2 minutes and 40 seconds with Michael W

Today’s interview is with my colleague Michael, who is a designer. ‘Pineapples’ would be one word to describe him, but he’s got his own words below:

Hello Ananas! My name’s Michael but no one actually calls me ‘Michael’. I’m known as Mizko or Pineapple. I love to geek out on technology, startups and design thinking. I’m a Product Designer by day.. and night. I crave the daily serotonin pump at the gym. I wouldn’t know how I’d get through life without an all night rave fueled by some of my favourite hard, electronic beats. I love Vikings and Game of Thrones :). I also support the amazing work of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and Christian Blind Mission.


Beware, lots of questions about pineapples ahead.

Would you rather go ten hours without sitting or ten hours without coffee?

Definitely without coffee. I couldn’t stand .. standing for 10 hours straight. I got no calves :(

What is your favourite drink?

Aloe Vera never goes wrong

If you could choose to have one of the following characteristics to have, which would you choose and why? Breakdancing on water; ability to eat without gaining weight; changing the weather any time it suits you; ability to shrink any time you want with a limit of once per day?

That’s a tough one.. I think changing the weather any time it suits me would be ‘God-like’ tho!

Pink or purple?

Pink. I like bright colours.

If you had to choose, pink pineapples or purple pineapples?

Pink pineapples.

Do you prefer pizzas or burgers?

Pizzas. I had an entire Domino’s BBQ Chicken + Bacon Strips pizza all to myself the other night. NOM NOM!

You have 24 hours. Would you rather have a list of one hundred random errands to do for other people, or finish one big personal project that has been sitting untouched for months?

One big personal project that has been sitting for months. That would do me wonders.

Assume you do not complete the above task. Is your ‘punishment’ to sleep, go to a club, or go to the gym?

I see clubbing as a punishment, so clubbing lol!

Would you trust a pineapple with sunglasses or a pineapple without sunglasses?

Pineapple without sunglasses, cause they’re not shady :D

What is one thing you wish you could experience but don’t think you will ever get the chance to?

Sky Diving.

What is one song you can recommend right now?

I’m listening to Activator – Sparta (Endymion remix) right now.
Yep.. I’m a sucker for electronic beats.

You are walking through a forest with your friend and they turn into a mythical creature. Who have they become?

A Mutant LOL

If you had to be a teacher to a group of nine-year-old children, what would you teach?

When the recess and lunch bell rings, run to the canteen and secure the first position. Then charge impatient students to go in front of you for $1. It works like a charm and it’s a quick way to make your first buck!

Someone gives you $100 to spend on whatever you want, but it can’t be spent on clothes, any digital product, electronic device, or bills. What do you buy?

Food for the homeless.

How many designers does it take to decorate a cake?

0. Less is more :)

You can catch Michael at:

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I’ve never seen someone so excited by pineapples, except maybe Shawn Spencer.

Hahaha, he’s a pretty cool dude from what I’ve read here. Pineapples! ^^ I’ve never had one before. Hmm…

Aw! Haha thanks. Oh my, well you definitely should – I promise you, you’ll have no regrets :)