A video of one of my CSS Adventures posts!

I was approached by the team at Webucator recently to have one of my blog posts recorded as a training video. They cooperate with bloggers to record training videos related to web development, computer programs, business skills, and more. One of my CSS Adventures posts on Classes, IDs and specificity was chosen and I was happy for them to make it into a video. You can watch the video below or on YouTube.

I’m really impressed with the result, and I’m happy that they gave me credit and remained true to my original post.

It’s true that some people learn better by watching videos and listening to audio, some people like to get their hands dirty and experiment, some simply like to read. I like a combination of everything, so I support what Webucator do. I don’t write about CSS a lot, but Webucator has more videos on CSS training that are similar to the one they made for me.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I gave permission for my post to be used for this training video for free.

Comments on this post

That was actually really nice, in that it was not overloaded with tons of animation/music/etc. that often tend to get in the way of sensory input [for me, at least].

On a side note, I’ve always pronounced your last name as LOO-HER. I’m not sure which is considered right/wrong, or if it’s flexible? 😳

Nah, they pronounced it wrong. It’s le-hoor (a short LE as in the French ‘le’, and not LEE) and rhymes with and has the same syllable structure and rhythm as ‘secure’.

I have also basically forgotten how to say it properly because everyone has trouble pronouncing it. (The most common one is LOO-HER as you said and it’s wrong. It’s just not a long ‘u’. :P)

I really like how the narrator kept on referring to your site and gave proper credits for the information you provided :). It must’ve been pretty exciting to see your site being featured for educational purposes! The world of CSS is expanding in the right direction and you’re awesome for finding these bits and sharing it with everyone :)