Bring the love

26th January 2011

Oh bring the love,
bring the the love that bloody radiates from the depths of your ribcage;
Oh dig deeper,
dig between the discs that line your spine spinning beyond the speed of
vinyl records with wings;
Oh feel the beat,
feel the beat that pushes your organs our of your chest with the force of
hundreds of revolutions a minute with
hundreds of beats per minute with
speaker blasts.

Love beats through the music that runs through any living vein,
the sounds of loneliness disappear through the split in any heart,
the emotion pounding heartily across the surface of a glowing organ,
continuing to feel,
to fight,
to run across the land and fly
so high soaring above each bit of cloud every fraction of it every word we speak
all the fragments of sky that pierce our hearts and fire through the eruption occurring through every beat –

oh love,
yeah love is automatic.