Achievement Unlocked: February 2016

Another monthly recap with Achievement Unlocked! The photo from this month’s banner is a photo of I took at the CHVRCHES concert earlier this month. If you would like to use the questions I have brainstormed in this post, feel free to do so with a link back.

Achievement Unlocked: February 2016 banner

Just before writing this, I was:

Importing photos that I took yesterday on Hey Geronimo’s Longest Shortest Tour. They played ten shows in ten venues in one day in Sydney and Nick and I got to be a part of all the fun. And just peeling some vegetables for dinner.

This past month, I achieved:

  • I did a successful new presentation for the Girl Geek Sydney meetup, which was held at my workplace. It went really well, people were very entertained.
  • I managed to start sleeping well before midnight, which led me to wake at quite a reasonable time in the mornings, too. I’m still getting used to it!
  • I also published a new design to my blog, yay!

This past month, I was grateful for:

  • Getting a VIP spot on Hey Geronimo’s tour bus. I can’t wait to write about it and share some photos.
  • The new shampoo and conditioner I bought. It left my hair so soft, I was amazed. I am excited to use it again.
  • The flowers I got from work for doing them proud at the Girl Geek event.

This past month, I learned:

Often we undervalue ourselves and there are people who won’t always tell you what you need to hear. But there are people out there who do appreciate you and your work.

I also went to Engineering Camp which I found was a valuable experience, I got to talk to a lot of my colleagues who I don’t normally get to talk to a lot at work, and learned a lot of things and got to really appreciate the work of other people in the company.

This past month, I got bored of:

Drinking so much chai tea.

But that’s OK, because I enjoyed:

Finishing my Charlie’s Breakfast tea that Nick and I got from the Vue de Monde restaurant. It was a citrus and oolong blend that I thought was not very nice at first, but it’s actually really nice.

Today, something that made me happy was:

Just being with Nick :) 98 days until we go to Europe (yeah, we’re counting).

Today, something I could have done better was:

Drink more water.

Tomorrow, I’m going to:

Well, I hope I feel better for work! I have almost lost my voice after yesterday. I feel fine apart from having a really coarse voice, I am wondering if I need more rest. Unfortunately I did not bring my work laptop home so I can’t work from home, but I hope I feel well enough to go in. I’ve also got a meeting with the founder of a startup regarding contributing some content around Sydney’s entertainment scene.

Next month, I’m looking forward to:

I’ll be featured on the Campaign Monitor blog for International Women’s Day. Also looking forward to a good Easter break, though I have nothing planned.

Next month, I’m going to make the positive change of:

Eating more greens. I think I have slumped a bit the past month.

One thing on my to-do list is:

Respond to comments on my blog and also visit some blogs of people who have recently commented on my blog. No doubt they have blogs that I would love to add to my reading list.

One happy photo from this month is:

A small bouquet of flowers and a card from work
Flowers and a lovely card from Campaign Monitor

If I had to write a book or record a film about this past month, I would call it:

Maybe I Should Have Gone Back To Video Blogging – those days at engineering camp that I walked the beach were rad, and it would have been awesome to record Hey Geronimo’s tour.

After I post this, I’m going to:

Have a shower with my new shampoo. Aw yiss.

Comments on this post

Those are really nice flowers that your job gave you. That’s cool that you got a VIP spot on Hey Geronimo’s tour bus, is it just photos or did you take some videos as well?

I just took photos, they had two guys helping out to record pretty much the entire day, so I didn’t feel a need to. I think they will come out with a video to share!

(Woo, first time commenting on the desktop version of your new theme. *fangirl squeal* So minimal and fantastic! It took me a moment to figure out how to navigate the pagination.)

The bouquet of flowers is so sweet! It sounds like you had an eventful month (as in, full of events ;) ). Kudos to Hey Geronimo for doing a tour like that. Ten shows at ten venues in one day?? I can only imagine the set-up and take-down frenzy. I saw a few of the pictures you posted, like the one of them setting up in a record store. I always find that small label and indie bands go out-of-the-box for their shows, music, and overall artistic image. I suppose they have more creative freedom!

I’m glad it’s still only February 28th where I am–I’ll be using some of these questions for my Month In Review tomorrow. :)

I cannot say enough how much I love this layout and simplicity of it. I think I love it more and more each time I visit your blog, Georgie. Those are beautiful flowers and quite wonderful that they were given to you! That’s awesome you got to see a cool band like that and got a VIP spot.

It sounds like you had a great month in February! Look at you with speaking more at these meetup’s! I can imagine you in a TED talk in some time from now XD. I am always digging the simplicity of your design. Getting a VIP spot on Hey Geronimo’s tour bus must’ve been an exciting experience!

I realized that there are people out there who do appreciate your work. A similar event happened earlier this month that made me felt useless, but others told me of the stuff I actually did. Hope you’ll feel better soon!

Hope next month will be a great month as well~ I need to go comment on blogs as well XD

Getting a VIP spot on a tour bus sounds really cool! :o

I hope you feel better soon! It sucks to be sick. :(

I do like this theme. :3 I like how the images are slightly wider than the content. It reminds me of Medium, sans the stuff I dislike about Medium.

You could say I ‘borrowed’ from Medium… I also dislike a lot of things about Medium, but that was not one of them. :P

Nice work on another month. :D

I am interested to read your feature for International Women’s Day!

Eeee. That will be such a great trip. In no time I will be reading about you heading off! :D