It’s after six, my shift at work just finished (awww. I love work ♥️) I have had an eventful week.

I only had two exams. The second one wasn’t so bad. I could have studied more than I actually did, but as for whether it would have helped me or not – I don’t really think so. The reason being that with a multiple choice exam, there isn’t much you can do to study. You just have to know your stuff, and if you know it, you should be able to pick the correct answers from the wrong ones. Given, too, that each question only has one possible answer, it sort of jogs your memory (the fact that there are options). I’m glad that’s over, and I don’t think my subjects next semester have any exams. Actually, I think one has an “informal” exam – but I will assume it’s still something I have to study for.

Recently we have had some of the windows in our house replaced, as well as the front doors. I live with my family in a rather small cottage-like house on a small street. The other houses on the street are mostly fancy duplexes or large houses. Before their time, they were small cottages too.

We’ve felt like it was too much fuss and bother to remake our home. It’s home to us, even if it isn’t a fancy mansion or a large two-storey house. So instead, we do all we can (and afford) to better it. Our front door was falling apart, and due to an accident, my brother’s window was broken… spending ten minutes opening the front door and not being able to let in sunlight through the lounge room doors that open up at the front of the house, as well as having to board up my brother’s window… it was time for us to move forward.

It was raining for the past few weeks, and early this week it rained heavily, so the windows and doors were not able to be replaced until Wednesday. Luckily, it started raining on Wednesday after the guys finished the job.

We still need to get keys cut, so I have to make sure someone is home and already inside when I get home, since I don’t have a key. Our new front door is also going to take some time getting used to, because if you exit the house and lock up, it actually locks from the inside automatically. This means that if my brother and I are inside the house and my mum leaves to go to the shops, she will have to lock us in, or we will have to lock the door from the inside.

It doesn’t seem like that big a deal – basically a reminder to always have your key on you. Which is irrelevant, considering we only have two keys for the door right now.

Regardless, the front of our house is gonna look absolutely pretty soon. :)

Tonight I’m seeing Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! (yes that is a band) and Founds at one of my now favourite venues, The Standard. I’m tugging along my camera as usual to take photos. I finally got some business cards made too. /eee I ended up getting two orders, because I was too impatient for the first one. I then ordered another one with rush delivery. The hilarious thing is that the slow delivery one came before the rush delivery one.

Last night I spent the wee hours of the morning working on georgie.nu – which is now my photography portfolio! So please check it out and let me know what you think. :) It is only going to have concert photography, though. I will still continue to update my photoblog.

Anyway, I’d better get the hell out of the office, I need to meet Dylan at the train station for the show tonight. /wave

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Ah I had problems with the key to my sisters house … I couldn’t get in and it was the only one i had so I had to stand there toggling the key. People were thinking I was probably breaking in because the dog was going ballistic.

I hope you enjoyed the concert. /bounce

Ah windows and door replacements are actually not cheap at all. The weather has been absolute crap here in sunny Melbourne … yeah riiiiiiiiiight (H)

Luckily we never had to replace our windows or doors in our old house, but we did have to change our locks a few times–I can’t remember why. We always got new keys made pretty much immediately, though, so getting locked out was never a problem. Hopefully you guys will be able to rectify that soon!

I bet you had fun tonight, woooooo0o00. 😏

That door sounds like a lot of hassle.
I absolutely adore this layout of yours!
Have fun at the gig! :)

I’ve taken to liking tests if they are multiple choice. I just wish there wasn’t always so much reading material to know.

Home improvements are always fun. Hope you guys don’t have any big locked out or locked in problems. :)

And I hope you had fun at the concert.

I like how big the photos are on your photoblog. You can’t always really ‘feel’ the atmosphere with small pics.
When you visit my site next, tell me what you think of my revamped portfolio, if you please.

Our door in our old house used to be like that, I think I prefer it for secruity reasons, like you don’t have to worry about forgetting that the door is unlocked and someone can go in (you just need to worry about remembering the gig! haha)

Have a great time at the gig and I’ve just opened georgie.nu in a new tab so I’ll be checking that out :P

P.S. I’m kinda devastated you don’t have a winking smilie, kinda felt like it would be relevant to my last point haha.

Yikes, that’s a lot of messing around with the door! At least it sounds it anyway. We live in a small, (barely) 3 bed council house. We could buy a bigger house, but we like our ‘home’ too. Mum always said that big houses are just houses and not homes.

The layout on georgie.nu is really good! I like the ease transitions when you click the links. I’ve always been curious about drop down menu’s. I noticed you have a tutorial but there’s no working example on the page , I wanted to see the result :(

I hope you had fun at the gig! I’m going to see blink-182 tomorrow night, EEEEEEEEEEE 👏 /love I am so overly excited it’s probably unnatural.

Hey girl! Sorry it’s taken me ages to actually respond (been busy, tired, so on)… but thanks for the lovely comment!

I used jQuery for those links. The drop down menu tutorial I have actually does have an example. It’s linked on the page. However, that is not the same thing I used on my portfolio.

Hope you had a ball at Blink 182! I think I saw your tweets about it. /bounce

Aww I like small houses ♥ My house is pretty small too.And as its new there are no doors in any of the rooms accept for the main door and the backdoor.I feel so creepy :P
BTW cute layout :)

Multiple choice exams are easy but I’m always paranoid when doing them in case I messed up filling in the answers and have to redo them all again (which happened before I’m sure /argh ).

I would love to live in a small cottage out in the country rather than a big house in the city. Cottages are so cosy and since I’m quite a small girl, I don’t have any problems with small spaces.

Oh my goodness, the door sounds like so much trouble. I can’t even imagine.

Your photography blog is super nice and I love the other photoblog too!

P.S your layout is adorable beyond belief.

Oh you’re so lucky those windows were fixed before that near-monsoon we just had. The weather lately has been so shocking! At least it’s clearing up this coming week though…

I love your portfolio, it’s looking so good! I’m also violently jealous you’ve seen San Cisco live…

D: careful! deadbolts can be rather inconvenient if you have an accident like leaving your keys inside. Nurg!
but they’re a nice safety feature, I guess /eee

Ho u. There’s your comment. and I’m glad you like the Geeg /wuw


We recently did some renovating in our house too; well, not necessarily renovating, but mostly repainting, re-varnishing, things like that.

I still don’t exactly understand how your door works, haha, but I hope you don’t get locked in or out accidentally or anything because of it!

Georgie.nu and the photography in it look great, btw! :)

Oy. I hope that your house gets all fixed up soon! It should be getting fixed up right as I’m typing this comment, I think. But after having just moved, I’m sure that fixing your little cottage is much less effort than trying to move to a new house.

Your photography is amazing! Are you someone that gets paid to take pictures at concerts by any chance? If not, then I think that you should be.

To be honest, though, I think that the layout at georgie.nu looks like it has a lot of wasted space. Your big picture in the layout looks good, but I’m not a fan of how the thumbnails are crammed in the sidebar. But then again, you don’t have that many thumbnails in each section, so if you put those in the section where the big picture is currently, then there would still be a lot of wasted space. Basically, I’m not sure how to best improve the layout, even if I think that it could be better. /ehh

Working on repairs in house is sometimes so difficult… we had some problems with the previous house we were living it… and it was almost impossible to set things right in there… finally we had to move out of it! (that place was rental) /bounce
I’m off to visit georgie.nu right now!