11th May 2009

For the sad, despicable loons that roam the earth.

For the words they say and the hearts that skip.

I do not believe that there would be one useless
     person yet to continue,
     playing on the work of others.
     In the vain hope of some apathetic attention,

For that might be another case of
bully-be-banished and

Feel thy strength,
as one should.
To defeat the naturalisms of rather the despicable kind.

In all uselessness, what have you
to rightly tease the truisms of humanity?

Keep thou essence,
it shalt be yours to savour in bitter regret;
     the souls have won and
     your teeth, hath lost.

Grit them, feel guilt;
     shameless remorse.

A silent echo and a noiseless crash –
how they
     will always deserve to fall.