Domain Junkie FTW

11th April 2009

While I dream,
Someone tells me to Dream Less.
My heart beats and I think of the money I have.
Can I afford yet another?
As if, says the voice in my head.
I put my cash in and I buy something pretty,
something pretty for cheap.
I can live to dream.
I eat Heartdrops.
I live Heartdrops.
I breathe Heartdrops.
Someone tells me they will come back.
Meanwhile I begin to write,
And I enjoy writing.
I want to laugh.
Someone comes across another one of my own.
The Midnight Mist crawls its way around those deep,
deep sunken eyes that watch the screen from some late time.
Someone doesn’t believe me.
I want to laugh again,
While On One (massive) Shot takes on its own acronym.
Someone tells me they are going.
Well, I shall stay.
It keeps me laughing that I can keep writing at this pace.
Perhaps it is time I took these odd things for real.
Do I have any money left? I most certainly do.
And yet I keep thinking that I am a bit crazy,
That I will try and win another one.
That the niceness of people will not suffice to hold up the foundations,
the foundations of this crazy house.
A network of sticks, plainly.
Roar, will you hear me?
I cannot think anymore.
I fill.
Keep going?