As I Walk With You

17th March 2009

It’s time for me to grow.
To read, and learn
     that in another two hours I could have you.
To play, and realise
     monet was going away again.
Take a step, child;
watch the world swivel at your feet.
Hear the music, watch the lights;
     feel the beat of a thousand hearts.
Register the emotion,
     feel the air.

“Listen to the wind with me.”
I’ve put in far too much to let this pass us by.
I know which way it’s going.
The rain –
     won’t come until we’re no more.
We’re a little closer now.

“We must never be apart.”
The sting of my thumb as a familiar figure
     enters my thoughts and I,
     in the hope I’ll see them again,
     fail to notice the raindrop falling
     down my windowpane.
I was so lost.

But you came along, held my hand
     and showed me how..
I won’t give up.
The grass is greener on the other side.
Keep holding on.