2 minutes and 40 seconds with Brandon Luhur

Today I am interviewing my slightly younger brother, Brandon. I’ve mentioned him here and there on my blog and regular readers of my blog probably remember that he’s my brother when I mention his name.

I was going to record this interview because it was purely hilarious, but I didn’t – however, I have written Brandon’s answers exactly as he said them. :D

Brandon on our family trip to Port Macquarie last year
Brandon on our family trip to Port Macquarie last year

If shampoo was flavoured, what flavour would you want it to be?

A fruit flavour… of some kind.

Would you rather have a month’s supply of peppermint chocolate or a month’s supply of peppermint ice cream?

Naahhhhh, fuckin’ peppermint chocolate. The Old Gold. It’s so good.

Would you rather dive into a pit of talcum powder or a pit of orange juice?

Um… they’re both shit. It’s hard dude… orange juice cos it’s the most like water.

Imagine you are walking through a forest and a dirty fax machine is running after you. What do you do?

Unplug it?

What would be your first reaction if your time spent on League of Legends mysteriously reset to zero?

Oh fuck, won’t be able to show off how much of my life I’ve wasted.

What game have you not played in a very long time and miss greatly?

Oh that’s a good question! Command and Conquer. But I went to play it and the graphics looked like shit compared to what I remembered.

What is your favourite Pokemon?

Oh fuck. (looks at small set of Pokemon stickers on wall – only Pikachu and Seadra are visible) Snorlax cos I sleep.

Why exactly is there a lifetime supply of Eclipse mints in your room?

(laughs) Oh yeah, it’s fucking shit. I dunno, fresh breath. I need to get the chewy ones when we go to Costco because I am sick of the normal hard ones.

If you could swap places with someone for a day, who would you choose and why?

Swap places? Someone rich?

If you had to wear shirts of only one particular colour for the rest of your life, what colour would you choose?

Fucking easy, black.

What is the most recent song you have discovered, either through hearing it in public or browsing the internet?

Oh, I See Fire by Ed Sheeran, but the Kygo remix.

What was the last video you watched?

The one I just showed you! The boxing guy breaking his leg.
Georgie’s note: It looked so bad, it was one of those horrible videos that are painful to watch because you see the moment the leg breaks.

You have $100 to spend at Costco. What do you buy?

Healthy stuff.

You are in a room knee-deep in cotton balls, and a green giraffe walks into the room insisting he is not sick. You have a can of orange paint, a bag of vacuum cleaner dust, a loaf of bread, a gym membership card for a really old gym down the road, and a book of Sudoku puzzles. What do you do?

(facepalm) So dumb. (long pause) Have a friendly chat with the giraffe, I don’t know. There’s too many items to remember as well. Do some Sudoku and chat with the giraffe?

What is the worst movie you have ever watched?

I like the majority of the movies I watch. Annabelle, stupid movie has so many jump scares – a cheap horror movie.

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Lmao this gave me a good laugh on the way to work this morning :P Your brother’s answers are gold!!! XD

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Finally you interview your brother XD. He somehow reminds me of my brother because of the short hair and glasses, haha. Fruit-flavored shampoos are awesome. I’m somehow in love with the coconut scent… Is that a fruit? It would make sense to unplug a dirty fax machine, or at least run until the outlet power line reaches its max length. Based on this, Brandon is a fan of mints? ;P.

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Omg, I saw a video of a boxer breaking his leg a couple years ago. Was it the one where you can see his shin snap and keep bending around the other guy? Ugh we watched it over and over again.

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Your brother sounds so cool.

I don’t think I can see any video of someone breaking their leg. I seen something like it once and I panicked. It was gross. I wish my little brother was cool, but he’s too busy getting in trouble for me to talk to him much. It makes me miss him a lot.

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