Big Big Mess

Hey everyone! :D

I can’t tell you how insane this past week has been, but the main thing is that I have finished classes and all my hand-ins, and I am just a hundred percent relieved. A lot of things have happened in the past week. Regarding university, I finished my final essay and handed that in, and made the appropriate discussion forum posts online, and I’m glad I finished it. I did it in the space of about six hours… working from about 9:00pm until 3:00am on Wednesday night. I didn’t leave it to the last minute; it was just that I knew I’d be out on Thursday and Friday, and having to go to work as well, I had to make sure I finished it ahead of time. Daniel helped me write the very last bits; I am extremely grateful for his help – which he was absolutely willing to give – I didn’t make him help, he wanted to – so I bear no guilt, ehe – and grateful for his encouragement and consolation throughout.

Now to wait. I’ve absolutely no idea if I’ll make it into the last segment of the Masters degree; it’s another three subjects. Sadly, I will have to take those across one year and not half a year as I previously expected, but the good thing is that I will be much less stressed next year. I don’t find out if I have made it until the end of the year or beginning of 2013. I’m nervous because I believe I have come very close to failing one of my subjects. Results come out in a month. :( My mum was surprised, and said, “Wow, you can’t really enjoy your holiday if it’s always going to be on your mind!”

She’s totally right.

Well, I’ll have to sit tight.

Last weekend I chilled beans by hanging at the Newtown Festival with James. It was quite a fun day, as we went to some stalls and had some great food, bought some jams and looked at some artwork, and at the end of the day watched Australian rock band Regular John.

Homemade honey and relish
Some art on a wall
People hanging around the stalls
Food tasting
People walking past a stall with some paper fans
A bowl of nuts at one stand
Some people walking down a path in the shade
Some natural stone jewellery for sale
More natural stone jewellery
A small crowd engaged in chatter

We spent a long time at a voodoo doll stall. Those things are just so adorable.

Cute voodoo dolls hanging from a stall
Cute voodoo dolls in a pile
Some people hanging around near a games stand
Two girls holding drinks and chatting to each other
A young man painting artwork on a giant canvas
People playing in a band

I bought a LEGO earring, which was the head of a LEGO man wearing a purple helmet.

Some LEGO jewellery

I also really wanted to have sliced potato on a stick, otherwise known as “chips on a stick”.

Me holding chips on a stick

We ended up buying a few. There were many duplicates, and there was a strange blue kangaroo-like one, which we seemed to spot throughout the whole pile. We were probably looking through all the dolls for half an hour, and piled up all the blue kangaroo-like ones, which looked so odd together. While we were around that area we also took advantage of the free drink stand, where they were serving cups of fruity tea. Delicious! It was actually from the Lipton Ice Tea Virgin Cocktail range, so the drinks were reminiscent of daiquiri, pina colada and mojito – none of which I’ve actually had the alcoholic version of. Regardless, everyone loves tea. (Or so I hope. :))

We encountered an annoying guy running a stall/stand called “Curious Earth”, who kept trying to tell us that fossilisation was a rapid process (which it’s not) and saying that he didn’t believe in chemistry, yet he was using chemistry to back up everything he was saying. I don’t know what he was trying to get at, but he was obviously trying to steer us from what we believed – religious or not, and he was being a real jerk about it. Thankfully (or not – I actually wanted to see him try to argue with James, LOL) some other idiot asked what his stall was about and he went right on telling them “scientific” lies.

On the weekend I also got to chat to Daniel over FaceTime; our first time actually talking to each other and seeing each other, I guess you could sort of say, “in the flesh”. As usual it’s a bit hard to think of what to say when you physically talk to someone you’ve been interacting with online and in text for such a long time, but soon enough we were talking about what was going on in our respective households and about our favourite stuffed animals. /bounce

Throughout the week I was struggling to get up early because my body was probably in this epic sleeping mode. After having so little sleep the past few weeks, I was sleeping pretty hardcore this week. At least until Thursday, which is when I headed out and saw grunge/alternative rock band Violent Soho with my friend Dylan. Since hearing their music a year ago I was so keen to see them, because of their sound being so like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins, two of my favourite rock bands of the 90s. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was blown away by Violent Soho’s performance. It was loud, it was heavy, and it was better than their recordings. It was just what you’d expect from a band of their calibre and certainly of their style. Naturally, photos on my photoblog, a couple below. /eee

Violent Soho
Violent Soho

Recently I’ve been thinking of getting a new camera because my camera is a little outdated and its maximum ISO is very low (1600) which makes it difficult to take photographs in low light (that’s why I’ve just been shooting in black and white) – and that’s where I take most of my photos. I don’t think I’ll be getting a new camera very soon, but I’ve been doing research so I know my options. I’m sticking with Canon, and I’ve got lenses that are fine. I’m just in need of a new camera body. Most new camera bodies have video recording now, but I’m not at all interested. I just need higher ISO – and greater megapixels would be a plus too, of course. I’m not that picky.

On Friday night James and I went to see Ron Pope perform an intimate set in a small venue in the city. It was lovely; I had been to the venue before but to see some rock bands. I knew James would like the venue because it was cosy and there were couches and seats, and I knew he’d like the show because Ron Pope has that kind of acoustic pop music that James doesn’t mind seeing live. I remember hearing about Ron Pope over a year ago from Ida, and simply falling in love with his music. I took a few photos and got a photo with Ron Pope and his supporting artist and close friend, Cam Nacson (from Australia!) at the end. They are both wonderful artists, charismatic and very friendly. Ron kept saying that he was mind blown about all these things he found out about Australia, about our native animals and prime minister, not to mention the distance he had travelled from his home in New York.

Cam Nacson
Ron Pope
Me with Ron Pope and Cam Nacson

Yesterday my mum and I went shopping to look for some coloured jeans. I’m after purple and turquoise, but we were disappointed to find that all the stores we went to didn’t have purple, or didn’t even have a great range of coloured jeans. Oh well. I have a pair of red jeans and that’ll do me for now. We also bought some new dinnerware, Corelle dinnerware to be exact – break and scratch resistant and very long lasting. We were shopping for so long that it was 4:30pm by the time we got hungry and realised we hadn’t eaten. The food court was closing up and a lot of the food was gone, so we went to the supermarket to buy some salad instead. My mum and I asked the lady at the deli for some forks, but she apologised and said she didn’t have any.

“Aw, but we really wanted to eat these… are you sure you don’t have anything?”
“You could go to the food court and ask for some forks?”
“They’re closing already though. Do you have something like… skewers, anything?”

They were both laughing and I was grinning. The kind lady ended up giving us some skewers, so there my mum and I sat on the bench outside, eating Greek and potato salads from microwave-safe plastic containers with skewers. XD

Anyway, as a final note… I’m cleaning up a lot of my websites and cleaning out my room, having not been able to clean my floor in eight months for being so busy… and I’ve cancelled a lot of projects, let a lot of web things go. I’m calling this change Project Simplify Georgie, and you can follow my other blog to peek at my progress. It won’t be much, and I’ll summarise it here anyway – but it’s mostly about making my life simpler and stress-free. :)


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yoyoyo it’s gipsy jee! /bounce

Glad semester’s over for you :B wuwuwuwuww
Ron Pope was okay. :3 except for that gay Serbian guy.

The Violent Soho drummer’s got epic Matrix arms. hahaha :3
Ron Pope was good :B especially how you met Jake Gyllenhal at the end, masquerading as Agent Cam Nacson, undercover country singer/jet pilot.


Daniel helped me write the very last bits; I am extremely grateful for his help – which he was absolutely willing to give – I didn’t make him help, he wanted to – so I bear no guilt, ehe – and grateful for his encouragement and consolation throughout.

You’re very welcome ♥ I’m pretty poor with words, so I never really know if my words are helpful or if so, how encouraging and consoling they are… until my friends tell me directly!

I hope you make it through and receive your degree. I have faith in you :)

On the weekend I also got to chat to Daniel over FaceTime; our first time actually talking to each other and seeing each other, I guess you could sort of say, “in the flesh”. As usual it’s a bit hard to think of what to say when you physically talk to someone you’ve been interacting with online and in text for such a long time, but soon enough we were talking about what was going on in our respective households and about our favourite stuffed animals. /bounce

That was fun! And yes, it’s funny how we find it so difficult to think of what to say to each other in person, considering how we’ve been chatting online for so long! As you know, I’ve never done this with anybody else, which makes it even more special to me to have used it for the first time to see a friend all the way across the ocean ♥

But it’s alright — we can always use FaceTime to get used to seeing and hearing each other… for when we eventually meet up! /hehe

I hope we get to video chat again soon. Maybe one day when I’m outside! I don’t really fancy talking on the phone when I’m at home unless nobody’s around to disturb 🙄

Acoustic pop sounds like a nice break from the metal and rock gigs you usually go to. I wonder what it’ll be like when you take me to a gig one day!

All in all I’m glad you’ve had a good week — definitely less stressful than the last. Oh, and with a super productive day today to boot! :D

Hi! It’s been a while since I commented, so I thought I’d leave you a comment :D Yay!


I hope you make it into the last segment of your Masters Degree. GOOD LUCK! And d/w if you fail your subject which I am sure you will not, we will wage war on your tutor. WAR with a lot of /bash 💥 and /pow . It seriously does suck how we’re always waiting a month for our results though. Seriously, like exams didn’t stress us out enough.

Wow, someone’s been busy last week XD. Sounds like you had loads of fun though :P. And omg, those voodoo dolls are ADORABLE! EEEEEEE! I want to adopt them all, but I can’t afford it.

It sucks you couldn’t find purple or turquoise jeans :(. My mum actually recently bought me a purple pair of jeans and an orange pair. Except they’re size 10 so they’re bit tight. I’m so looking forward to when they stretch.

And LOL, eating with skewers? Hahahaha, at least it’s creative :P.

Btw that second photo of the grudge band you saw is AWESOME!

Go get the master degree, G! /bounce rooting for you from behind the computer screen here~ lol
the voodoo doll stall looks cute …or at least the dolls are. the one with black hood is adorable.
Haha, I got that awkwardness, having to video call an online friend. I don’t even have the courage to go skype video calling my own real life friends since we’d all be covering our faces shyly with stuffed animals haha. Like a bunch of stupid people, sometimes.

Congrats on finishing your classes and hand-ins! I hope you’ll have some time to relax before they start up again.

Those voodoo dolls are cute! Though, I think it’s kind of funny that there are cute ones when I get reminded of the ones where you stick pins in and stuff, haha. I was looking at your festival photos, and that looked like a fun and laid back thing to go to. I really like places where I can look at things from stall to stall.

That’s too bad that you couldn’t find colored jeans. I feel like I don’t see different colored ones too often. I think we have Corelle dinnerware too. (Looking at their site, I think we have the “Classic Cafe – Black” and “Winter Frost White”.) We’ve had them since college, so… I guess they really are long lasting!

Simplifying your life sounds like a great project. Over the years, I’ve been trying to reorganize and close some sites too. It’s nice to have less to worry about!

Thank you for everything Georgie! An inspiration, to say the least!!!

Now, I’m proud of you, for handing in your assignments and hand-ins on time and are done with your semester of classes! That must feel good. But, like me, you’ll worry until you know what grade you’ve gotten. I do believe, that your mum is right. You, won’t be able to enjoy the holidays with out knowing what grade you’re getting, until you actually get the final result. Its always like that. I’m not sure why, but with college students, it’s always been that way.

I’ve noticed, that you guys sure go to a lot of concerts, here recently. And that’s exciting. I wish, California wasn’t so high taxed and priced as much as everywhere else. But, unfortunately, we’re not as cool and hip as you guys are, more so where anyone else resides. I, honestly, hate living in Southern California. Everything is REALLY high priced. Vanessa, and I were just talking about this through email.

Anyway, seems as though – Everyone wants to make a new start or something. The only thing I have left to do in order to get my registration date is do that assessment testing. I’m still trying to find a ride. And my last option, would be calling my dad up, and asking him. I, really don’t like his girlfriend for the mere fact of how she makes me feel. Sometimes, she’s nice as pie, the next she’s throwing me under a bus (so to speak). I don’t like that. I need to be away from stress, and I know that right there is causing me to be stressed out. Did you know that desserts spelled backwards is stressed?? It’s uncanny isn’t it? Right now, I’m struggling for food as is, and probably next month too, but I’m changing my diet again. I’m eating only meat, and nothing else. No junk food related items, and nothing that has a LOT of MSG, in it. I’m willing to go to the lengths of getting healthier, then just sitting at home wondering how I can save. Next month, will definitely be harder – but I’ll survive. I have the other months.

Anyway – those voodoo dolls are so cute! I can’t believe that guy was being an arse – but some times, most people are. I can’t imagine why he would use scientific methods and then say they don’t work. That’s just bogus right there. And, I, personally would’ve loved to see James, fight it out with that nimrod. lol.

But, anyway – I’m sorry I haven’t written in a long while on my blog. I’m still continuing to fix it up. And I’m hoping at least to make a different layout, if not this one will be staying up for a while. I, may have an idea as to what I want done for a Christmas layout.

Thank you for answering my mail so quickly, and for your help; you’ve made all much clearer. 👏
I love those voodoo dolls, they are extremely cute. ♥

Yay you finished for this year! I have a 6-day break for Thanksgiving, but then I have another month to go. =(

It’s not too bad if you are taking it through a whole year. You’ll have more time for other things! I feel I haven’t talked to you since you started this Master’s, just like I stopped talking to my brother when he did. =(

I like Project Simplify Georgie LOL, sounds so cute. I thik I’m doing something similar!

Omg this is first time in a while I’m replying to a comment, especially yours!! :D :D is permanently away then? That’s horrible! For some reason I just didn’t trust then when it came to fanlistings that’s why you host me on Floriental! Yup I was on that KIM list, but I am not really looking for fanlistings at the moment.

O.o I hope you didn’t fail! If you get one 50 you should be okay if you get better grades after? I didn’t get an extension, I didn’t have school for the week XD so I got my paper done after my power came back!

The breakup was mutual so I am pretty well right now.

Those voodoo dolls look really kawaii.

I love shopping with my mum – especially for clothes. My mum and I also prefer Corelle dinnerware.

I really hope that the Krispy Kreme specials are available in your country. I heard that they’re not in some other countries. They really taste great, especially the Snowman where the scarf is some kind of sweet-sour candy which I forgot what it was called. :D

Time is always so short! I have been running in circles trying to keep up. But I don’t have so much to do I guess. I hope you make it into the Master’s program.

I recently got to go to a concert with some great bands. So I finally kind of understand when people talk about going to concerts. Glad you had a good time. Performing artists can be so nice.

My mom used to always go for Corelle. It was mostly so she didn’t have to holler at me and my sister so much when we were younger. :)

I’m sure you’ll do fine with the classes, but it is kind of crappy you have to wait so long just to find out.

I’ve been considering making some voodoo dolls to take to some of the arts/crafts events I go to just to see if they’d sell, but then explaining to my mom why I have them would be kind of odd. haha.

Seeing an artist who traveled a long distance to perform in your area is always a great thing – they always put on an amazing show.

My mom has been pointing cameras out to me that are on sale, so I’m kind of wondering if she’s going to try to buy me a new one for Christmas. Which I’m kind of – eh – about because I already have four. haha. I do love Canon though, as well as Panisonic.

I’m to the same point of letting projects go and getting rid of websites. I’ll be teaching a few art & sewing classes around spring next year so I need to get everything to an easy level of dealing with. And I see my floor for like two hours after I clean it, but the kittens always find something new to play with. Ugh.

Georgie! It’s been quite a while since you have been commenting around. University must be keeping you really busy. Congratulations on finishing your final essay! I do hope that you will make it into the last segment of the Masters degree. You already went so far with your studies. I wish for the best and it’s not that bad to finish off school within a year rather than cramming everything in half a year. You’re going somewhere with life :).

It looks like you had fun at the Newtown Festival with James! I think it’s cute how you both went through picking out some voodoo’s.

There will always be that person behind a stall who is a real jerk of some sort. You probably saw from my Tweets a few days ago about how an employee for the past year harasses me and other Asians by saying something in the Asian language whether it’s in Chinese, Korea, Vietnamese, etc and assumes that we can’t speak english. Bleh, it’s for a crappy steam ironer as well.

It’s pretty interesting when you facetime people; only when there’s something to talk about. I never facetimed anyone that I didn’t know in person before.

It’s good that you went to a show after all of the stressful work you did with barely any sleep. Good luck with your plans on getting a new camera. Something I hate about cameras is that the quality quickly diminishes when you’re taking pictures in the dark.

I think it’s cute how your mom and you ate Greek and potato salad with skewers. My mom would have been nagging the whole way through and would probably wait til she got home to eat.

Good luck with your project of cleaning up your sites! You sure do have a lot of cool projects online! I can barely keep up with all of the projects that I have. I only limit myself to 3 active projects so it’s not that bad. Simple is good!

Black Friday was created to stimualte and circulate the economy after Thanksgiving. It’s really good of the stores are making money. The thing is that sales are not really sales. Stores inflate the prices only to drop them to a regular price and make it seem like it’s going through a “50% off” or something.

It’s good to be picky because it helps you with managing your finances.

Take care :)! Thank you for dropping by ^__^

Those voodoo dolls are so adorable! If I ever visit Sydney, I am soo picking one up so that I have more adorable things to place next to my giant, fluffy android robot.

I am so happy to see that you are finally done with your classes (for now)! I’m sure that you passed, and as long as you did, then that’s really all that counts, since you’ve got a job that you like and are doing well in right now. My fingers are crossed and I am hoping that you’ll be far less stressed-out later on, especially since you’re not really in a hurry to finish university.

You have changed a lot since I started reading your blog two years ago. A Georgie that owns less than ten domains and a Georgie that doesn’t make lists anymore? But I suppose that all this change is a part of growing up, and it looks like you’re becoming someone who is simple and beautiful.

Enjoy your break, and try to keep university out of your head! There’s no use worrying about it if there’s nothing that you can do about your scores at the moment!

hey there long time no speak. sorry about that i have been neglecting my site ever since i stopped my internship. i have been so busy with clients’ work and now i have joined a company to help them out because they say my advertising skills are brilliant lol.

Glad you finished your year. I know i was stressing as well when i was in college or school i think i was worse in school, stressing my ass off for the results. i’m sure you will get in for next year, maybe theyll say for those subjects you think you failed to carry them on to the next year. that’s what i had to do during my one course that i eventually dropped and went into Graphic Design.

That was very kind of Daniel to help you out <3.

I'm see you had so much fun with James at the festival. You two are so cute togethor /kiss

With regard to my blog yes i wish they did more like that for us here as well. Movie stars hardly come here and if they do we only find out afterwards like when Leonardo DiCaprio came here to shoot for his movie Blood Diamond.

I completely loved those voodoo dolls, they are so sweet!
I also some what tensed like you about my own semester exam results. I need a good grade for my credentials and it’s a really scary wait for me till the results are out.
The gig pictures are really cool!

Take care!

p.s. Plz change my link to the above address. Sweet Desire is a dead link now…

You were definitely right, that is a pretty packed, insane week! You did alot. Congrats on getting all your work done for school. I have about 2 weeks left before I’m done with classes in college for the semester, then I’ll have about a month off.

I agree with your mother, you will probably run yourself crazy if you worry about if you passed to get in or not during the entire christmas break! You should focus on your cousin and showing him a good time, and then just relaxin period. :)

Those voodoo dolls are creepy!! lol but cute! that’s weird that it can be both at the same time!! haha.

Eating salads with skewers….wow. That’s a first I’ve ever heard!! haha.

BTW….I love you’re smilies!!!! XD ♥ :D 😝