Away From Me

12th October 2009

In your honour.
For all the sorry things you said
Took me round and bruised my head,
Running far and low between
The workings of my mind.
To feel alive and incarnated
The world emerges overrated,
Beneath that crimson sky and
Pure white
And so transparently I bold before
me, all you’ll ever realise from
Now be all I say is something new.
Hold it past me, keep it from me
And purely root it yours,
In hate and spite and malicious right,
Prepare to lose and be wronged
For all you’ve ever come along be me.
Oh I see,
Above the greens between the sky and where a thousand liars lie,
Don’t hold me,
The way you did.
Don’t tell me,
About your pain.
Hold it away from me.
Leave me your enemy.
And I am numbed by the workings of the journey of my dreams,
You, the one who lifts me from that very scene…

Serene. The quietude,
The distance.
Now I can sleep, oh I can sleep
With my eyes open now.
Now, just you watch me.