Fashion Friday: Purple Rain

So it rained today, and I was wearing a lot of purple. This was the outfit I was wearing a couple of days ago, and I wore pretty much the same thing again. I usually have a bunch of pieces that I mix and match but I had to wear this complete outfit again because I really liked it.

FF Purple-4
FF Purple-7

I got the top quite some time ago, but I don’t really remember where from. I have received a lot of compliments on it, both for the mesh/netting and the teddy bear print. Not to mention the colours.

FF Purple-2

I got my boots from Japan. Shoes were only about ¥3000 at a certain store when I went there, so I bought this pair and another pair (although I was originally only going to get the one). It is far from winter (it is still autumn!) but it has been really cold in the office lately and I just adore these little boots. They have a wedge heel inside the shoe – someone at work said it was like a wedged ugg boot. I wore them with the tops up, but I can fold them over if I like. I like the extra height they give.

FF Purple-1

The red and purple socks were lucky. My mum gave them to me only recently. They are pretty cute but I don’t imagine myself wearing them if I wasn’t wearing purple elsewhere in my outfit.

Since I got a new job, my aunt has been lovely enough to make me some skirts. She is a dressmaker, and I am in desperate need of more formal work-like clothes, including skirts and shirts. I didn’t think purple would be too great. But it is one of my favourite colours, and it turned out great.

I got my pink ring off eBay, my bow ring from Japan and my red beaded bracelet from Hong Kong.

Beautiful thank you to Seb for taking these photos today. :)

FF Purple-3
FF Purple-5
FF Purple-6
FF Purple-9
FF Purple-8

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That top is so cute and I love the accessories. XD
I’ve been trying to find a pair of boots with the wedge heel inside, but I can’t get any that look right. I’ve got scrawny ankles, so I have to be careful what I wear.
Love this outfit as a whole though. /bounce

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I love this outfit! I love purple! :D I need a dressmaker in my family to make some clothes for me. The cut and color of your skirt is great.

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Your skirt is so beautiful, your aunt is a seriously talented lady! The colour is lovely, too. I’m also in love with your accessories. It’s a great outfit!

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I really love your skirt and your top! Super cute mesh detailing and the teddy bear prints :D

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Love your top! I think the pattern is cute, and the netting looks really cool like that. That’s also so nice of your aunt to make you some skirts. It’s a pretty shade of purple! It makes me want to make some of my own clothing now, haha. You look great in the photos!

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Georgie! We haven’t spoken in so long, how are you? I hope you haven’t forgotten me, your affiliate from about 3 years ago I think?

I was looking through my old bookmarks and clicked on a certain…you’re the only affiliate I still have the blog/website of! I have to say I do miss reading your blog posts regularly and talking to you on twitter, even though our mindsets from back then were definitely very different to how they are now. However, I must admit that they were a major source of my enjoyment back then!

By the way, I’m loving the top! Purple looks good on you.

We must definitely speak sometime. ;)

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Hi Deena! If you think I’ve forgotten you, you’re certainly wrong! Thank you for dropping by again, I hope you have been well in the past year or so that I didn’t hear from you. :) We did talk a lot, it would be hard to forget you, haha. I’m sure we have both grown up a bit, respectively.

I guess it’s a good thing I still hang onto, that way a few old friends could find me. Feel free to send me an email if you ever want to chat or ask me something.

Thank you for your lovely comment! ♥

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Hi Georgie! :D wow, your hair is so luscious and long!!! I wish my hair would grow out to be as long as your’s >_<
This outfit is adorable! I love the top, especially the detailing at the neck :) very pretty :)

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You’re beautiful and the photographs are magical. I also really love the outfit that you have on, that skirt is so cool! ♥

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