2 minutes and 40 seconds with Kemi (Skylish)

I remember getting to know Kemi back in the day when she was that girl with the amazing websites and beautiful designs. People would die to have their website designed and built by her! Now, years later, she’s studying finance in university and enjoys blogging about fashion and makeup, to name a few things. Let’s see how she answered my strange questions!

I’m a 20 year old Accounting and Finance undergrad and blogger. I blog about Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Self-Development. I’m graduating next year (tears), at which time I will then begin working as an investment banking analyst. I’m based in London where I’ve lived all my life.

A photo of Kemi
A photo of Kemi

If you could have any occupation you want, what would you choose?

Although I love finance and that’s the road I’m going down to start off my career – if I could do absolutely anything, it’d be something to do with fashion/social media/blogging. In an perfect world I’d have more time for blogging, I’d also open up my own fashion line. There’s so much I want to do in life though – just trying to figure out how to fit it all in!

Would you rather be a face-painter for children, a cherry-picker on a farm or a bus driver?

Probably a face painter for children, even though, given my art skills, I’d be terrible at it.

If someone gave you $200 right now to spend on yourself (you cannot donate the money or buy anything for anyone else), what would you spend it on?

I’d invest some of it into a good DSLR. That’s all I want right now! It’s probably going to be what I ask my parents for Christmas too…

What makeup item/product would you be able to live without?

This was actually a hard one… I’m gonna go with primers as I barely use them anyway; I used to a few years but, but then lazyiess overcame me, and given I’m yet to find one that is truly amazing, it’s quite easy to go without using them.

Would you rather have a lip balm that tastes like, a) vegetable soup, b) roast chicken, or c) potato bake?

Roast chicken? Having the taste of any food stuck to my lips would probably be pretty weird, but chicken is too beautiful to pass up.

What book are you reading right now?

All I read these days are textbooks for university. Early I was reading ‘Business Analysis and Valuation – IFRS Edition’, I know it sounds very exciting.

What advice would you give a purple elephant with measles who is unhappy with his job as a chef?

Quit his job and pursue whatever it is he really wants to do. Would give the same advice to everyone!

Would you rather live in a house with no windows and only one front door, or a house with grass wallpaper?

Grass wallpapers, as weird as that would be, living in a house with no windows and only front door would probably make me feel quite down. Last year, for different reasons, I could really open the window blinds in my room where I was living, no natural light = unnecessary, unprovoked sad feelings.

How many people would it take to row a boat across a ten-metre-long pond of honey in less than five minutes?

I’m gonna go with 7, since that’s my lucky number. I’m sure there’s some maths and assumptions that can figure this out, and I can genuinely imagine this as a brain teaser interview question (which I’ve always been bad at), so for now… I’m going to stick with 7.

A pillow with a face is walking towards you and offers you a bowl of cereal. You don’t really like the cereal so you try to give it back but the pillow tells you to find his friend who is a walking talking mattress. You look around but all you see is pillows. What do you do?

Give the cereal back to the original pillow and give up on life.

Would you rather accidentally drop your phone into the toilet or off a forty-storey building?

Into the toilet, at least then it can be fixed for water damage. Off a forty-storey building? You’re never getting that same phone back.

You get to pick a dress and shoes but you have to pick one of the following weird colour combinations for the dress and shoes: a) hot pink and lime green, b) olive green and royal blue, or c) slate blue and fuchsia. Which do you choose?

State blue and fuchsia. Seems like the least weird option!

What is your Instagram filter of choice?

I actually try and do all my photos these days in Clarendon to give my feed a more uniform look. Reyes would be another love of mine.

If you were arrested and had to spend time behind bars for six months, what would your crime have been?

Arrested for a crime I didn’t commit – I’m really too much of a goody two shoes. Seriously.

What is the last thing you laughed out loud at?

I wish I could remember. Probably something to do with my boyfriend, he always cracks me up.

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