2 minutes and 40 seconds with Michelle

Michelle has gone through a lot in her life. But she’s a fighter, a brave girl, and passionate about all her hobbies. She writes about her daily life on her blog, as well as everything (and everyone) she loves. She’s definitely not a serious character, and she’s got a fun side to her which I was so glad I squeezed out of her in this interview! :)

I’m a little weird, unique, and always myself in a world that can be unforgiving. I suffer from a mental illness and not just one, but three of them, and found ways to survive with a therapy dog Marley, meds, and all sorts of therapy to not bat an eye at. I am a survivor of abuse inside and out, and has life time experience surviving and thriving in the world, no matter the ways it turns and twists. I’m planning on being an advocate and social worker for my mental illnesses, which in turn can help others in worse positions than myself, and possibly make a difference. Though at the end of the day, I am always me, at 4’10”, tough, tenacious, and dependable.

Michelle (of arcadia.ofblue.org)

What animal do you believe makes the best house pet?

Hahaha, this is such an easy question and I’m sort of biased, too. I believe a dog does a good job of it, sure you have to invest more time and energy in them, but they are worth the kisses and licks.

If you could paint any pattern on a car (that you could drive), what would you paint?

Probably colorful polka dots and maybe add some white and black stripes. Life is too short to drive a simple colored car. I want to drive in style!

If you had to make one of the following body parts edible, what would you choose: fingernails; hair; eyeballs; knees?

Hair, of course. I love spaghetti, who doesn’t?

Which of the following would you put in an oven, and later turn on, for fun (assume you are allowed to run away from whatever reaction occurs as a result): a giant blanket; a newspaper; a tray of apples; a few bottles of open shampoo?

A tray of apples, because I’ve always wanted to know what apples taste like when they are baked. Maybe good, or bad? I’m willing to find out.

Would you rather have an extra finger or an extra toe?

An extra toe, as I have trouble balancing and maybe it might help with my problem. I’m terribly clumsy and need all the extra toes I can get.

Describe your dream dress.

Honestly, I like any kind of dress, and I haven’t really dreamed of a dress, because I don’t have a particular style to myself. I just don’t like prom dresses or anything stiff or formal. I like something flowy and just fun with color and vibrancy and life.

If you could eradicate one world issue right now, what would it be?

Mental illness and why I say this? Because it is a very hellish experience that so many millions of people go through and not a lot of people understand it. I hope that if it can be eradicated, then life won’t be that hard and stigma wouldn’t exist for people suffering. Life is already hard and add mental illness to it, and bam, you have more trouble than it’s worth.

If you were the leader of your country, what would you make compulsory for everyone?

Everyone would have to get along or people would go in the chokey, just kidding, but I would like people to be nice and understanding of others even if they don’t like someone.

You are driving down a road that doesn’t seem to end, and the sides of the road seem to be endless desert. Thankfully your dog is with you to keep you company. You were driving slow, but drive fast because no one seems to be around. As you are driving, you see trees appear by the side of the road. The sky suddenly changes colour and cycles through different colours. Something falls from the sky at this point – what is it?

Pokemon, of course. I’d be like Ash Ketchum and I’d be catching them all, except I wouldn’t use my master ball on just the regular pokemon, man, I’d catch Mewtwo or something or another new rare Pokemon, that is destined to save or destroy the world.

Which of these would you love to use as a weapon in a friendly fight: a baguette; a pepperoni pizza; a pool noodle; instant ramen; or a basket of just-washed socks?

A pool noodle, how else can you be close to the noodle god? It’s like a divine intervention, seriously.

Grapes or bananas?

Grapes, because they are so round and they don’t judge me.

Acceptance or tolerance?

Acceptance, but why do I say that? Because in tolerance, you don’t want to understand and empathize with the person or situation and acceptance seems the better route than just tolerating something for the heck of it.

Think logically or follow your gut feeling?

Gut feeling, really. Logically doesn’t take into account the human element, or humanity of someone. Gut feeling on the other hand, while causing some problems can be correct on occasion.

Chocolate eclairs or strawberry cupcakes?

Strawberry cupcakes, as I’ve never had chocolate éclairs.

Last but not least, would you prefer clouds to be made of cotton candy or marshmallows?

Cotton candy for sure, because I’m not a big fan of marshmallows, but I can appreciate cotton candy and besides I won’t get cotton mouth.

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This is really cute! I really like the last question. Its always the nice seeing people’s responses to these really random questions.

I thought this was amazing! Great questions, put a smile on my face for the day.