter! Hope you’re having fun!!!

Our outfit in this post is so cute!!!! I love your hair!!!

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Not so keen on the skirt personally but it looks really good on you and the pearls and an extra element. I really love the top though! I think you’ve teamed them both well with the plain black scarf, I usually go for printed scarves but may have to add a plain black one (or another solid colour) to my arsenal.

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This is one of my favourite looks of yours.

Ok, but I say this all the time, what’s new? 😆

But seriously the teal colour looks amazing on you 😍 Also loving that skirt, it really shows off those glute gainz 😆Kill it gal!

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Really like your fashion Friday posts but have not seen any new post for a while.

I love your fashion choices and could not wait to see more so please keep it up : )

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Hi Emily, thank you for the support! ☺️ I definitely realise I haven’t posted a new one in a while and am keen to get some more posts published. Hopefully I’ll have a new one in the next couple of weeks 🤞

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