Anything But Ordinary

15th May 2010

As I go about my daily ritual of untangling my headphones,
The painlessness of rush hour settles to my head;
The aftermath of throwing on a suit and shoes,
Of a coffee burned tongue,
Of a ringing modern mobile phone alarm.
The symbol on my phone indicating a connection reminds me only too stupidly
Of how I thought that a printing device would suffice as pure “awesomeness”,
For I too feel stupid now,
The heater warmth getting nowhere but my embarrassed head.
A louder song plays in my ears, not too long after I
Realise that I intended to sleep for at least 1200 seconds,
Mark Tredinnick’s words fly through my gritted teeth,
“Make a plan – don’t stick to it”;
The hell I didn’t.
Disappointment crawling through my veins.
Coldness across my chest, wishing I was a little taller,
Had a little more money,
Had more business cards of Japanese restaurants to give to people,
Had a liking to my old favourite band who changed their “sound”,
Had someone famous write a song about me –
I look out the window,
I’m already famous,
And I wrote a song about her.